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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hello, lovelies!! How are you all doing? Isn't it crazy that tomorrow's Easter? I really can't wrap my head around it. It's so early this year, it just feels so weird. Like, last week was St. Patrick's Day! And now we're already at Easter? It's bizarre. I'm really excited for Easter though, I love it so much. 

The last two weeks have been a blur of craziness, both the good and not so good variety. For the most part things have been really great though. Last week y'all might have noticed that I went a bit MIA, sorry about that. I was in the midst of tech week for a show I was helping with, so I didn't have much time to blog. It was such an amazing week though, and I really miss it. I'm still having a bit of post-show-sadness, although I can't help but love not having to get up as early for rehearsals constantly!!

I am SO happy that it's Spring Break. I cannot even explain. I'm so excited for this week. I'm not even doing anything huge, it's just going to be really nice to have a chance to chill out a bit, catch up on some stuff that needs to be done, and just breathe. I can't even explain how excited I am right now.

Anyways, here's a little peek into my life lately : )

Made Me Smile:

PRINCESS DIARIES THREE IS HAPPENING, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life is literally made. I was screaming. But that's a post for another time.

I introduced two of my best friends to High School Musical this week. Ice cream was involved and it made for a pretty awesome night. (Although I'm not sure how I feel about ANOTHER one being made? Like, isn't this one of those instances where you should leave something while it's still good?)

The most insanely sweet friend who randomly brought me Starbucks:) <3

The official Pulitzer Prize Instagram liked my photo of All The Light We Cannot See! I thought that was pretty cool. I might have freaked out a little.

Sleeping in. There honestly is no better feeling.

Friends who don't mind when you call them three times in the same day, or at ten-thirty at night. They're fabulous.

I finished a chapter and a half of my novel in a day, which is really good for me- usually I can't write that quickly. Yay for productive days!! (If this is like, nothing to you, I'm sorry xD I'm new at this if you can't tell.)

Getting to do hair and makeup for some incredibly sweet girls. I want to adopt them.


Pollen. It hates me and the feeling is mutual.

So, apparently when I get really tired, I also get really clumsy. I may have possibly run into two different people and then tripped over a prop all within a span of about a minute and a half during tech week. The fact that I'm a dancer is so obvious, you guys. I just exude grace. Not

Conversations that you'd really rather not have to have.

Walking into Anatomy class to find out that *yay*, it's sheep heart dissection day. No warning. I'm still scarred. I could smell it for twelve hours. Help.


All The Light We Cannot See. I've talked about it a ton but it's worth mentioning again. 

Finding awesome piano tutorials online. My goal is to play all of the songs I love from Hamilton. 

^Jamming out to said Hamilton music on the piano with a friend who's 1000000x better at piano than I will probably ever be haha.

An insanely sweet Hallmark movie that I'm currently watching. It kills.




I absolutely adore this maxi dress- it's so gorgeous!!

I think these are super cute for Easter morning! I feel like if I tried, they wouldn't turn out looking like bunnies, but if I could get them to look like this, they'd be adorable! The site these are from, agirlandagluegun.com, has lots of really cute ideas!

I seriously want this baby.

This. Is. So. Hard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How was your week?


  1. OMG THEY'RE MAKING A PRINCESS DIARIES THREE HOW AM I JUST FINDING THIS OUT NOW!!! The Princess Diaries are my favourite movies of all time (next to High School Musical of course). I totally agree with what you said about HSM 4, I feel they should just leave it alone because HSM 3 ended so well. I did read this article about the personalities of the characters though and they sounded pretty cool... That maxi dress is also GORGEOUS! I must figure out where it's from....
    My week was kind of dull. My grandma is in the hospital and no one seems to know what's wrong with her, so that is very frustrating. Other then that though, it was a pretty normal week.

    1. IT'S THE BEST NEWS IN THE WORLDDDDDDDDDD. I was honest to goodness screaming I am so excited. Huh, I'll have to look up the article, I haven't really read anything about it. I was just slightly horrified hearing about it in the first place haha. Isn't it???? Gosh I want to find one like that. I love the color.
      Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry about your grandmother. That's so, so hard. Sending lots of hugs and prayers.

  2. I was so happy when I heard about PD3!!!

    And High School Musical 4 ?? what!!? They should just leave it alone, I agree.

    1. *dies in a fit of excitement*

      They really should....I mean, how long ago did the last one come out? Eight years ago? Let it die, people..


    Omg I was legit just looking up funny HSM pins on Pinterest and laughing my head off. Those movies are life x) and Pinterest is life too so it was perfect


      Haha oh my goodness, that's so funny! I love the HSM movies, they're so great. And Pinterest is basically perfection, so that's an amazing combination!

  4. HSM4? Idk I've seen up to 2 and I heard it kind of went down hill after that. Plus, Zac Efron didn't even show up at the reunion, sooo

    Okay kay but WHAT IF…..they made maxi dresses with short people in mind

    1. 2 was my favorite for sure...three wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite. Zac Efron not showing up for the reunion was pathetic. Although the memes that people were making as a result had me absolutely dying. xD

      *gasp* THAT'S A THING???? WHAT ON EARTH??? My mind would be blown.

  5. I totally get it. My spring break was two weeks ago. I came back and found out that my best friends was "in love" with another one of my friends. Awkward? I think so. PRINCESS DIARIES 3..........................................Give me twenty minutes to hypervetilate. Another movie I'm super jazzed about is MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooooovve the first one. For being a major Catholic girl i sure can get into the mythological moods. Maxi dresses are great, but I wish they would make them for short girls...and one with large, thick bones. Arg, I hate thick bones. I love my uber toned calves, but when I think about other parts of my leg...I could live without the bones. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH I found out this morning that I may not have to say good-bye to my bestie at the end of May!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Doing jumping-jacks in my excitement

    1. Ouch. That's definitely awkward. PRINCESS DIARIES THREE IS GIVING ME LIFE RIGHT NOW. I really need to see the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I never have, which is slightly pathetic. Sameeeee. I wish that maxi dresses were made for us shorties! Oh, yay!

    2. I mean, he's been through two really bad relationships in the last few years and I swear she is literally an angel, so this should be really good for him. at least im hoping so, or both of them are likely to end up really hurt.

  6. Happy Easter!! (Even though it's...over, BUT STILL. I CAN SHOUT IT! ;D) And omg yay for holidays! And I agree March went really fast...actually this year seems to be simultaneously dragging and going super fast. Agh. I need more tiiime *dashes around frantically trying to do stuff*

    Omg, the sheep dissection sounds REVOLTING. I had to dissect cow eyes once. Not okay. And I'm pretty sure it was over a decade ago. *throws up a little*


    1. SHOUTING IS STILL COMPLETELY FINE DUH!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels like that! Like, some days it seems like time is endless but then I look at my to-do list and OOPS I NEED TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER.

      It was horrible. Ugh, I had to do the cow eye a few weeks ago. Yay for guy friends who help me survive the nastiness!

      IT WAS LIKE THE MOST EXCITING THING EVER GAH. CAKE FOR ALLLLLLLLLLL!!! Yes, yes you do. It's amazing. *heart eye emoji*

  7. DUDE DUDE DUDE. PRINCESS DIARIES THREE??? SERIOUSLY?? That is awesome. Those movies are the pillars of my childhood. :') Also YAAAS anything involving ice cream makes for a pretty awesome night. ♥ WAIT WHAT THE PULITZER PRIZE INSTRAGRAM LIKED YOUR PHOTO THAT IS AWESOMMMEEE OMG. *jumps around* wait wait wait. SHEEP HEART DISSECTION??? THAT IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE MOST HIDEOUS THING I'VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME. I would've been out. Like out cold on the freaking floor. O_O cannot even handle anything with anatomy. (which is funny seeing as I'm going to have to do a TONNN of medical research for this writing project. eh. *tosses up hands* I'll die on that bridge when we come to it. XD)

    OMMG THAT BABY CAT IS ADORBS. (But gotta admit, it's face expression is saying to a t: "you are such an embarrassment to me." LIKE HOW DO CATS EVEN MAKE THEIR FACES LOOK LIKE THAT OMG.) okay I'm done. x) This was great. <3

    abbiee @ the music blog

    1. YESYESYES LIFE IS MADE WE NEED TO HAVE A PD3 PARTY. *throws confetti* YASSSS I WAS MINORLY SCREAMING IT WAS AMAZING. YESYESYES IT WAS HORRIBLE I ALMOST DIED. And I had no mental preparation so I almost passed out at least three times. My friends were concerned. NO DYING ON BRIDGES MISS ABBIE. We'll just hide with chocolate.

      I DON'T KNOW HOW CATS DO IT BUT THEY DO. My cat seems to always be wearing an expression of scorn when I walk into a room. He loves me, I swear.


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