Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Photo Challenge- Week Four!!

Wow, it's already the fourth week of my Summer Photo Challenge! That's so bizarre. It feels like this summer is flying by. Agh. I'm not ready for it to be July yet! Because after it's July, then we have August, and it's back to school, and agh. I'm not ready.

But enough of that. Here are my pictures!! :)


This stuff. This. Stuff. It has saved my face this summer. Stay tuned for a full review later!


I went shoppinggggg!!!! Target is seriously the best. I got a bunch of beauty stuff because my mom had coupons :D


On Wednesday, I decided that I wanted to get somewhat creative with my hair, and so I did this braided-bun type thing. I thought it turned out pretty cute, I'll have to do a tutorial on it sometime. I really need to just put together a ton of hair tutorials, it seems like I'm constantly saying, "Oh, I should show y'all how to do this," and then I never show you how to do it. -_- Good job, Grace Anne. Anyways, I'll add this to the list of posts that I need to make;)


 My cat, longing for freedom....


 I spent the week doing a theatre camp, which was a ton of fun. I actually got to sing a solo as Belle, and this was the dress I wore:) I know, a blonde Belle is kind of odd, but it was a ton of fun- once I got past my terror of having to sing. Scariest thing ever!!!!


 I was cleaning my room on Saturday, and I got distracted by my old ballet shoes. Gosh, I miss of course, I had to dance around my room, and take pictures;) Ignore the random bobby pin in the picture, I have no idea where that came from. Then again, I always have random bobby pins around, so I'm really not surprised.


 guYS. I. Did. Winged. EYELINER!!!!! That never happens. Like, ever. Usually I cannot do winged eyeliner to save my life, it's really pathetic. But I've been trying to perfect my eyeliner technique lately, and then yesterday I decided to try doing a wing before I took my shower, because hey, if I screw up, I'll just wash it right off anyways, right? So I decided that I hadn't tried using my angled brush in a while, might as well give it a shot. AND I DID A LEGIT WING. WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. (I'm excited, can ya tell??) If I ever get the hang of it, I'll post a tutorial, because if I can do winged eyeliner, anyone can!!! (Also, please ignore everything in this photo aside from my eye, I'd been hosing down our front porch and I was kind of disgusting XD )

Hope that you all had a great week! How's your summer going?


  1. Oh my gosh ballet. That seems like so many years ago, and those shoes with the little strap instead of ribbons :') Ah I don't miss it at all. Congrats on your winged eyeliner! Maybe I should spend some of my time these holidays learning how to apply makeup...

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Ah, you did ballet, too?? How long did you dance? Thank you so much! :) Hey, that's always a good way to spend summer! When it comes to makeup, YouTube is my best friend...
      Thanks for stopping by, M! :)


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