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Dancing With The Stars- Weeks 8 + 9!!!

Hey everybody! Sorry that I haven't kept up with the DWTS posts, life has been crazy with school and New York, and I've had the "luck" of being sick ever since we got home. I'm combining the last two weeks of Dancing With The Stars into one post, so sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some beautiful dancing!

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Week 8-

I'm super excited that Erin's back, I've missed her!!

In the first round, each couple is dancing to honor their biggest icon or someone really important in their life.

Carlos and Witney are dancing a salsa in honor of Carlos's friend, Marc Anthony. That was really good, especially to have never danced a salsa before! 27/30

Alek and Lindsay danced to honor Chris Kyle. Oh my goodness, that dance was gorgeous!!! I adored it. I know that it's supposed to be about Alek, but I have to say that Lindsay was incredible! Her dancing was beautiful. Anyways. I thought that Alek was fantastic! Those lifts definitely weren't easy. 25/30

Andy and Allison danced to honor his icon, Stevie Wonder. He's reinterprating "Isn't She Lovely" to be about him and his mom. Aww, that was such a sweet dance. Carrie Ann and Julianne thought that he didn't do as well as usual, but I thought that it was beautiful. 22/30

Alexa and Mark are dancing a David and Goliath themed dance. Mark has a really cool vision for the dance, on a way to make him look like a giant, and to make Alexa look smaller.
Oh my GOSH, that was amazing!! As Tom put it, "Don't mess with David!" Alexa slipped twice, but otherwise it was incredible!! Mark choreographed it perfectly, I'm just so sad that Alexa slipped. 25/30.

Nick and Sharna are dancing to honor Nick's wife, Lauren. They've wanted to have a child for a really long time now, and Lauren is finally pregnant!
Wow, that was REALLY good!! It was stunning in every way. I loved how it told such a great story, Sharna choreographed that beautifully. I loved it. 30/30.

Bindi and Derek are dancing to honor Bindi's icon, Grace Kelley. Bindi has been working insanely hard, her feet are practically dead at this point, and she's covered in bruises. That girl is honestly the hardest worker ever, and she always stays so positive. I adore her.
Oh my goodness, that was adorable!!! I loved it so much!! She is so fun, but at the same time she was so elegant. P.E.R.F.E.C.T!!!! 28/30.

Tamar and Val are dancing to honor her sister, Toni. She did a good job on that! She's still not my favorite personally, but she did a good job. She did a lift though, so she'll get a point off for that. 28/30

Since Nick and Sharna had the highest scores, they get immunity as well as three extra points. Now, it's time for the dance-off!

Oh my gosh, I love that Derek and Bindi just asked, "Who wants to dance jive??" They're going to dance with Carlos and Witney

Tamar chose Alexa, and they're dancing Cha-Cha.

That means Andy will face off against Alek with the Samba!

First up, Bindi vs. Carlos! Ahh, I loved that! Both of those couples are amazing. Personally, I liked Bindi and Derek, but they both were good. I loved how Bindi ran over and jumped into Carlos's arms at the end, that was cute:) And oh my goodness, it was so adorable when Bindi said, "Well, we wanted it to be your strength, too!!" Carlos won from all three judges, but America picked Bindi and Derek.

Tamar vs. Alexa- Personally, I preferred Alexa's cha-cha. I thought it had more content. Tamar did well though. She won from the judges, 2 to 1. America, however, chose Alexa, with 76% of the votes.

Andy vs. Alek- Hmm, I really don't know who I liked better! They both did well. Andy's handspring was awesome!! Andy won, both with the judges and America.


Now, for elimination.

In jeopardy...Andy and Allison, and Carlos and Witney. 

No!! Agh, this is so sad..

Going home...Andy and Allison.


I was really sad that Andy left, although I think he was happy to leave on a high note after honoring his mom and winning a dance-off. We'll miss you, Andy!!


Tamar was missing from the beginning of the show because she had to go to the hospital. No one knows whether she'll be able to be there for the show or not.

Alek and Lindsay- Oh my goshhhhhhh they all took turns waxing Alek's chest xD I could not stop laughing during that clip. Derek's face was priceless.
I'm going to be honest, that wasn't his best dance. I think that he just doesn't look quite as...smooth? I'm not sure. Maybe it's the hip action. It was a very fun routine though, I liked it. 24/30

Alexa and Mark- Alexa is telling the story of how when she was younger, she struggled with bulimia for six years because a producer kept telling her that she was fat. She's dancing to an Ed Sheeran song, and the concept that Mark has created is fabulous. I'm seriously so excited to see this dance. Ed Sheeran + DWTS = Perfection!
Oh. My. Gosh. Mark Ballas is a choreography GENIUS. I am literally in awe right now. To quote Bruno, "You danced like a woman possessed. The choreography was brilliant. Alexa, you danced like I have never seen you dance before. It was scarily brilliant." 30/30.

Carlos and Witney- Witney's been kind of freaking out this week, because she hasn't liked what she's come up with so far. Plus, last season she and Chris went home Week 9, so it's even more stressful.
WOW!!! That was absolutely phenomenal!! I loved how they did the work with the door, and the fact that they stayed in sync without being able to see each other was great. I adored that dance!
Carrie Ann and Julianne said that it was technically good, but it didn't touch them, which I really didn't get. It was so good! They said it lost the passion. Bruno liked it though, so THANK YOU BRUNO!! He had one critique as far as Carlos's feet, but he liked the concept. 27/30

Bindi and Derek- Bindi is dancing to Roses and Violets, which is actually a song by Mark Ballas and his girlfriend, BC Jean. Derek was having a really hard time this week coming up with a concept, so we'll see how this goes!
OH MY GOSH!!! How is it that whenever Derek has a "bad week", it always turns out INCREDIBLE??? Bindi danced that dance partially BLINDFOLDED, and I cannot even express how beautiful it was. She is so perfect, and so flawless, agh. Derek's choreography was gorgeous, and Bindi was classy and perfect. To quote, Julianne, "I can't say enough." Bruno- "It was a thing of pure beauty." Carrie Ann- "When I watch you dance, tonight, it's like watching a sunrise." P.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n. 30/30.

Tamar and Val- Tamar actually is not here right now to dance this, because she was hospitalized in the middle of dress rehearsal. Since she's not here to dance, they're having to show her dress rehearsal performance instead, and the judges will score that.
I liked the beginning of her dance, but I thought that the second part was weird. I also just felt like her connection still wasn't quite as strong with Val. The judges all agreed that the concept was great, but it looked like a dress rehearsal. It could have been strong, but that performance wasn't. 22/30.

Nick and Sharna- Sharna's definitely feeling the pressure of wanting to win with Nick. He's having some pain in his hip, and it's really bad timing. I felt bad for Sharna, I know that she wants to win so badly..
Wow, I've got to admit, that was really good! The concept was great, and the parts where it was just the guys were cool. Great choreography on Sharna's part! The one thing was that Nick had some synchronization issues, and technically he should have stayed in hold the whole time. Bruno loved it though! 28/30.


Time for the second round!

Carlos and Witney teamed up with Alek and Lindsay for the team challenge. They're boarding the Anthem of the Seas to gain inspiration from the show We Will Rock You. It was hilarious seeing them go around the ship just having a good time. Carlos and Alek are a fun team, I'm excited to see them dance. "I never thought I'd be at this point in the competition, but I need you, Alek. Will you be my hero?" XD
I really liked that!!! It was very enjoyable to watch, and the choreography was fabulous. Also, can we point out the glow in the dark water? Loved it!! The one handed lift was awesome, too. Julianne and Bruno were a little disappointed by the section with the two of them together, but other than that they liked it. Carrie Ann didn't think that they filled the shoes of the song. She said that they looked too small. I kind of disagree with that, but oh well. I thought that it was great:) Oh my gosh, Erin is me- "Don't touch me, I love you!" XD 24/30- that's kind of low..

Apparently right now, Tamar is on her way back. Will she make it?

Bindi and Derek are teamed up with Alexa and Mark!! Oh my gosh, Bindi- "It's the Charleston? I was looking up the CARLTON!!" They went to see Chicago in New York- OH MY GOSH, I am so sad, I WAS LITERALLY IN NEW YORK AT THE SAME TIME AS THEM!! I WAS PROBABLY ONLY A FEW BLOCKS AWAY!!! Gah. That's depressing.
Derek was kind of tense this week, which Mark called KTVD- Killing The Vibe Derek. XD That was hilarious.. I just know this will be awesome, though!
Oh my goodness, I was right!! I loved that dance so much!! Alexa and Bindi were fabulous, I'm so proud of them! It was truly insane. I loved the transition from jazz to Charleston, that was so great. They're such a wonderful team, I love it. I agree with Julianne- I wanted to be in that!! 30/30. (Both couples had a perfect night!! That makes me so happy oh my goodness.)

Tamar is officially back from the hospital, so she's going to be performing.

Tamar and Val are paired with Nick and Sharna. They're doing a dance themed to The Beatles Love show by Cirque Du Soleil. They really didn't have much time at all to put this number together, so that was already stressful. On top of Tamar being hospitalized today, it was just a ton of stress.
You could tell that Tamar was very out of it, but I have to give her props for even showing up. She had multiple issues, but she kind of had a right to them at this point. 27/30- That was very biased, I just have to say. She had a lot of mistakes. I understand that she's had a horrible time, and it's not her fault, but that wasn't fair on the judge's part. She had too many mistakes to get 9's.



Alexa and Mark are in jeopardy, as well as Carlos and Witney

(I've got to say, that was mean to put them against each other....Let's face it, they probably weren't both in jeopardy. That was just something the producers did.)

(I also love how murderous Mark looked throughout this whole process....)

Going home....

Alexa and Mark

I'm so upset about that...they didn't deserve to go home. Alexa has done an incredible job, she really didn't deserve to go home. Seeing as Tamar barely made it to the show, I think that she should have gone home instead.

Seeing the Penavegas so upset was just heartbreaking. Carlos said, "It should have been me." He was crying so much, it was just so hard. They're such a sweet couple, and it was so sad to see that.


As a bit of a post-note, Tamar has dropped out of the competition. Apparently she has a blood clot in her lung, and can't dance any longer. 


What did you think of these episodes?


  1. Dang it, two of my favorites out : / You definitely have a talent if you can make me care about a team going out if I'm not even watching the show! The thing with Tamar was unexpected. She wasn't my favorite but I feel for her and hope she gets better.

    I've finally started up my own blog and I'd love for you to check it out. It's called Purple Roses: Book/Movie Reviews, Fanfics, Writing Prompts and Rants at the moment but I'm going to make a separate blog for fanfics so I'll be cutting that from the title soon.

    1. I know, I loved them too : / Aw, thank you!!! Yeah, I wasn't expecting that from Tamar either. Hopefully she'll feel better soon.

      OH MY GOODNESS YAY!!! I checked it out the other day, I just didn't have time to comment that here haha xD

  2. this might just be me, and my strange ideas, but i hope, and really think that Bindi will win. TBH though, I have really only watched her though, on this very blog, I don't have cable!

    1. You're definitely not strange- I'm hoping SO much that Bindi wins!!


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