Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Charleston Part One!!

Hey everyone! So, I'm really sorry I haven't been posting. I've gotten super behind. :P I've been crazy busy lately with school and different activities, and I just haven't had time.
A few weeks ago, I spent a few days in Charleston, South Carolina, and was never able to blog about it because of the Halloween posts that I was busy getting ready for you all. SO, now I'm going to get to show you all everything that I experienced!! :) I was planning to do this as one long post, but I feel like I've gone too long without posting, so here's part one of my Charleston trip!
Let's see. I'm having to think through everything, since it's not quite so fresh in my mind anymore haha. I have to say, the first thing that I got really excited about wasn't a typical Charleston attraction.
It was a Target.
Yep, that was basically the most exciting thing to me the day we arrived. The hotel we stayed at was right next to this little shopping center, and there was a really big Target. :) I wish I'd taken a picture! It wasn't a Super Target, but it was pretty close. We went there at LEAST twice, if not three times. I love Target so much! It's a bit of a problem haha.
So, our first day in Charleston, the first thing that we did was go on a carriage ride. Oh my goodness, that was so much fun! We had a really funny carriage driver, he was a bit eccentric, but that made it even better. The tour was great, it was so cool to see the different parts of Charleston.
I adore this yellow house! It's so cute!
This building is so beautiful!
I think this is just such a pretty picture!! :)
This is a hotel, and our guide on the carriage tour told us that it was haunted!! I'd be fascinated to actually see a ghost there, although I know that it would scare me out of my wits. 
I think that this old brick building is just so beautiful! It's such a classic style.
I love this white house.
So, we saw all of these buildings, and more, on the carriage tour. By the time that we were through, it was time for lunch, and we decided to try this pizza place that the guide had recommended for us. Oh my goodness. The pizza there was so good! And the slices were huge. They were the length of my wrist to my elbow. It was absolutely insane.
This pizza was soooo good. Yum!! :)
After we ate, we decided to explore downtown Charleston. There are tons of shops there, and since I adore shopping, it was perfect! They had an H&M, so here's my haul from there.

I love this lip color that I got. I've been looking for something in this color for a while, and when I saw these for five dollars, I absolutely HAD to pick one up. I think that this necklace is super cute, I got it for my mom for like, $1.50. Isn't that crazy?? Love it! Plus I got these earrings for like, .50! Love these prices!!
So, after we went shopping, we went to Battery Park. It was so pretty! You could see the harbor, and there were all of these great low-hanging trees. Well, instead of me babbling on and on, I'll just show you pictures!! I'm actually pretty happy with how these turned out, which is a change for me, since I usually can't take very good pictures. :P These are pretty, though!
I love the waves. I really could live on the ocean for the rest of my life, and be happy. 
I thought that this was such a cool shot of the waves crashing against this wall.
My heart is in Charleston..
I just can't get enough of this view.
Wasn't the harbor pretty? I honestly could have just sat there and stared out at the water for hours and hours.
The trees in Battery Park were absolutely beautiful. The limbs all curled around each other, and it was so cool.
I loved pointing my camera to the sky and capturing the trees!
Charleston is just so pretty!!
I loved this gazebo!
All of the walkways were lined with trees :)

There was this huge tree limb, and we just had to take some shots there. I might have to include those later. Anyways, so I tried sitting on it, but I was a bit terrified of breaking some ancient tree. I can just see the headlines now- 'Tourist Girl Breaks Old Tree Limb By Sitting On It.' Yep, that would be me. Staying classy, guys......
We tried going to the beach that night, but there were these BUGS. It was awful. We would walk on to the beach, and these little gnat-like things would literally SWARM around you. We tried to take a few pictures, but we could feel them crawling all over us. It was horrible.
So, yeah. That was basically the first part of our trip! I hope you've enjoyed this, stay tuned for more posts!! :)


  1. Hey I just found this blog, and I gotta say you're a great writer! I love Target too haha. All the pictures you've taken are really beautiful (:

  2. Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate that. :) Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  3. Charleston sounds amazing!! I love the architecture and Target is the best, so I wonder what a Super Target would be like ;) And you are so lucky you got to go to H&M!! They don't have one in Australia :( Nice photography! xx

    Anyway, I've nominated you for the Famous People tag. Here's the link: http://thelyfoflittleme.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/the-famous-people-tag.html

    The Life of Little Me

  4. It really was great :) Yes, Targets are amazing! Oh my goodness, no H&M? That's a bit depressing. We don't have one where I live either, so I know the feeling haha ;)
    Oh, thank you! I'll check it out. I'm a bit crunched on time lately, but if I have a moment, I'll work on it.
    Thanks for reading, M!
    Grace Anne


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