Saturday, June 27, 2015

Princess Diaries Appreciation

So, last week I told you how the lack of a third Princess Diaries movie kind of crushed my soul. Today, I want to show you why I love the first two movies so much!

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First off, Mia is an extremely relatable character-

Seriously, I say this like, every morning.

And this is also one of my most commonly used phrases, thanks to Mia.

She was clumsy and awkward, just like the rest of us.

 And sometimes Clarice couldn't quite believe that this was her granddaughter.

Mia also had the coolest cat around- let's be honest, we all wanted a Fat Louis. :D

 That moment when your best friend hides in your closet and you make ^this^ face

Speaking of which, she also had a really awesome best friend....

Like, let's be real, we all wanted to be BFFs with Lilly.

Lilly even had her own cable show. Which, surprisingly, only reached twelve people. I WOULD WATCH IT, LILLY!!!

 She was awesomely outspoken, and could totally change the world.

And after a while, Lilly rubbed off on Mia and she wasn't afraid to tell anybody what she thought.

She is elegance, she is grace, let's go cone Lana in the face.


Then, we have Joe. Yet another absolutely FABULOUS character that we wish we knew in real life but will just have to deal with watching a million times in this movie. 

He was immediately loveable..

And had a really funny dry sense of humor xD

He was totally protective of Mia, and it was awesome. The full line is, "If you hurt my girl, you will answer directly to me, and whatever crimes I commit against you, remember, I have diplomatic immunity in 46 countries, including Puerto Rico. " Don't forget Puerto Rico.

He also was super sweet with Clarice. I agree, Joe, I agree.

My friend and I have decided that there needs to be a "Find The Joes" society. So far, we haven't found a Joe.

And now, I've saved the best for last. The star of the movie, and my favorite actress of all time....Julie Andrews, starring as Queen Clarice Renaldi.

I LOVE THIS LINE SO MUCH. She's forever perfect and classy.

 She did a duet with Raven, which was literal perfection.

She also has a sassy side which is absolutely perfect and hilarious.

Remember, "Don't shlump like this!"

Fun Fact- Julie Andrews actually did this scene herself. Julie Andrews is cooler than you'll ever be.

 Look how perfect she is!!!!!

Julie's got sass!

"Other people lose it!! We're supposed to find it!!"

And then Clarice picks up some Mia slang and almost causes a national incident.

^^^Can we just^^^^

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best. Day. Ever.

So honestly, these movies are just the best. And then there are so many moments throughout that are amazing/hilarious/memorable/tearjerking/fangirl attack.

Relationship status- It's Complicated

Like we said. Complicated.


 That time when Mia made a fool of herself at the banquet and the Prime Minister and his wife tried to help her out...

Lilly + Captain of the Guard = Perfection

Nicholas: I haven't danced with you since your birthday.
Mia: That's a fact, not a secret.
Nicholas: The secret is, I still want to.

GGGGGEEEEEEENNOOOOOOOOOOOVIAAAAAA!!!! Face it. I know the Genovian national anthem as well as I know the national anthem of the USA. 

Nicholas and this old fashioned cracks me up. 

 ^^ such a great villain. I seriously wanted to slap him when he said that. DON'T MESS WITH JOE.

And when Charlotte says this, I tear up. I absolutely lose it. Every time. 

Honestly, these movies taught us a lot.

Like this Eleanor Roosevelt quote that is made even more awesome because it's Joe saying it.

It taught us that princesses never chase chickens.

And while Mia understands what it's like to feel invisible..

She also proved that sometimes, you may not be quite as invisible as you think.

It taught me that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. And while the brave may not live forever, the cautious do not live at all.


  1. Ah this movie <3 I especially love that meme where Lily is screaming "Wait for me! Not you. I don't even know you." I can't help but wish I were as confident as her, and I guess all the confidence lessons in this movie really are true.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Hahaha!!! Yessss I love that part so much! I really wish that I were more like Lilly- she has so much confidence, I wish that I was like that. They really are...

  2. HAHAHAH. I love this movie (and this post). Thank you SO much for sharing this ♥♥

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!!!!! :) <3

  3. I love the movies, I used to watch it all them all the time. Great post xx

  4. That moment when you realize that Nicholas is Chris Pine. Kind of died on the inside the day I put two and two together. ;) Loved this post. <3

    1. A very happy moment XD I'm so glad!! <3

  5. I LOVE this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only thing that made me sad was that in the second movie Michael is not there. :(


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