Just a few posts that have been particularly close to my heart...

pieces of home - 5.6.19

Posting my poetry is always the most terrifying thing, but this has such a huge piece of my heart in it. 

Meeting up with these three lovely humans made for the most perfect day imaginable. Pretty sure that I'll never get over this one. 

Some December thoughts about Christmas, peace, and hope.
Thankfulness Thursday II - 11.8.18 

I always love Thankfulness Thursday posts, but this one may very well be my all time favorite. A love letter to hope, and to the One who never fails.

99 Things I Learned from Senior Year - 8.25.18. 

My final post in my series of high school lessons, this was definitely bittersweet to write, but it was so much fun to look over everything that the last year taught me.

Senior Spring - 8.4.18

It took me over two months to finally be able to
describe the beautiful chaos that was senior
spring. Forever one of the most special periods of
my life.

it feels just a bit like hope - 7.20.18

My dear friend Elissa asked me to write a post on the
topic of hope, and this poem was the result of that.

i hope you dance - 2.26.18

In complete honesty, this post was terrifying
for me to share. It was the first fiction post
that I shared on the blog. Scary as it was,
it's actually one of my absolute favorites.

the sun will rise and we will try again 1.31.18

The hope of God's goodness after a really rough month.

STAY - 9.12.17

This post is quite possibly my favorite that
I have ever shared. The most important message
that is so, so close to my heart. If you only read
one post of mine, please, read this one.

99 Things That I Learned from Junior Year - 6.28.17

These posts are just so much fun to write, and
I love taking the time to look back over the past year. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!

summer maybes - 6.7.17

This post is nothing particularly special,
but I want to keep it at the top of my
memory because I remember the emotion
behind writing it so vividly. There was a lot of stress the summer before senior year, and the Lord just worked everything out so beautifully.

I Finished My First Draft?! - 5.31.17

This was just one of the most exciting posts to write. I still consider finishing that draft one of my biggest accomplishments to date.

I still have that piece of paper.

a couple reminders - 5.17.17

Some reminders that, quite frankly, I should
probably read on a daily basis.

full heart - 2.22.17

What a week this was. I will forever choose
this week as being one of the dearest of
my junior year. Full heart was an understatement.

Finding joy and rest even in the crazy days. ♥

Snail mail will forever be my favorite thing. 

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