Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Photo Challenge- Week 6!!

 Is it just me, or has the summer been absolutely flying by? The fact that I'm posting my sixth week of summer photos just feels bizarre. It's been a really nice summer so far, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks that I have left!


 Hello, little bird. How are you?


 Am I the only one who finds things they bought months ago and gets super excited? It's like getting a present from yourself!!


 "Where words fail, music speaks"


 Okay, my mom is amazing. SHE GOT THE SEQUEL OF PRINCESS ACADEMY FOR ME FROM THE LIBRARY!!!! A bit of backstory, I'm somewhat obsessed with the original Princess Academy novel. As in, I've read it like, four times. Yeah. Obsessed. Anyways, so of course when she brought this home, I was THRILLED. Like, jumping up and down thrilled. :D I can't wait to read it!!!!! Fingers crossed that they don't break up my ship- they're adorable!


On Friday, we decided to do some shopping, which was super fun:) I found this adorable pillow, and while I didn't buy it (it was way overpriced), I'd really like to paint this quote on a canvas. I might try to do the feather too, but my artistic skills are less than stellar, so I may stick to the quote! XD I'm hoping to redo my room, and I want to make a bunch of plaques. I'll have to post pictures if I do!!


 I'm pretty sure that my cat is plotting my, look at those eyes... O.o


 Am I the only one who keeps pretty jewelry on display? I mean yes, this is just a costume piece from Icing that I got for five dollars, but it's so beaUTIFUL!

How was your week?


  1. If you liked Princess Academy, then you should try Book of a Thousand Days. I recommended it in that one post a while ago. It's by the same author

    1. Oh, awesome! I love that author. I'll have to add those books you recommended to my library list;)


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