Christmas, New Year's, 2015 Recap, and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wow, I haven't blogged in ages. Sorry about that. I'm not going to lie though, it's been kind of nice to "unplug". Having a chance to not worry about school, blogging, being constantly productive, or replying to every text message has been really nice. I honestly don't want to get back into the swing of things, because having this break has just been perfect. Things with school have been super stressful over the past month or so, and I really don't want to get back into that. *Sigh* I wish that time travel was a thing, because gosh, what I wouldn't give to be in elementary school again.

Christmas was absolutely wonderful. (Despite the fact that I've discovered I'm allergic to all of the dust that collects in Christmas trees...that's been fun.) We spent the morning opening presents at home, and then the rest of the day was spent at my grandparents' eating way too much food, opening more gifts, and having an epic Nerf battle with my cousins. (Which, my sisters and I totally won, despite what they may claim;) )

We went to see a big light display last night, which was fun. It's always super busy before Christmas, so we like to go after Christmas instead. Then tonight I'm going to go to a show with some friends, which I'm really excited for! Pretty great way to spend New Year's Eve, if I do say so myself.


I can't wrap my head around the fact that it's almost 2016. It's so weird. 2015 has honestly been a really good year. It's had its ups and downs, but overall I have a lot of great memories of the year. Some of my favorites are-

  • Competing in my first-ever musical theatre competition, and winning FIRST PLACE in the ensemble division with a bunch of my best friends!
  • Seeing my favorite musical on the planet, Wicked, on tour!!
  • Doing stage tech for my sister's musical, and having a fabulous (although stressful and exhausting) time. 
  • Hosting my first murder mystery party.
  • Going on a super-awesome beach trip!
  • Sang a solo without passing out or something else drastic.
  • I kept a journal for nine months
  • Tons of crazy-hilarious text conversations.
  • Obsessing over Dancing With The Stars
  • Hitting 13,000 pageviews on this blog!!
  • Speaking of blogging, the time when I freaked out a bunch of readers on April Fool's;)
  • Reading both the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series, and becoming 110% obsessed with them. 
  • Also speaking of obsessing, getting hooked on Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World
  • Going to the premier of a movie that I was an extra in (don't freak out, it was just a small local thing. Still, pretty cool!)
  • Going to PROMMMM!!!
  • Completing the Summer Photo Challenge
  • Traveling to NEW YORK CITY for the first time! (Which I never actually blogged about...heh..probably should do that..)
  • Seeing The Lion King and Aladdin on Broadway, and getting to meet the Aladdin cast!!
  • Tons of different parties and sleepovers that were oh-so-crazy and oh-so-fun
  • Finally learning to do eyeliner!
  • Finding out that I'm going to get to be IN a musical this spring!!! (Oh my goodness, I'm excited. Working tech is SO much fun, but performing is my love.)
  • Starting to work on my novel (Hopefully I'll finish the first draft this spring)
It really was a great year. I'm curious to see what 2016 has in store!!

I haven't made a list of New Year's resolutions yet- to be completely honest, I can't even remember if I made a list last year. I think that I did, but I don't know what happened to it. I definitely want to do a better job of chronicling everything that happens this year; I really didn't do too great of a job of that in 2015. I did keep a journal from March onward, but it wasn't a consistent every day type of thing. Still, I'm really glad that I did that much. I have a few fun ideas for keeping journals this year that I'll be sharing here on the blog soon!!

One thing I really hope for in 2016 is for things to be calmer. There are many words that I would use to describe 2015, but "calm" is not one of them!! Things seemed to be constantly hectic, and there was a lot more drama than I would have liked to experience. I'm hoping for a bit of a reprieve from all of that in 2016, but I'm not going to lie, I'm not too optimistic haha!

Overall, I'm just hoping that 2016 is a year full of friends, laughter, good health, and good memories:)

2016- Bring it on!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!


What's your favorite memory of 2015?


  1. sooo lucky! What movie were you in?

    1. And Harry Potter is LIFE. (So is Jonathan Crombie[Gilbert Blythe], just had to put that in there, will always love the Anne of Green Gables movies)

    2. It was just a local thing that my co-op did:) Harry Potter is so great!

    3. it really is. my sister actually has a cd title songs from gringotts vault, its by the band "ministry of magic". they are really good. I love the songs so much, and they all finally make sense

    4. yeah, they're really good

  2. Wow, you had an awesome 2015! So excited for 2016!!

  3. What a wonderful year! So much theater and friends! And NYC!!! It sounds like your truly /lived/ this year!

    1. It truly was wonderful! Theatre, friends, and NYC make for a perfection haha. I really did /live/ this year:) <#


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