Seventy-Three at Sixteen

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

(Funny story, apparently I have a thing for accidentally blowing out candles? Not once but twice, someone would make me laugh and I would blow the candle out on accident. Yet, when I would actually try to blow them out, I couldn't get it. #myawkwardlife)

I was scrolling through my blogger feed a few days ago when I landed upon this post from Bailey over at Brave Love! She got this list of questions from Rachel, and filled them out for her twenty-fifth birthday, as a way to document time. In honor of turning sixteen yesterday, I've decided to do the same!

1. What are you most excited about these days? Enjoying the rest of summertime!! Also a super fun blog project coming up;)
2. Favorite holiday? Christmas, easy.
3. Favorite season? SUMMER. Hands down. Warm weather, no school- what could be better?
4. Recent hobby? Hand-lettering!
5. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Renee Elise Goldsberry. Angelica is such a dream role!
6. If you could have coffee with someone from the past, who would it be? Anastasia Romanov
7. What's the best thing that happened this year? Either being in the musical Singing' In The Rain, or PROM! 
8. What's the best way to decompress? Reading or writing alone in my room while listening to Ed Sheeran music.
9. What's the weirdest word in the English language? Gotta steal Bailey's answer on this one- any word sounds weird if you say it over and over again.
10. If you had one superpower, what would it be? I've always wanted to be able to turn invisible!
11. Who do you miss most? I actually don't know of anyone that I miss super badly right now!
12. Who was the last person to text you? My best friend:)
13. Who are three people, alive or dead, that you would have dinner with? Julie Andrews, William Daniels, and Angela Lansbury
14. Last book you read? Driving Me Crazy. Super cliche and fluffy, and it really got on my nerves tbh. Right now I'm reading The Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery.
15. Book you plan on reading? Sense and Sensibility
16. Book you read bc everyone else in the world was reading it? The Hunger Games. But I LOVED it. 
17. A book from your childhood that positively shaped you? I don't even know, I read SO MANY books. I can't pick!
18. Favorite TV show currently on TV? I'd say Dancing With The Stars, but it's on an off season. So I don't really know. I don't watch a ton of TV.
19. Favorite ice cream? Chocolate chip cookie dough or anything involving peanut butter!
20. What makes you smile the most? Family and friends, Broadway, dance, and blogging!
21. First pet? A beta fish named Ellie.
22. Worst subject in school? Math, hands down.
23. Favorite game? Oh gosh, I can't pick. Maybe spades? Like, if we're talking about card games. I also love playing Murder at Midnight outside when it's pitch black out.
24. Coolest thing in the world? The fact that we're all so flawed and sinful but God loves us anyways.
25. Cutest thing in the world? KITTENS.
26. Favorite thing in the world? Books.
27. One talent you wish you had? Singing, or crazy flexibility, or graphic design.
28. One thing you still have from your childhood? Everything. Literally everything. I'm such a hoarder, guys.
29. What's your patronus? Seeing as I never got my Hogwarts letter not bitter I don't know, but I'd have to guess a cat.
30. Last song you listened to on your phone? First Date/Last Night from Dogfight
31. Favorite song lyrics? I can't even pick. There are hundreds.
32. What song would you probably be caught dancing alone to? Anything Broadway.
33. If you could work the runway, what song would it be?  "No" by Megan Trainor
34. Best gift you've ever been given? The fact that I can be homeschooled.
35. Fashion icon? Pinterest. I can't pick just one person. Pinterest.
36. What did you wear to your prom? This past year, a long purple dress with stones at the top.
37. Who was your date to your prom? Two of my best friends. <3 #allthesingleladies
38. Favorite movie of all time? The Princess Diaries. (The fact that Garry Marshall passed away today just broke my heart. Childhood = Ruined.)
39. Favorite movie of the last five years? I'm gonna cheat a little and say Tangled. It's been over five years but oh well. That's my pick and I'm sticking with it!
40. Movie that made you cry? Up. I loathe that movie.
41. Movie that made you laugh the hardest? ....I actually don't know right off. That's kind of pathetic.
42. If you could make a documentary, what would it be about? I'm going to have to agree with Bailey again and say Broadway behind the scenes! Because obviously I'd have to help with all the filming and see tons of shows in the process.
43. Favorite TV show? Dancing With The Stars, Kim Possible, NCIS, or Boy Meets World
44. If you could make a cameo in any TV show, what would it be? Dancing With The Stars.
45. Best plot twist of all time? ....another one I'm totally drawing a blank on. Wow. Sorry, guys.
46. Twitter or Instagram? BOTH!!!!! Instagram is so pretty and aesthetic, but in my opinion it's more difficult? Twitter is the real, unfiltered me. XD
47. Who should everyone be following right now? Hannah, Abbie, Olivia, Rachel, Aaliyah, Mary Shelley, Jacy, and basically anyone else I follow because it takes too long to link them all but they're all amazing.
48. Favorite food? Anything Mexican or Italian
49. Favorite dessert? Cheesecake!!
50. Favorite band? Lukas Graham
51. Favorite solo artist? Ed Sheeran
52. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be? Jeremy Jordan
53. What would the title of your autobiography be? Can I just go with Totally Graced? I'm not good at naming things.
54. Favorite sound? Falling rain, acoustic music, a familiar voice.
55. Least favorite sound? Any scraping noise, an alarm clock
56. Favorite animal? Cats! With an elephant as a close second.
57. First celebrity crush? clue.
58. Current celebrity crush? I actually don't have one. I fail as a teenage girl.
59. What is your kryptonite? Chocolate.
60. Guilty pleasure? Not talking to anyone for days on end.
61. Most proud moment? Winning a Musical Theatre Ensemble competition with my best friends. Honestly one of the best moments of my life.
62. Biggest weakness? My inability to decide anything.
63. Skill still unmastered? The ability to nap.
64. What is the definition of misery? Running to a math class when it's cold outside while being forced to listen to opera. Basically the worst scenario that I can think of.
65. Biggest learning experience? The last several years, really. It seems like I'm constantly learning throughout different situations.
66. What is your idea of a perfect date? Hanging out on my couch with my cat and a large bowl of popcorn.
67. An experience when you felt the most nervous? When I had to sing a solo last summer.
68. At what age were you the happiest? Perhaps when I was little? That was obviously the most carefree time. But honestly, the past year has been full of lots of happiness. Here's hoping sixteen is even better!
69. What's one vice you wish you could give up? The fact that I'm literally scared of everything.
70. If you could teach a college course, what would it be called? Creative Writing 101
71. If you could star in any movie remake, what would it be? The Princess Diaries. Literal dream.
72. If you were an Olympic athlete, what would your event be? Gymnastics, maybe? It's the only think I can possibly think of. Let's just say, the Olympics would never work for me, period.
73. If you could offer your 13-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be? Don't be so scared of everything. Don't let fear rule your life. Also, invest in a hair straightener and some better foundation. You'll thank me later.

- - - - -

So, I dare you- answer some of these questions in the comments! I want to hear from you!!


  1. Aww, this is so cute! Happy Birthday btw!! Also, Dancing with the Stars is amazing!! I have only seen one episode ( Bindi Erwin danding the Dirty Dancing lift scene ) But it was all I needed for it to be my new favorite TV show, and wish more than anything to go on that show someday. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Oh my goodness, I love Dancing With The Stars so much. Bindi and Derek were my favorite couple of all time- you should totally go and watch the rest of their dances!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!! <33 That cake looks amazing btw x) loved all your answers

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH ABBY! :') <3 It was definitely amazing xD

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!! I love this idea and I loved your answers <3 (Also your hair is so long and beautifull ♥) AND THAT CAKE LOOKS SO GOOD MMM.

    1. Thank you so much, Autumn! I really liked the idea too, I think that I'm going to do it every year. :) Oh, thank you!! And yes, the cake was amazing xD

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!! you're so cute :)

  5. Happy birthday!!

    Also, yes to #24, and I totally relate to #28; I'm the same. :D

  6. Happy Birthday Grace! :)

    Allie D.

  7. Happy Birthday Grace! It's always so much fun to read answers to questions, I cried during UP too! Have a wonderful 16th, you are loved by so many!

    1. And here are some questions I answered:
      Favorite ice cream? Rocky Road
      Biggest weakness? Being a quiet person
      If you were an Olympic athlete, what would your event be? I'm going to pretend doing yoga is an Olympic event. yep!

    2. I'm so glad that you liked them! Oh my goodness, UP absolutely crushed me. THANK YOU SO MUCH VANESSA! :') <3 You're the absolute sweetest.

      Those are all perfect answers! XD Now I really want some Rocky Road. ;)

  8. GRACE HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is that enough exclaimation points to express my happiness at this post? Nope.



    Yet again, we are like the same person (except I'm the ballerina version). I loved this post. I am not the only one who hates deciding things but loves The Princess Diaries!!! Plus, a kajillion other things in this post that I can't reflect on now because that would require a mega comment.

    I want to let you know that I've been praying for you all summer, and that I'm praying right now that 16 be a year of joy and discovery of what you can really do with and for the Lord! It's going to be GREAT!!!

    1. Oh my goodness THANK YOU SO MUCH HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :') You are the absolute sweetest EVER! I so appreciate all of your prayers, I'm so thankful to be blessed with a friend like you! I love my ballerina-Princess Diaries loving twin;) <3

  9. I'm with you on the song lyrics. Christmas would have to be my favorite holiday, too. Happy birthday!

  10. Happy 16th bithday!!! A lot of your answers would be mine, so I won't bother to list them out. :)

  11. HAPPITY HAPPITY BELATED BIRTHDAY GRACE! This post was soo cute just like you. :)

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH JACY!!:) <3 You're cuter;)

    As for these questions, I really like #73. If I could lil 13 year old me a piece of advice, it would be: Don't worry so much about what others say and/or think about you. The negative vibes just aren't worth it.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really do feel like a little old lady. I'm just waiting to break a hip at this point.

      That is the BEST advice. I wish my 13 year old self would have heard and believed that. I mean, frankly my 16 year old self needs to follow that advice better!


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