Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blonde Takes On The Big Apple- Things I Learned in New York City

Hello, everyone! I mentioned that I went to New York earlier this month, and let's just say it was a very interesting experience. Tons of fun, but VERY interesting! Here are a couple of things that I learned while I was in the city...
  • The fact that I didn't get hit by a car was a miracle
  • Sometimes you can meet really cool people when you get lost on the subway
  • Being in New York helps you to forget everything. School, life back home, those twelve blog comments you should have replied to....everything.
  • The subway is a scary, scary place.
  • New Yorkers can be very chill with the fact that WE'RE LITERALLY AT THE SCENE OF A MURDER, GUYS. SHOULD WE NOT BE PANICKING A BIT MORE??
  • The subway is even more terrifying when your train is stopped for a police investigation/search.
  • Food is a lot harder to find in New York than you would expect.
  • Toys 'R Us is like, the best place ever. I could spend an entire day in there.
  • There is a very distinct difference between Northerners and Southerners. Namely, Southerners don't typically look as though they want to murder you just because you smiled at them.
  • I could basically live at Macy's.
  • Times Square is home to many interesting people. Some of which come up to you in Elmo costumes and try to hug you, and some of which need more clothing.
  • I am even more directionally challenged than I realized.
  • That being said, by the end of the week, I FIGURED OUT HOW THE SUBWAY WORKED. I was quite proud.
  • You can end up eating bagels for lunch in the middle of a graveyard and it's actually really cool and non-creepy.
  • Rats can be roughly the size of large squirrels.
  • When given enough incentive, I can sprint an extremely crowded city block at night dragging my mom behind me, in heels, in roughly 3-4 minutes. Stage doors are that incentive.
  • Also, meeting one of your favorite Broadway stars can render me almost speechless. And if you know me, that doesn't happen too often. 
  • You can be innocently walking the streets of New York and then suddenly find yourself in a mob of Bruce Willis fans.
  • If you have a piece of candy in your purse when headed to Statue of Liberty, just give up now.
  • 99 Cent Pizza is actually really good and not sketchy. 
  • You can find out that one of your favorite TV characters is hosting a meet and greet ten minutes from where you are and it's awesome. (FARKLEEEE)
  • During daylight a place may seem perfectly nice, but go to the same area at night and you'll feel like you just signed your own death warrant. 
  • Cannoli is the best thing in the entire world. 
  • Similarly, Little Italy is heaven.
  • Hershey's Store is the best place ever. Period. Go there daily. THEY GIVE FREE CHOCOLATE.
  • Apparently Northerners are obsessed with Chick-Fil-A and call it their personal crack. Gotta love a piece of the South. 
  • Always order pastries. Just do it. 
  • There are tons of really great photo-ops. Like, you could literally do a photoshoot anywhere it's glorious.
  • The Disney store has the best escalator ever.
  • Speaking of the Disney store, the people there are pretty awesome and will announce a trivia question when you can't figure out what song is playing. 
  • Peppermint hot chocolate = Life.
  • It's pretty easy to find said peppermint hot chocolate because Starbucks is LITERALLY on every street. There are three just in Macy's. It's kind of insane. 
  • New York water is literally AMAZING. I was really shocked. But it tastes fabulous AND IT MAKES YOUR HAIR SO SOFT OMG. 
  • They sell cats on the streets in Greenwich and Chelsea. THEY WERE SO CUTEEEE.
  • New York is both a beautiful and terrifying place.
  • (But I still love it ♥)

Stay tuned to hear about more of my NYC experiences!


  1. Oh, my God. Eighteen Mile Bookstore?!?!?! Details, please! Where, How, What?!?! I need to go there.

    1. It's this place called The Strand!! It's HUGE, I'm pretty sure it was either three or four floors, and it has eighteen miles of books in all. It's absolutely glorious, oh my gosh.


  3. Just tagged you in another thing on my blog! ^-^
    Also, I LOVE this post!!!!!!!

    1. Oh, awesome!!! Thanks!! I'll check it out!!
      Thank you! <3

  4. I said "same" way too many times reading this post

    New Yorkers are so chill about things! One night my mom and I were walking back to my uncle's apartment and this guy across the street just walked up and lit a pile of trash on fire????? It started burning but everyone just kind of watched… eventually a fire truck seemed to realize what was happening (nearly positive the truck was just passing by and saw the fire) and took care of it.

    Little Italy was my favorite!

    I ate so much New York pizza while I was there. My uncle lived right by this inexpensive but reeeeally good pizza parlor so we hit up that place at least two-three times per trip.

    Finding your way our of the Broadway area after a show in the middle of the night is pretty much the most terrifying thing in the world- people were throwing knives (not at other people, but still) and their were a bunch of naked people painted as flags… all that good stuff. But it is very satisfying when you get home all in one piece. Ahhh this post is making me miss New York!

    1. Oh my gosh! What on earth?? New Yorkers are literally not bothered by anything it's kind of concerning...


      Oh my goodness, New York pizza is amazing.... I don't even know how much pizza we ate while we were there, it was a lot..

      IT'S SO SCARY! Oh my word, KNIVES? That's insane!! I'm really glad we didn't see that..the flag people are a bit concerning as well. Getting back to the apartment alive is a wonderful feeling.. What show did you see?

    2. Oh, I meant the "all that good stuff" sarcastically. I wrote that early in the morning and didn't realize how perverted it sounded if you didn't look at it from a sarcastic point of view.

      We were cliche and went to Lion King, but it was still a wonderful show

    3. Hahaha, don't worry, I knew it was sarcastic. Gosh, would be really creepy if it's not sarcastic. xD

      Ahhh, Lion King is so good!

  5. FJDSL:FJKDSLFJDSKL!!! I am so excited for you! How did I miss that NYC announcement???

    A murder, getting lost, and so many other adventures! I can't wait to hear about it all! Man, I'm going through serious NYC-withdraws right now. And I agree with pretty much everything that you said! SO fabulous!

    1. THANK YOU!!! :D Haha, I think I probably slipped it into a post or something, so it might not have been too hard to miss.

      Haha, the city is definitely full of adventure! :) You went to NYC this summer, right? I loved your post on it!

  6. LOVE CHICK-FIL-A!!!! Also, what's California considered? The West?

    1. CHICK-FIL-A IS LIFE!!!! Hmm. West coast? I really don't know..I don't consider California "the West"...that's confusing..


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