Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 3!!

I loved the opening number- I'm so happy the Muppets are there!!! I love Miss Piggy...

Alfonso is judging! This should be interesting..

Oh my gosh, I love that Erin was missing and Miss Piggy took over! They should have had a clip of MIss Piggy stuffing Erin in a closet or something. Speaking of Miss Piggy, she's been getting around while on the DWTS set-

"I know you can’t take your eyes off moi, but those fantastique #DWTS dancers @alanbersten,@artemchigvintse@keo_motsepe &@derekhough are in this picture, too. And we’re all enjoying every ever-loving well-toned minute of it!" - Miss Piggy

"Here I am showing #DWTS's @tombergeron, my close personal friend - and almost a guest on 'Up Late With Miss Piggy' - the secrets of fabulous hosting." - Miss Piggy

Haha, Derek captioned this, "Where have you been all my life?"

"A great night's work is its own reward, but I'm sure they won't mind if I take the #DWTS trophy home for a little while! Bye!!" -Miss Piggy"

Loved it : ) Now, on to the dancing!

Carlos has the Golden Girls theme song this week. Oh my gosh, it was so funny seeing Witney and Carlos dressed up like old people! I loved that. It reminded me of an Alfonso/Witney routine. Haha, Tom said, "Old hair, young hips!" The judges liked it, although they said he didn't finish his movements. 31/40.

Paula's dancing to the Gilligan's Island theme. Oh my goodness, Paula's so funny- "I want to be Mary Ann! Not the millionaire's wife!" Agh, their package killed me! Paula was talking about how she's been abandoned a ton, and Louis was getting all choked up. It was kind of depressing. I really liked their dance though! Paula looked good. :) The judges are always so hard on her. 20/40.

Tamar is dancing to Mad Men. Hahaha, I love how Tamar always gets mad at Val over his ideas. "That's so sexist!" Anyways. I really didn't love that dance. The judges were extremely complimentary of it, but I just didn't enjoy it. It wasn't bad, the technique was good, it just wasn't a dance I loved. I still feel like Tamar is struggling to connect with Val. 33/40.

Alexa is dancing to Breaking Bad. Mark is super into the theme, it's really hilarious. Technically, their dance was really good, but I wasn't a huge fan of this one either, probably just because I'm not into Breaking Bad. It was very well executed though, and Mark did a good job on the choreography. 36/40.

Andy is dancing to the American Bandstand theme. I've got to applaud them, getting so little sleep, touring, and rehearsing. I don't see how they can do that haha! I really liked their dance!! It was cute, really bright and fun. 29/40- I thought that was a bit too low. It was good!!

Gary is dancing to the Addams Family theme this week. I've been really excited for this week! I'm really impressed by how hard that Gary works. He's really one of my favorites. Oh my gosh, the costumes were fabulous!! And I really loved the dance. It was great! :) Go, Team Gary!!!! He'll definitely be getting some of my votes. 25/40.

Alek is dancing to the True Blood theme. He had a lot of trouble getting into character this week. It was so funny seeing him to try to flirt with the different girls to get into character. xD Jenna (Or was it Brittany? I'm not sure.) said she wanted to go out on a date with him! (I read that that part was actually real! Would that not be the most adorable thing ever?) He did a good job on the dance!! It was very powerful. 33/40.

Kim's had a rough week this week- she suffered a mini-stroke after the show last week. She's not sure if she can dance or not. Jenna did the dance instead of Kim- it was so good! I love I Dream of Jeannie, Unfortunately, since Kim couldn't dance this week, she is having to leave the show due to the rules. I feel really bad for Tony, it seems like he always has horrible luck.

Bindi's dancing to the Jefferson's theme song this week- I'm super excited! I love that song, and I love Bindi, so I'm thrilled. Oh my goodness, apparently they were originally supposed to dance to the Jetsons theme, but the song didn't get cleared, so they had to change. That's disappointing- I know that would have been a great number. Bindi's also having some foot pain, which is sad. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
Oh. My. Gosh. That was amazing!!! And they didn't even have a full week!!! They are SO amazing. The fact that they pulled that off so flawlessly is crazy. I thought the judges were harsh, especially considering they had a whole different routine worked out previously. 32/40.

Nick is dancing to the Downton Abbey theme. He got really frustrated this week, but I think that he's just a really hard worker and he expects a lot out of himself. Wow, that was really pretty! Sharna's costume is gorgeous, and the choreography was beautiful. I loved it. Obviously, the judges agreed- 36/40. (I love how he got so excited that he broke the glass, that was hilarious!)

Hayes is dancing to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme. I wasn't a huge fan of that dance. Parts of it were good, but parts of it I just didn't like. Maybe it's just because I don't really like the Ninja Turtles. I have mixed feelings toward this number... 30/40.


Now, time for the worst part of the night, elimination.

In jeopardy...Andy


Also in jeopardy....Paula





What did you think of the show?


  1. I love dancing with the stars! Alexa is my favorite, though. :)


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