10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Fuller House

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I grew up watching Full House. 

I can't remember when it was that my mom first showed us an episode of Full House, I was probably ten or eleven. We were having a quiet night at home, and she had DVR'd an episode for us to watch. I fell in love with the show, and we then proceeded to watch it like crazy, devouring the entire series. Since then we've re-watched many of the episodes, singing along to the theme song, happily quoting along with the characters, and majorly fangirling during Jesse and Becky's wedding as we sing Forever along with Jesse. I love that song so much oh my gosh. 

So, when my best friend sent me a link about Fuller House...well, let's just say my fangirl meter went through the roof. I was screaming. A lot.

It came out on Netflix on Friday, and the Internet kind of blew up. I was scrolling through Instagram and it seemed like every other post had was mentioning Fuller House! I know of some people who had watched the entire season by midway through Saturday.

Of course, I had to watch it. I may have created a Netflix account for the sole purpose of watching Fuller House.... #noshame

So far, I've only watched the first three episodes, but I'm absolutely in love. Here are 10 reasons why YOU should watch Fuller House!!!

(All image credit to the original owners, found on Instagram)

1. The Gang's All Back!!!!

Minus the Olsen twins, we get to see the entire Full House gang, which is so much fun. It's hilarious seeing everyone all grown up, I just love it. Seeing how everyone has changed is so cool.

2. Shade is Thrown

Speaking of the Olsen twins, some major shade is thrown. And dear lord, it is beautiful.

3. The Characters Never Change

Joey is still the same fun, lovable goofball with a crazy style, goofy jokes, and the classic Mr. Woodchuck puppet. It's so great.

4. Like....At All

Kimmy Gibbler is honestly my favorite character on Fuller House. She is so funny, I can't even put it into words. She now has a daughter, Ramona, and is currently in the process of divorcing her soon-to-be-ex husband, Fernando, who is crazy all by himself. Apparently it's common for him to be constantly having an affair, thus the divorce.


Max is basically Danny incarnate. It's absolutely hilarious...

6. The Flashbacks

There are SO many flashbacks to the original show, and I love it. Some people may get annoyed by them, but I love all of the old references. They're just so classic!

7. The Theme Song

It is literal perfection. I was completely freaking out, it was so funny seeing them in the exact same positions, but all grown up. Loved it.

8. Kimmy and Steph Make DJ Go Clubbing, and It's Beautiful

So far, it's my favorite episode. I was honestly laughing the entire time. Pure perfection. 

9. It's Basically Just a Gender Reversed Version of the Original..and it's Great

DJ's husband passed away, and Steph and Kimmy are helping her to raise her kids. What on EARTH could ensue? Nothing but chaos. And we wouldn't want it any other way.

10. You'll Be Left Dying & Wanting More

Because it's perfection, and thirteen episodes is nowhere near enough. BRING ON SEASON 2!!!!


Have you watched Fuller House?


  1. Haha, yes! I am a fan of Full House, and now Fuller House! I've watched the first two episodes so far on Netflix. It's awesome!

  2. I never watched Full House growing up so when I started the first episode of Fuller House I was a little confused... I am now totally convinced to go back and watch Full House from the very beginning...There goes 2 months of my life ;)

    1. Gosh, I can imagine- it would be hard watching Fuller House without first watching Full House. You definitely should start at the beginning- it's so good! Definitely worth the 2 months;)

  3. I was so skeptical of the series at first. I thought that a "re-mix" would just kill it. I started and finished the season over the weekend, and it was the perfect combination of nostalgia and freshness!
    Destinee Nicole | A Dash of Destinee

    1. I was worried at first, too, but it turned out so well! Thanks for stopping by, Destinee:)

    2. I was worried at first, too, but it turned out so well! Thanks for stopping by, Destinee:)


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