Flashback Friday- Second Year of Blogging!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Year One, down.


I'd like to think that this past year of blogging wasn't quite as bad as my first year. Nothing can be bad as that first year. 

With one year under my belt, I think I finally started to get a little bit more into the swing of blogging. I started to do more blog series, connect more with other bloggers, and finally learned that iPad apps are not the best idea for making header photos. (That was a good realization.)

I learned so much this year- about how to create things that people actually care about, and how to really connect with other bloggers. It was a good year, and I did have some posts that I was pretty proud of that came out of it. There were still plenty of flops, but growth is nice to see.

I started doing Weekly Wrap-Ups, finally having an actual post series on my blog. (Speaking of Weekly Wrap-Ups, I should do one soon. Kind of miss those.) Not all the series that I attempted worked out so well- the nail art challenge was a flop. I did it once, and then got swept up in the craziness of life and forgot. Good going, there.

In October, we celebrated Julie Andrews's birthday, because as a proud citizen of Genovia, it was necessary. There are two things that we Genovians must do- celebrate the queen's birthday, and eat lots of Genovian pears.

I should go get some pears.

Anyways, after that, November was full of Thankfulness Thursday posts. (Hey, another series I didn't fail on!) November was also the month that I went to New York City for the first time, and I posted all about the helpful things that I learned, such as how to find non-sketchy pizza places, how to navigate being AT THE SCENE OF A FLIPPING MURDER, and that running in heels is easy when there's a stage door close by.

In December, we wrapped up 2015, which was fun. Looking back on it, 2015 really was a good year. I actually kind of miss it a little.

January was super exciting because I had my first guest poster on the blog! Rachel was starting up her amazing blog, Silver Mess, and I had the pleasure of participating in her blog tour. Those were some fun emails. : )

February was a slightly dull month- I was so busy with rehearsals that creativity was at a bit of a low. We'll just forget that month.

In March, my life was changed. I read All The Light We Cannot See and died. I am eternally grateful to Olivia for talking about this book 24/7, thus prompting ME to read it and talk about it 24/7. She's the best. Later that month, the Princess Diaries 3 was confirmed and I died. Again. So, March was an eventful month.

April was another February-esque month. I had a lot of stressful stuff going on that month personally, and it's kind of evident in those blog posts. I actually remember trying really hard to keep putting out decent content, but looking back it's kind of just like, "honey, no." I did have my first guest post ever go up on Silver Mess, which I was crazy excited about. (as in clicking on the email, reading it, and screaming.) Rachel's blog is the coolest, and I loved getting to post for her.

May was ALSO crazy exciting, because prom happened!! Y'all were asking for photos like crazy, so I spammed you all with the fabulous prom process. At the end of the month, there was even more excitement, because the best thing that has ever happened in the blogosphere took place- The Pancake vs. Waffle war. Who knew that one simple tweet from Olivia could start a friendly civil war? (Gosh Olivia, first you killed me over a book and then you started a revolution! You're powerful.)

In June, I recapped 99 Things I learned sophomore year. That was really fun to put together, to be honest. XD I also got to take part in Abbie's Explore Us series, which was SO fabulous. Not going to lie, when I got the email from her asking about it, I may have possibly screamed because ABBIE IS THE BEST. So posting on her blog was the coolest.

Then in July, I asked myself, Why Not? I also turned 16, which was pretty awesome. <3

- - - - -

You guys literally blew me away with all of the amazing content in the past year. When I was putting this post together, I was trying to make a list of all the incredible posts that I remember reading, and it got insanely long. This is just a FRACTION of all the amazingness that has happened in the past year-

Katie Grace was a literal superhero, and wrote 20,000 words IN A DAY. Still don't understand how she did that, even after reading her post. She also talked about the struggles of blogging, and it was like, the most legit thing ever.

Abbie held the amazing Exploring the U.S./Exploring US series, and it was so cool. Getting to see what different bloggers have been exploring, all the while seeing Abbie and her sister adventure across the US and save whales was incredible. I know she had tons of other amazing posts as well, but I can't remember the titles and she doesn't have an archive so I can't link any more. BUT SHE'S ALWAYS AMAZING SO.

Tane wrote this beautiful piece about trust, that I really loved. 

Freckled Minds launched this past summer, and IT'S SO AWESOME GUYS. You don't want to miss what's coming.

Hannah- oh gosh, I fall in love with everything that Hannah writes, so just including a couple of posts is hard. She wrote this lovely piece on time, that I adored. She also wrote this beautiful post about Tangled and how Jesus becomes our new dream, that I fell in love with. Her post about beauty also really struck home with me- love love love.

Aaliyah wrote a beautiful letter to her past self, that I just loved. She also started the Growing To Live movement, which is basically the coolest thing ever.

Jacy just seems to spout of wisdom left and right, and her posts are always so incredibly eloquent, my gosh. I loved this one in particular. 

Cait was, as always, the best of ever. Her post on absurd things that have happened to her throughout book blogging was basically the funniest thing in the world, She also gave some fabulous bookstagram advice that really can apply to any Instagram user.

Rachel not only launched Silver Mess this year, she filled it to the brim with FABULOUS content. Her "reflecting" post was so raw and honest, I loved what she said about wanting an adventure, and she created the Team Pancake vs. Team Waffle tag, so she wins at life.

Vanessa posted the absolutely coolest post called "What You Don't See." Her concept was ridiculously brilliant- you'll have to give the post a second look to realize what's actually going on.

Olivia posted something that was literally the epitome of summer. She wrote the most beautiful poem that I desperately wish wasn't fictional. And her post about her sister's upcoming wedding? The tears were real.

Kate...oh my goodness, I can't even describe her work. Just go read everything. Read this. And this. And this. And this. And just everything on her blog because it's all perfect and my words are too inadequate to possibly describe it.

Mary Shelley has been posting about her trip to Colorado, and it's been so insanely cool to read. Her casual journal entries are more eloquent than basically anything I've ever written in my life it's great.

- - - - -

There are so many more posts that I wish that I could include, but being the blonde I am, I can't remember for the life of me where I found them. I swear I have the memory of Dory sometimes. SO IF I DIDN'T INCLUDE YOUR POST I PROBABLY JUST COULDN'T FIND IT. 

- - - - - 

How has this past year gone for you? 


  1. Grace, this year has been fantabulous to watch you! I really feel so much pride and friendship!!!!!!! As for these posts, THEY ROCKED! I loved the weekly wrap ups and even more the 99 things post. That looked fun.

    YOUR WORDS ABOUT ME BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!!! Grace, you are such a dear sister in Christ/twin that I haven't met yet. Just seeing that my posts made your smile/think differently makes blogging worth it.

    And you gave me some blogging homework! I missed some of these featured posts during the summer, so this list is crucial for me!!!

    Again, I want to remind you how beautiful you are and how God is using you. I'm praying for you girl!

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the posts! The 99 things post was definitely one of my favorites- I loved writing it.

      YOU BLOW ME AWAY!!!!! Your posts always leave me feeling so encouraged, you are so incredible, Hannah. <3

      I hope that you enjoy them! I literally had so much trouble picking out posts to mention, because the blogosphere has been EXPLODING with amazingness lately. It's insane.

      Thank you so, SO much, Hannah! I cannot tell you what an encouragement that you are. Praying for you, hope that college is going well!!! <3

  2. Love this, Grace! I'm so thankful to be featured on it (haha), and I'm so glad we met each other and that you were able to participate in my blog tour!

    1. So am I!! That blog tour was so much fun. So glad to have you as a part of the blogger tribe, Rachel!:) <3

  3. It's been so fun and amazing to see you grow in this past year. I think I found your blog towards the beginning of it, so a lot of this review was familiar x) So incredibly grateful I did find it though, you've been an amazing blogger friend <33

    1. I'm so glad to have you as a blogger friend, Abby!

  4. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. It's a great way to journal what the heck actually happened throughout the blogging year, since it goes by so fast and it's hard to remember everything. o.o

    Thank you for shouting me out! I'm so honored to be your blogging buddy. <3 <3 <3 CAUSE YOU ARE AMAZING AND SO MANY HUGS AND PIZZA TO YOU.

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. EEP I AM SO GLAD!! Isn't it??? I feel like I'm getting old but it's SO HARD to remember things!! It's nice to do things like this and stroll down memory lane. :)

      Of course! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! <3<3<3<3 *sends you hugs and lots of pizza*

  5. Crying over this post brb

    okay I'm back

    YOUR BLOGGING YEAR SOUNDS FANASTIC :'') Actually it was, because I've been here since like, February.






    1. I STILL REMEMBER WHEN YOU FOLLOWED ME!!!!!!!! Because I seriously loved your profile photo and I was like SHE LOOKS LIKE TANE SHE'S REALLY COOL. XD


  6. AWH YAY GRACE! I can't believe you've on;y been blogging two years! You act as if you've been doing this since you came out the womb!


    You da best Grace. Never stop.

    much lovee,

    jr xx

    1. Hahaha!! Sometimes it feels like I have XD But then other times I'm like "wut am i even doing."



  7. THIS POST WAS SOOO MUCH FUN TO READ!!!!!!!!!!! HOIAHFRGHEIFHEGOH Loving this series!! <3


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