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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

For months, my wonderful friend Abby over at Ups and Downs hinted about a big project she had coming out on August 1st. I was counting the days until she finally revealed it- a tag combining the blogger world and the "real" world. In being a blogger, you develop friendships with people all over the country- and sometimes even the world. While it isn't exactly an easy task to go and visit a friend on the other side of the country, we can't help but dream of what it would be like to have a giant blogger party. And thus, this fantastic tag was born. After all- who doesn't love party planning?


Name the venue!

The majority of my closest blogger friends live on the East Coast, with the exception of a few West Coasters, so we would probably just have to fly the few West Coasters out over here for the best chances of maximum attendance. I don't really have a specific place in mind, although I think that it would be really fun to rent one of those massive beach houses together. A blogger beach trip would be the definition of epic. Although at the same time, we would need to be somewhere with copious amounts of coffee shops and photo ops, so it might be best to go to a city- if we're staying in the south, Atlanta or Nashville would be good choices, or we could venture to one of the big cities up north, like New York City.

List three foods that need to be present

The obvious first choice is a breakfast bar. Waffles would obviously play a large role, along with pancakes as well, because we do love our pancake girls, even if we live in opposition on the topic of breakfast food. ;)

Pizza would also be a necessity. Many bloggers that I know are quite passionate about pizza, so it would definitely have to be on the menu.

Lastly, we would need coffee shop food. Yes, I'm stretching the "three foods" question, but this is important. If we're having a blogger party, we need copious amounts of coffee and tea, along with plenty of pastries and sandwiches. It's just a nonnegotiable.

Dance time! List five artists or bands for your party mix tape

-Ben Rector. Most bloggers that I know are big Ben Rector fans, so his music would definitely need to be involved.

-Twenty-One Pilots. Again, a common blogger favorite.

-Ed Sheeran. Because...Ed Sheeran.

-Epic soundtracks of every form.

-Aaliyah, Jacy Rayn, and Abbie. Let's be honest guys, WE'RE SURROUNDED BY FABULOUSLY TALENTED PEOPLE. I can just see Aaliyah and Jacy Rayn whipping out guitars and ukuleles, and Abbie sitting behind a piano, and the three of them leading us in the best indie-worship set of all time. It would be so fantastic.

What three activities would we mostly engage in?

I mean, obviously most of the time would be spent talking and freaking out over the fact that OH MY GOSH WE'RE ALL IN THE SAME ROOM. It would be the most exciting thing ever, and most of us would just be talking talking talking.

Photography would also be a large part of the event because..hello, we're bloggers. Everyone would be carrying their camera or phone, snapping photos CONSTANTLY. After the party was over, the rest of the blogosphere would probably hate us due to the overload of photos from the event, and we wouldn't even care.

I also think that would also be super fun to make mailboxes for everyone, and leave notes and such for each other throughout the event. Most bloggers that I know love all forms of stationary, notes, and snail mail, so I think that it would be really fun and sweet activity to have going on throughout the event. Plus, afterwards, everyone would have a box of memories to take home!

Describe a post collaborative you would do at the party.

Everyone would definitely be making mad plans to collaborate with everyone else. Everyone is so creative that I don't know what they'd come up with! Olivia and I have actually talked about this before, though (in our conversations dreaming about hanging out one day), so I know what she and I would be doing- The First Impression Project. Have you ever wondered what other people's first impression of you is? Olivia and I would be going around, talking to people, and then writing about them. It's really rather lovely.

What habits or interaction qualities would you notice?

At the beginning I'm sure it would be slightly awkward, because the majority of us are introverts and have never met before, but after the initial ice breaking, I think that it would be so much fun. Introverts would break out of their shells a bit, and we would all have the best time.


because this is the cutest tag image ever

In typical tag fashion, I now have to tag people! So, I tag-

And, of course, YOU! I want to hear all about your dream blogger party!


So, tell me, what would your dream blogger party be like? Are you going to take part in the tag? YOU TOTALLY SHOULD! Let's chat in the comments!


  1. I LOVE this tag! Abby is a genius isn't she? Need to do this soon and I am really happy to discover your blog! It's lovely! <3 I heard your name/blog floating around the blogosphere but never quite found you until now ;)

    Anna |

    1. She really is!! And thank you so much for your sweet words, Anna! They mean a lot. :) I'm so glad to meet you!

  2. I love this tag so much!! I agree with pretty much all of your answers. :)

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

  3. THIS IS AMAZING OH MY GOSH. CAN WE PLS HAVE THIS HAPPEN FR. also first impressions yes

  4. That sounds awesome!! I wish we could really do it!

  5. Umm...this post is legit such a wrap up of all of the bloggers collectively. this is SO cool. I wish it could seriously happen because umm who doesn't love pizza, coffee, waffles and a bunch of bloggers?

  6. I'm crying because I want this to happen so badly!! If bloggers got together I'm convinced we'd actually take over the world, haha. I can't wait to do this tag!

    1. It would be so great! :') Honestly we would, it would be fantastic ahaha. I can't wait to see your version of the tag!!

  7. This sounds like another super cute tag! Looks like I'll be taking part in this challenge too! :)
    Btw, I would totally attend your version of a blogger party meet-up, especially because of the pizza, breakfast bar, and renting a big beach house. Sounds like a dream!:)


  9. EEEEPPP!!! I'm so happy and love that you did this tag, Grace Anne! I haven't even thought about coffee or tea (I can see another food / drink battle just coming right up just watch)! And YES OH MY GOSH aww actually do those snail mail boxes whenever we go on retreats and they are super fun and just super cute!!!! I love all the stationary. Nashville could be super fun to visit, too-- isn't it the musical capital???? THEN WE CAN GO TO FESTIVALS AND IT SHALL BE SWELL. Signing up for that GoFundMe account right now to make this all happen!!! <333

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs


    2. It was such a fantastic tag- thank YOU for creating it!!! Oh my gosh, there really could be a massive drink battle. I'd have to side on Team Coffee there. ;) You do?? That would be so much fun! I've never done it, but I think it would be a blast. OOH I THINK IT IS! I've actually never been to Nashville, but it looks like a really cool place.



  10. This is so fun!!! I love it. Watch out for my post! It's coming!

  11. YES YES YES this would literally be the most amazing thing to ever happen <33

  12. Super cute, love this tag ��


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