GOOD Things About Winter- Wait, They Exist??

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Guess what happened today.



Granted, it was for less than an hour. Tiny flurries. Still, it was so much fun to see snow. I really love it. Apparently my cat does, too.

It's really kind of hilarious how the South freaks out about snow. It literally snowed for an hour, and they were talking about closing schools tomorrow. Gosh, I love where I live.

It's been soooooo cold lately. Well, cold for here. It was in the thirties and I was dying. I've been cold basically all day, I'm just now actually warming up after having a shower and curling up with a Hallmark movie. (It's really cute, by the way. It also may or may not be a Christmas movie. Don't judge me.)

There's been a consistent thought running through my head today. Elsa lied. Sorry Elsa, but the cold does bother me. A lot. So could you warm things up please? I am not a winter person. Y'all know that. I legitimately have gone around my house with three pairs of socks on, yoga pants, and a giant sweatshirt on top of my regular shirt. I get cold SO easily. Winter and I are not friends.

But I was thinking- there's got to be something good about winter. (Well, actually, I was thinking, gosh I need to blog, but the winter thing was next.)  Thus, I am creating a list.

Good Things About Winter
An official list by an extremely anti-winter Southern girl

1. Hot chocolate
Because yes, technically you *can* drink hot chocolate in the summertime, but it's 10x better in the winter. 

2. Big sweaters
They're comfy, they're cute, they're warm. What's better?

I think that this one's kind of self-explanatory. 

4. Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day!
Holidays certainly make everything a bit happier. 

5. Curling up under a blanket with a good book
There's nothing like spending a cozy afternoon inside with a book. : )

6. Days spent at home
I love winter days where there's nowhere that I have to go, and I can just stay home where it's warm and comfortable. They're the best. 

7. Fuzzy socks
I literally live in them during the wintertime.

8. Sitting next to a roaring fire
The sound of a crackling fire, and feeling its warmth...I love it. 

9. Comfy winter pj's
I have so many amazing winter pajamas. It's a miracle I ever get dressed in the wintertime. 

10. Fun time with family and friends
Even though it's cold out, there's still lots of fun and warmth indoors. : )


I'm not going to admit just how long it took to come up with that list..but I did it! A list full of GOOD things about winter!


What do you think of wintertime? Do you like it, or are you longing for warm weather again? 


  1. YES, these are all fantastic and I need dis list. I get so down about winter sometimes that I forget there's actually good things that come with it too XD

    1. So do I! Gosh. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it, Olivia!!

  2. OKAY SO THIS POST IS WHAT I NEED. I need to hear good things about winter, otherwise I will completely drop-kick it and go back to bed weeping. (No I'm kidding, chocolate can usually stop me from doing that.) I WANT TO LIVE THERE. Like where you live. It's so funny how flurries can cause a panic in some places -- even in the cities up here. Last year in march the sky dropped like 2 inches of snow on Philly and my sister was telling me that the city was practically being shut down. xD

    AHAHA ELSA LIED. OMG. That's so true though. I actually remind myself a lot of Elsa EXCEPT IN THAT CATEGORY. COLD BOTHERS ME. ALWAYS. it's a problem. So yes I do love big sweaters and holidays (oh and I'd have to add Easter to my list of holidays too. HAHA ha. ha...ha...HA.) I also really like the feeling of not going anywhere. I ACTUALLY LIKE BEING A HERMIT. I'm an 18 year old girl and I'm convinced that if I lived alone (and didn't have a loving family to coax my sanity into existence) I would just be a hermit who only leaves her house once a week for the farmer's market and gets everything she needs via mail. Left on the doorstep. So she doesn't have to venture very far. heh.


    1. "I need to hear good things about winter, otherwise I will completely drop-kick it and go back to bed weeping" - I FEEL YA GIRL. THAT IS MY LIFE. YOU HAVE PUT MY FEELINGS INTO WORDS. I WANT TO DROP KICK WINTER TOOOOO. Yessss it is a wonderful place. Oh my goodness that's so great! XD I love how lots of places just totally shut down at snow. It's so funny to watch on the news.

      SHE LIED. IT'S NOT NICE. I feel the same way!! I'm a lot like Elsa EXCEPT COLD BOTHERS ME. So basically we're the same person. Oh right, Easter too! I was trying to be positive and keep that in the Spring zone. Oh gosh, if I could I would literally never leave my house. It's bad. My family says that I'm basically just a cat lady it's wonderful.

      THANK YOU!!! <3

  3. Up here in the north it snowed a lot last year but not much accumulation this year. Seems to be a very warm year!

    1. I've heard there hasn't been much snow! I guess this blizzard is going to fix that!


    snow and everything that comes along with that season is hands-down perfect <3

  5. YAYYY. My cousin lives in the south and I know how excited she gets when it snows. So happy for you even though there's almost always snow on the ground where I live ;) And I love so many things about winter as well. I love winter fashion. For some reason, I just don't see myself looking very flattering in shorts and tank tops and stuff and I always feel blah. So I love huge big comfy sweaters and jeans and boots XD
    so much love for da winter fashion.

    1. Gosh, that sounds so weird. I can't imagine having snow all the time! It'd be so crazy. Winter fashion is fabulous! I love summer clothes too, but layering and scarves and sweaters are just so cozy and warm! XD

  6. haha, yeah, i heard a LOT about how the South really gets excited over a little snow. but that's awesome that you got snow :) for where i live in the country, it's sorta surprising we didn't get any snow till now, we just had a blizzard. NO KIDDING. yesterday and today = constant snowfall = knee deep snow.

    but thank you for your list <3 today while it was snowing i just watched anne of green gables movies, read books, wrote a story, and drank hot cocoa. and also majorly procrastinated in my homework =)

    love this post!

    1. Oh my goodness, I've seen pictures of all the snow that the blizzard has created up north, it's insane!!! I can't even imagine actually seeing that much snow haha.

      I'm glad that you liked it! :):) Ahhhh, that sounds like the absolute perfect day. <3

  7. Yes yes yes! This post is approved by all of the Southern girls. I find it so amusing how we just can't cope with cold! We once closed schools simply because it was cold and possibly icey. Except, because I was homeschooled, I still "went to" school.

    But I love many things about winter! HOT CHOCOLATE! FUZZY SOCKS! FIRES! FAMILY! FRIENDS! HOLIDAYS! Like, your entire list. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty of these still times before I leave my babysitting job and venture out into the cold outside, although we didn't get any snow. :(((

    1. I have received the Southern Stamp of Approval!;) We really can't!!! Hahaha, that literally happened earlier this week. Ah, homeschooling...

      YES!! I'm so glad that you liked it!! Oh dear, cold + no snow- that's a sad combination. :(


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