Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 1!!

IT'S BACK!!!!!

disclaimer: none of the photos in this post are mine, they're all from various web sites/social media/etc

Ahhhhh I'm seriously so excited! DWTS is finally back and I couldn't be happier. I've missed it!!! So happy:)


That was seriously the cutest opening number ever, I loved it!!!

*sob* LEN ISN'T THERE AND I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT AGHHHHH. I just died a bit inside guys, I really did. Like, oops, there went my soul.

First up, Victor Espinoza and Karina Smirnoff!! Oh my goodness, I'm laughing so hard right now. That was absolutely hilarious. 


*sniff* back to Victor. Okay. He's really short, so it's kind of adorable. Dance isn't exactly his thing, but he definitely looked like he was having a lot of fun! The judges got onto him because of lack of salsa content, which is definitely true, but it was a fun dance. 15/30

(I'm currently freakout-texting my friend about the lack of Len and we're sobbing together. I think we need to form a support group.)

Next up, Tamar Braxton and Val Chmerkovskiy! They seem like a very interesting couple...lots of entertainment there, I think! Tamar actually did a pretty good job on her quickstep. I was impressed. Her footwork was a bit sloppy at times, and she needs to point her toes more, but for week one it was really good. 23/30

Dancing next is Chaka Khan and Keo Motesepe! Chaka's really funny, but this wasn't the best performance. I didn't love the choreography, which isn't Chaka's fault. OUCH those scores were rough though. 13/30. 4's- those are painful..

Next, Hayes Grier and Emma Slater! Hahaha, oh my gosh, Emma- "This is my fifth season and I still haven't won the mirror ball trophy. What's up with that?" I seriously love Emma, she's adorable. Love her!! Hayes...I'm not so sure about him yet. His package didn't exactly give me the best impression of him. His dancing was alright though. It wasn't great, but it's week one. For week one, it was good. Haha, oh my gosh, Carrie Ann- "I'm sitting here thinking, 'If only I was thirty years younger....I'd still be too old for you.'" xD That was great. 21/30

Ooh, I'm excited for this one- Andy Grammar and Alison Holker! I loved when he sang on the show last season, so I'm excited to see him try dancing! I really liked Alison last season, too, so that's exciting. He was actually supposed to have Peta, but she had to have surgery so Alison filled in. I'm glad that it was Alison if it couldn't be Peta. He did a really good job! There was a bit of a slip where he almost dropped Alison at the beginning, but other than that I was impressed. It was a very nice foxtrot! Haha, oh gosh, Erin's comment about the tabloids cracked me up. "Tell them you don't actually mean that. Otherwise the tabloids will blow up. 'He hates her.'" That was great! 21/30

Yay, I'm excited for this pair, too- Paula Deen and Louis Van Amstel. Haha, basically Louis's first comment- "I realized I'm going to need some patience." They're going to be really funny to watch. Haha, well, that wasn't exactly the quickest quickstep, but her facial expressions are fabulous! I really wish Len was here, I'd love to hear his sarcasm about this.. Oh my gosh she just cracks me up so much. Gosh. 15/30

I'm excited for these next couples as well!! Alexa Penavega and Mark Ballas, and Carlos Pena and Witney! I love the married couple square-off. That's absolutely hilarious! Their little competitions and jealousies are seriously the cutest thing ever. I'm dying. This is great!! Carlos was like, "Mark kissed her and called her 'babe'! Like, what?" xD I love it.

W.O.W. Carlos is a serious contender!!! He was really good. Oh my goodness. I'm seriously impressed! He's a great performer with a great personality, and I really liked his movements. He needs to be a bit more careful on the flicks and kicks, but he's insanely good, especially for week one. BUT he doesn't get to hear his score until after Alexa dances!!

Now, time for Alexa's turn! Wow, she's really good, too! I'm very impressed. She's SO sassy when she dances and I absolutely love it. The fact that she's an actress definitely shows. Her jive had a ton of content, and I thought that she handled it really well! 

Carlos's score......23/30!

And now for Alexa!


Carlos beat her by one point- for this week! Hahaha, oh gosh, Carlos- "Hey babe, can you ask the costume department if you can bring that costume home?" Alexa- "Carlos PenaVega!!!!" xD

Next up, Kim Colkiak and Tony Dovolani! .....no words.

It felt like it was super slow motion, and she looked kind of glazed over. 12/30

YAAAY I'm super excited for this pairing- Bindi and Derek!!! Hahaha, oh my gosh, Derek's reaction to Bindi's alligator xD That was hilarious. Bindi is seriously so adorable. She has so much energy and she's so sassy, I just love her already. She makes me very happy haha. AND OH MY GOSH SHE IS GOOOOOOD!!!! That girl can dance! W.O.W. She's fabulous. I may have a new favorite;)
Bruno called her "The Wonder from Down Under", and she's so charismatic and charming. Her flicks and kicks were fabulous, her facials were great, and her energy is so upbeat and great. 
Apparently if Carrie Ann were thirty years older, she would want to be Bindi's best friend. So in other words, she'd be BFF with Bindi, and dating Hayes. Interesting.
24/30- YAY!!! She has the highest score of the night I'm thrilled. 

Next on the floor, Gary Busey and Anna Trebunskaya- First off, I'm so glad Anna's back! That makes me really happy. She's one of my favorite pros. She seems to be doing a really great job with Gary, which is good. Gosh, Gary has a very *interesting* personality. When he was talking with Tom, I was just cracking up. Dance isn't exactly his thing, but hey, it was entertaining! 15/30

Our next couple is Alek Skarlatos and Lindsay Arnold. They danced a really pretty Viennese Waltz- he's actually a really good dancer! He has lots of natural grace. I think his one downfall will be lack of a fan base, so hopefully that won't hurt him too badly. It's really cool to see a normal person on the show. *sighs dreamily 'Maybe one day..'* Lindsay's choreography was fabulous, I loved it. 22/30

The final pair of the night is Nick Carter with Sharna Burgess! I love how the producers tried to get Sharna to make the fangirls jealous xD That was great. Sharna used to be a huge Backstreet Boys fan, so she kind of flipped out a bit when she saw him. Nick did a really good job, and he and Sharna had great chemistry. I wasn't expecting him to be that good of a dancer, but he was! It was great. 24/30

That ties him with Bindi for the top!! Definite competition.


Overall, it was an interesting night. Some people were obviously really good right out of the gate, and other definitely need work, but I think this is going to be a very entertaining season! I can't wait to see more:) 

Did you watch? What did you think?


Also this is kind of in other related news, but....


Fangirl moment over.


  1. I don't watch DWTS, but I love these little rundown things!

  2. Cracked me up that Hayes was doing this XD

    1. I think he's going to be very interesting XD

  3. It looks amazing!I love hot dances!)))


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