Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, lovely people! How has your week been? Mine has been busy, but it's been a good week. Lots of school, lots of rehearsal, but lots of fun. Isn't it crazy that October is almost over? The months seem to go by faster and faster lately.

Today is really a lovely day, weather-wise. The temperature is absolutely perfect, not cold or hot, and it's really cloudy. The leaves are changing and all of the trees are orange and yellow. I'm not a huge nature person, but I've got to admit, it's gorgeous out. We went on a walk with a friend today, and I took a ton of pictures. I also somehow ended up accidentally taking a couple of videos while my phone was in my pocket, one of which is just a three-second snippet where you can hear me say, "I am literally obsessed with the Sound of Music," before it cuts off again. Haha, if one video sums up my existence, it would have to be that.

I spent three hours doing the Charleston yesterday, and I'm definitely feeling it today. I'm so sore! If anyone ever says that dance isn't a workout, please send them to me. I'd love to bring them to one of my rehearsals... DANCE IS A SPORT, GUYS!!!

I'm trying to think if I have any other interesting snippets to share with you all, but I'm coming up a bit blank. My life isn't all that interesting, I suppose. I'm going to a murder mystery party tonight though, so I'm excited for that! Those are the best. : )

Made Me Smile:

MY BRACES ARE OFFICIALLY OFF!!!!!!!!! That's right guys, I'm officially free of my metal teeth-cages. FIVE YEARS LATER. Agh I'm so happy about this!! I don't think that I stopped smiling/jumping up and down all day. My family kept commenting that I'm never that hyper! I went to get my flu shot that day too, and I was still in an ecstatic mood. It's kind of hilarious when not even needles can dampen my happiness.

My friend gave me this ring that wraps around your finger and looks like a cat, and it's literally the best thing in the entire world. No kidding. It's perfect.

Playing games with friends outside in the pitch-black darkness.

Taking the craziest selfies ever with some of the craziest, best people ever.

Re-reading Harry Potter.

Long walks around the lake.


Is it seriously almost Halloween? That is absolutely insane I swear October has flown by. 

I've been crazy busy lately and school is kind of drowning me. I WILL GET AHEAD AGAIN, I SWEAR.

I'm really frustrated because I feel like I'm not blogging enough and I really need to get better about that. I've been posting twice a week but I really want to post more than that. I'll work on it!!!

Cold weather. It seems like I'm cold constantly, which isn't exactly my favorite thing. 


The Bonnie and Clyde soundtrack. I'm literally obsessed with it oh my gosh.

Hand-lettering. I hadn't done it in much for a couple of weeks but I've been working on it again, and I really love it. 

LOOK AT THESE DOUGHNUTS! I really talk about doughnuts too much...

My army green jacket from T.J. Maxx. It's super cute and it's also really warm, so it's kind of perfect.


I seriously love these watches so much, they're so cool!

Anastasia and Dimitri are one of my favorite fictional couples gah I love them so much.

This outfit is impeccable..

This little bird is adorable!

I will forever love ballet..

I actually lettered this the other day and it didn't turn out half bad, I was happy.


How was your week?


  1. Congratulations on having your braces off, I know that it's a wonderful, slightly weird feeling! Also, reading Harry Potter is something I do so much I consider it a hobby haha.
    xx, Southwestern Prepster

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's definitely weird, but it's amazing haha. Harry Potter is the best hobby ever;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Grace, how would you handle a suckish audition where you know you didn't get a part and kinda don't want to look at the cast list(Tommorow) to confirm your suspicions. I mean in truth, its not like i've really got a choice, three of my other siblings tried out, so i'm going to be "confirmed" one way or another. Should I look myself, or should i just let my siblings do it?

    1. Hmm. That's always tough. First off, I'm really sorry about your audition, those are the worst. : ( Second, it's honestly up to you how you want to find out. If you want to be the one to see the names, look for yourself. If you think it will be too upsetting if you're not on the list, have one of your siblings tell you.
      Also, even though you think you audition didn't go well, you never know! There's always a chance. I actually know someone who was cast in a show not because the director loved her audition, but because he loved her laugh. There's always a chance you could be cast, no matter what. And if you aren't cast, don't give up. Audition for the next show!

      Hope that I helped. : )

    2. i didn't make it, i was the first to look. Two of my siblings made, ad hopefully i can do tech, I'm taking this as my chance to improve my singing and dancing as much as i can, so ill be ready for aristocats in the spring

    3. Ooh, Aristocats! That will be fun. : ) I'm sorry that you didn't make it this time though. I bet if you work really hard, you'll have a good chance for that production! I also definitely recommend doing tech, it's a great experience. I did it for my sister's show last spring, and it was a total blast. It also shows the director that you're willing to do lots of things, so that's good.

    4. yeah, last night the director called me and asked if i would be willing props mistress! I about freaked! I'm sooooo excited.

    5. Oh my goodness! Prop mistress is SUCH a fun job! That's fabulous!!!!

    6. I know, i'm really thrilled that she thought of me

    7. Congratulations! That's so exciting:)

    8. I know right, i have "my" first rehearsal tommorow

    9. it went great, I actually got to go into the prop shop on Monday and pull props, for a whole hour

    10. Oh my goodness, that's so much fun!!!

    11. yeah. I would just like to say Demitri and Anastasia are amazing and ahhh. I actually was going to audition for wizard of oz this summer using "Once Upon a December' as my music audition, but I didn't cause we had to do a song from the show. Luckily I can match pitch really easily. My mom told me that I adjusted in a snap. I was really happy with the show

    12. Got to add, I wish the story were true, but i think the actual story of anastasia would be something really cool to study. Ooh..I could totally do history day on that next year...Anastasia. She has been one of my favorite "princesses" 'for as long as i can remember'

    13. Dimitri and Anastasia are the besttt! I've wanted to use that song for forever, but it's not from a musical so I haven't been able to. I'll do it eventually!!! The real story of Anastasia is really cool! It's super sad, but it's fascinating.

    14. yeah, its the best. After I got the movie for easter last year, and after watching it the night after easter and singing along madly the whole way through. I started thinking about the real story and spent forever on youtube with the idea of Anastasia on my mind. It was my favorite movie when i was little, but it was on a video cosette and didn't work very well, so i finally got it on dvd!


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