Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 6!!

It's famous dances night! 

OH MY GOSH THE OPENING NUMBER WAS SO COOL!!! I've been really loving the opening numbers this season.

Leah Rimini is filling in for Erin this week. I'll miss Erin. : ( Leah's good at co-hosting though, so I'm glad that it's her.

(none of these photos are mine)

Hayes and Emma- Hayes and Emma are going to be dancing from Grease! Oh my gosh, Hayes didn't know what Grease was! That is a sin. The fact that Olivia Newton-John is judging has to add even more pressure. Should be interesting!!
First off, Emma is SUCH an adorable Sandy! I love it. I seriously loved that number!! It was perfect! The choreography was great, and there were several tricks in there that were absolutely fabulous. It was so much fun to watch! 32/40

Andy and Allison- Andy and Allison are performing Good Morning from Singin' In The Rain. This song gets stuck in my head allllllll the time oh my gosh. They definitely have big shoes to fill. Andy and Allison had the opportunity to go to Patricia Kelly's house, Gene Kelly's widow. That had to be so cool. I remember when she came and visited Bethany and Derek. Can't wait to see this!
The costumes and scenery for this dance were perfect, they looked exactly like the movie! And the choreography was impeccable! I loved the stair choreography, and the entire thing was just so much fun. Major props to Allison! She took a very iconic piece and it was incredible. Oh my goodness, Olivia actually danced with Gene Kelly! She said, "And I'd be happy to dance with you anytime!" 40/40. - WOW! I wasn't expecting a ten from that.

I loved the Busby Berkeley piece that the troupe did!

Alexa and Mark- Alexa and Mark are doing have Britney Spears's Slave for You dance. Oh my gosh, Alexa has to have a giant snake. That is possibly the most terrifying thing ever. I would probably have a panic attack.
Wow, that was super cool! She was fierce! The choreography was great, and Alexa is SUCH a good dancer. Also, she gets major props just for doing that with the snake. She is braver than I could ever be! I was really disappointed with Carrie Ann's comment. She said that Alexa lacked the fierceness and sensuality that Britney had, and that some of her movements weren't the best. Julianne agreed with her. I'm very disappointed by that, I loved the dance so much! Bruno actually liked it- THANK YOU!!! I'm agreeing with a lot of Bruno's comments this season. Haha, I loved how Leah wouldn't get anywhere near the snake. Leah = Me. 30/40- That's seriously unfair....

Bindi and Derek- Bindi is doing Dirty Dancing this week. Oh my gosh, I am SO excited for this. I have been looking forward to it all week! I saw a photo of them practicing on Instagram and started freaking out. Favorite couple + insanely iconic dance = me losing my mind. I love how Bindi was super excited for this, and Derek was freaking out. He said this was the most scared he ever felt. Haha! I also love how they tried doing it in the water like they did in the movie.
"Nobody puts Bindi in the corner."
My love for Bindi Irwin is eternal. Oh my gosh. I LOVED THAT SO MUCH!! I had total chills at the beginning. It was so beautiful, and fun, and I loved the lift. Derek saying that he had never been so nervous in his entire life was hilarious. And Julianne was right- they had every little detail. As usual, Derek's choreography was perfect. I loved Carrie Ann's comment about how Bindi made her job easy. All she had to do was make one mark.
Leah- "Okay, you're going out there to do the lift, what did you feel? What were you thinking?"
Derek- "Fear."

Oh my gosh, Len and Leah attempted the Dirty Dancing lift that was the best thing ever.

Paula and Louis- Paula and Louis are performing Madonna's infamous Vogue. Oh my gosh, Paula was upside down, I'm dying. This should be very interesting.
(First off, this is irrelevant to Paula, but when I saw Anna's face as they walked in, I absolutely lost it.) Oh my word, the only word that I can use to describe that dance is bizarre. The choreography was just really weird, although that's not at all Paula's fault. I wish Louis had just choreographed that differently. (I also want to point out that I seriously love Olivia Newton John. She's so sweet- she never says a single bad thing about anyone!) It wasn't her best dance, but she seemed to be having fun, so that made me happy. 24/30.

Carlos and Witney- Carlos and Witney are dancing to Pony from Magic Mike. I really like how hesitant Carlos was about doing this. He just came from talking about his faith and how that changed his life, and now he's expected to dance as a male stripper. I can't blame him for feeling uncomfortable with this.
He did a really good job with that!!! He nailed the number, and I think that he kept it within the theme without it being too raunchy. He had a lot of confidence, and I'm so happy with how that went. Alexa looked really ticked by the end of it with all of the judge's comments, and I really thought that they went a bit far with some of the things they said to him. He wasn't totally comfortable with it, and he had a good reason for feeling that way. 38/40.

Nick and Sharna- Nick and Sharna are dancing Saturday Night Fever. That's a hard thing to choreograph, because it's difficult to re-create that choreography while adding in samba, too. Let's see how this goes!
I'm impressed, Nick did a really good job on that dance. I personally think that was his strongest dance. And Sharna's twist into the split at the end was awesome. 39/40.

Major shout-out to the crew, they're amazing! They change the sets so quickly, it's phenomenal.

Alek and Lindsay- Alek and Lindsay are dancing Jailhouse Rock. I am SO excited for this, I adore Jailhouse Rock. Haha, oh my gosh, when he was going around in costume, that was so funny! I could not stop laughing.
I love Alek:) That was a really fun dance! It was fabulous, Alek did a great job as Elvis. I loved how Leah said, "When you smile, you light up the room!" 30/40

Tamar and Val- Tamar and Val are dancing to Rhythm Nation by Janet Jackson. Tamar missed the first two days of rehearsal because she was sick. She ended up coming in on Thursday, even though she was still sick. I think this had to be a really hard week for her, let's see how she does!
Now, I know that Tamar had a really rough week. But if you ask me, that wasn't very good. I felt like Tamar was really sloppy, and her movements weren't as sharp as they could have been. My dance teacher is always talking about how you have to have energy coming out of every limb, that it needs to be coming out of your fingertips. I didn't see that in Tamar, and I thought that her arms were a little weak. The judges gave her really good comments, but personally I was disappointed in it. 40/40- I really disagree with that..


Now, for the elimination. 

The first couple in jeopardy is.......Paula and Louis.

Joining them.......Alexa and Mark.


Alexa is crying oh my gosh this is depressing. 

Going home......Paula and Louis.


Ugh, I'm really sad about this. I loved watching Paula, so I'm going to miss her. She was so sweet though, she said she was really happy- "I get to see my grandbabies!!!" I'm glad that she's happy. I'll miss her though. : (


What did you think of tonight's show?


  1. I've never seen Dancing With the Stars, but I love reading through "review" posts of shows like this! Such a cool idea!:)

    1. Thank you so much, Olivia! I'm so glad that you like them!


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