Happy November!!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

GUYS. There are only two months left in the year. 


Obviously I am quite calm about this entire situation.

First off, I want to apologize for the fact that this post, which is supposed to go out on the FIRST day of each month...well, didn't do that this time around. I found myself freaking out on November 1st because I wasn't ready, and I just truly didn't have time to put together something that I felt good about posting. SO, I decided to just switch some stuff around. Life has to be flexible- blogging might as well be, too. 

October was such a crazy month, I can't even comprehend it. Not that that's hard to tell- it's literally been my worst posting month of all time. Like wow, I bombed that, I'm sorry. On top of the craziness, the blogger's block was so incredibly real. It didn't make for a good blogging month, I'll say that. 

October was a month full of school, rehearsals, bonfires, tests, rehearsals, papers, Halloween parties, and the occasional rehearsal. It was a lot of fun, but I really wasn't expecting it to be so hectic, so I may or may not have gone a slight bit crazy. It's fine, it's fine. 

At the beginning of the month, we started working on one of our biggest dance numbers for the spring show, and we fully choreographed that, so that was really great. It's a lot of fun, and I'm super excited. We then started working on a number for our Christmas show, which ironically is taking place in November. Hey, start the holiday season off early! 

Speaking of holidays, I have to say- I know that some of y'all aren't fans, but I've got to just go ahead and admit it- I flipping love Halloween. I mean, honestly, let's think about this. You get to eat tons of sugar, go back to feeling like a literal five-year-old, and wear awesome costumes. I cannot contain my love for this. My costumes this year included Barbie, Elphaba, and a rag doll. It was fabulous.

I also discovered the magic that is Spotify this October, and I am never looking back. Oh my goodness, it's amazing. I don't have Premium, mainly because I'm cheap, but as someone who's been living with Pandora Shuffle, I could not be happier.

As for November, I don't know for sure what all it's going to hold, but I'm excited. NaNo is going shockingly well, and I think that I'm going to end up ahead of my goal! I had a crazy but fun past week watching some of my best friends compete, which was awesome. Plus, the holidays are coming up, which means lots of fun and festivities and FOOD! I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it's the holiday season, but if it's here then we might as well embrace it, right? I'm also working on several super-awesome projects, and I'm pretty much just excited in general. It's gonna be good, guys.

Also, in case you missed it, I'm hosting the Thankfulness Thursday challenge here on the blog this month! You can find all of the details here- you should totally join in the fun. ; )

- - - - -

// The Birdy obsession is so real right now. Currently completely obsessed with Tee Shirt and Standing In The Way of The Light.

// Also can we please just have a moment of appreciation for She Used To Be Mine from Waitress? So flawless.

// Aaliyah's post was so so so real like wow.

// The Hamildoc came out and I still haven't had time to watch it and it's breaking my heart help.

// Chick-Fil-A is bringing back their original barbecue sauce and I was crying tears of joy :')

// World's Worst Bakers is honestly the funniest TV show I think that I've ever watched.

// Kate and Abbie started a podcast and IT IS AMAZING.

// There's a place near me where you could buy six cinnamon rolls for $1.50 and it made my life.

// Paper Comets would love to have some new artists join their team for the winter zine- contact them here!

- - - - -

// Make a recipe from Pinterest. Success!! Well, actually, the recipe itself was a flop. But hey, at least I tried! 

// Read 4 new books. - HAHAHAHA. HA. Ha. ha. heh. Fail. Such a fail, oh my.

// Decide what I'm going to do about NaNo.  In case you've missed it, I AM taking part in NaNo! I'm really excited about it- it's going so well so far. 

// Have an autumn outfit shoot. - Fail. I kept planning it, and I had outfits picked out and everything, but it just never came to fruition. 

// Stretch more often. - I'm like, half checking this off. I did stretch some, but still not as much as I would have liked to. 

// Survive the PSAT. I'm dreading it.  I mean, I'm currently alive, so....success! How I did on it, on the other hand, I have no ida. But I'm alive so that's always a plus. 

// Take part in Jessica's challenge.- I honestly forgot about this after the first week. I'm so disappointed in myself! I may have to come back to it some other time. 

// Have an epic Halloween!  As I mentioned above, yes, Halloween was fabulous. 

// Make an autumn DIY. I actually did! We threw our first Halloween party, and I did several DIY's for that. AND THEY ACTUALLY WORKED!! It's amazing when something actually isn't a Pinstrosity for once. 


I'm actually really happy with how these goals turned out! 6 1/2 out of 9 isn't bad at all. 

 // COMPLETE NANO!! I'm shooting for AT LEAST 25,000 words- I'd love to get further than that!

// Be more active in the blogosphere because that didn't go well in October. (And so far hasn't gone well in November let's be honest.)

// Complete the Thankfulness Thursday challenge

// Start on Christmas! I refuse to let myself freak out for the entirety of December because I didn't plan ahead as far as gifts are concerned.

// Manage my time better

// Have a consistent stretching time


// Reorganize my clothes. They're such a wreck right now, y'all. It's bad.

// Practice driving at least once. I'm so scared. XD But I know I need to do it.

- - - - -

So, tell me, what are you looking forward to this November?? ARE YOU EXCITED?? Are you doing NaNo? How was your October?? Want to join the Thankfulness Thursday challenge? Any November resolutions? TELL ME ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful month! So glad that you completed tons of your goals! I always forget to do my goals in my month review...oh well.

    Gosh, I always get so off-topic in comments!

    Anyway, I wish the happiest of Novembers to you!!! With lots of listening to Spotify sessions, completing NaNoWriMo, and ideas and times for blog posts!!! I definitely went through that busy-October-bloggers-block thing.

    Blogger life is hard.

    Have a good rest of your weekend, Grace Anne!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Allie! I hope that your November is wonderful! ♥

  2. Oi can I relate. Do all homeschooled blogger juniors go through identical Octobers, or what?

    Also, I'm one for Pandora Shuffle. For some reason, Spotify doesn't work on my computer, but I don't really care. I like having a variety of songs to listen to. :D


    and also like NaNo. Yea.


    1. I swear, we all do. XD It's kind of hilarious.

      I love Pandora Shuffle! It's so great. Hmm, have you downloaded it to your computer? It took me forever to figure it out haha.


      NaNoooooo :D

  3. I'm so glad you like Spotify!!! I always cringe when I hear that a person is stuck with just Pandora. I mean, you can still get music from there but Spotify is sooo much better

    About three years ago (wow that's weird to think it was that long ago) I saw Sara Barielles in concert and Merrymore (sp?) park, and she preformed She Used To Be Mine for the first time, two years before it's release and ugh it was so beautiful to see

    I'm glad you feel me about blogging being so hard lately. I feel like I'm dragging myself through mud while I'm writing.

    I've been feeling guilty because my choir started on Christmas music a few weeks ago (because we have 20+ songs to learn for various holiday performances that are going to be nuts) and I'll be singing Christmas music but then hearing everyone complaining about premature Christmas propaganda. I'm so glad it's November so I can finally embrace Christmas season without the guilt haha

    1. I like Pandora a lot, but I'm really falling in love with Spotify- it's so great wow.

      Oh my gosh, YOU DID??? I'm kind of freaking out right now to be honest. That's literally the coolest thing.

      So do I. NaNo has helped with that, novel wise, but I'm still in this weird blogging rut. I just need to sit down for a couple hours and get something good out. XD

      Oh woah, 20 songs?? That's crazy! I still haven't fully embraced the fact that we're in the holiday season, but I'm getting there. Our holiday show is in like, a week in a half- I guess I've got to get there one way or another.

    2. I did!! And you're getting a mention in my next music post because it slipped my mind to add it to my playlist when it first came out but this post reminded me and now it's in the mix to make me cry

      I set a two Jada post goal, three Odesta post goal. It's going to be really hard to make every month, especially for Jada (for some reason it's so much faster to write for Odesta) but I'm going to make a valiant effort. I'm about one third of the way done with the first Jada post though, so that's something! (Odesta blog is another story tho)

      It's actually insane. And that's only for the choir I have during the school day. We got four new pieces today for our early morning choir. I've embraced the holiday season but it hasn't sunk in yet. Good luck on your holiday show! Hope you get into the spirit in time

    3. Ohhhh I just love that song so much wow. I kid you not I'm listening to it right now. XD

      That's a really good goal to have! I HAVE FAITH IN YOU, ABBY! Hey, it sounds like you're making a ton of progress already! You're much better at actually getting writing done than I am, haha. I always procrastinate or something. Although I've written like, 17k this past week, which I'm pretty proud of.

      It sounds like it, gosh. I hope that goes well for y'all! That's a ton to do, I know. Thank you! I'm working on it. xD

  4. S P O T I F Y (literally listening to it know. btw, the web player is like premium, you can play anything you want) BUT HOW DID YOU NOT KNOW OF IT BEFORE?!?!?!?

    looooooovve this post

    1. Spotify on laptops is the BEST. I knew about it, I just never actually set up an account, haha. I'm so glad I did!

      loooooooove you ♥

  5. Literally my only resolution is to make it til Christmas break. I am so done with school right now. X_x

  6. Congrats on completing all those goals, that's awesome!
    I'm obsessed with Birdy, too, her voice (and songs/albums) are amazing!

    "USE THE FLIPPING PLANNER" - That's totally me, I never use planers. I usually try to remember everything I need to get done, which is a horrible method because my memory is pretty average :-(

    Great post! This has definitely made me feel more excited about the coming months!

    -Jollygirl @ Reflections of a Jolly Girl

    1. Thank you so much!

      The Birdy obsession is so strong right now. Her voice is just so beautiful.

      I'm trying to start using my planner again. It still hasn't gone well so far. XD

      Thank you! I'm so glad that you could enjoy it!

  7. EEP YAY FOR NOVEMBER! I really love this month.😂 NaNo was great (although afdjaskld so much editing to do) and now you mentioned cinnamon rolls, I want cinnamon rolls. And I love your goals! Managing time? HAHAHAH....okay I need to do that too. My days are a confusing squish at the moment. 😂
    oh and spotify is amazing! Although I hate the ads, grrr. But I've found so much new music through it I AM SO HAPPY.

    1. I STILL CAN'T GET OVER THE FACT THAT YOU FINISHED NANO SO QUICKLY. Like wow you're a superhero. I really want cinnamon rolls too. Excuse me while I go find cinnamon rolls.
      Managing time.....hahahahahaha I wish. Still gotta work on that. XD
      Spotify ads are so annoying, but the music is AMAZING! I love it.

  8. Tell me about it, I CANT BELIEVE its already almost the holidays. But I am super pumped and honestly already ready for Christmas to be here haha. And thanksgiving. But in the opposite order, because otherwise that would be weird?? It's sounds like your October was epic! You definitely had a good excuse to not be blogging tons, because it sounds like you got a lot accomplished, Grace Anne. And welcome to the dark side of Spotify! Haha. It's pretty awesome.

    1. I'm slowly getting excited for the holidays- they're literally the best. Hahaha, oh gosh, that would be really weird if the holidays were in a different order....wow, now I keep thinking about that. I know you're quite excited for the time to start passing. ;)
      My October was crazy, but it was lovely.
      Spotify is amazing! It's a new addiction. XD

  9. NOVEMBER!! I honestly can't wait for Thanksgiving x) I flipping love November, mostly because Halloween's over... *whispers timidly* i'm not a fan.... So excited you're trying NaNo!! And super proud of you for getting ahead and it's only a few days in!!
    It sounds like overall you had a great October! Hope November is just as good/even better!! <33

    1. Thanksgiving is so great! ♥ I've never been a huge autumn fan, but I'm finally getting into it this year, and I'm excited. :)
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! :')
      I hope that your November is just as amazing as you are, Abby. ♥

  10. Such a great list of goals to work on gurl!!

  11. Love love love love love! <3 Oh my goodness 2017 is approaching way too quickly gaah.

  12. I love Birdy so much!! Tee Shirt is one of my favourite songs <3 Also, this is such a great post idea - I may steal the monthly to do list section because I'm sneaky ;) I looovveee this! xx

    1. Ohhhh, I love Tee Shirt so much. I really want to listen to it again now. xD You should totally steal it! I'd love to read it. ;) I LOVE you!!!! xx♥

  13. YEAH I FEEL THE CRAZINESS. there was only one day last month that I stayed home all day, and it just makes me sad because I need my alonee and writing timeeee. *sobs* Sigh.

    But despite all the craziness, I wasn't editing so that gave me a nice mind break. :P

    ooh, I've heard so much about Birdy and her music! I should just give it a listen because maybe it's something I would enjoy?

    AND YOU CAN TOTALLY CONQUER NANO. And driving. Driving is fun but scary. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Oh my goodness that makes me so sadddddd for you. *cries a fountain of tears* HOPEFULLY YOUR NOVEMBER IS FULL OF MANY MORE ALONE DAYS!!!

      Hey, editing breaks are always wonderful. XD

      You should totally listen to Birdy! She has a really unique voice, it's beautiful.

      THANK YOU!! NaNo is going much better than the driving. XD Still avoiding that one...;)

      Your comments are my absolute favorite, Katie Grace. xx ♥♥


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