Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Days// Lemonade, Glasses, and Books, Oh My!

I learned several things yesterday.

1. Standardized testing prep classes are boring.
2. They are especially awful if they are solely math based.
3. Especially when you are not aware that the class is only math.
4. Math classes in the summer should be illegal.
5. This is made even worse when you have a really good book at home calling your name.

That definitely wasn't the most fun part of my day. I had testing prep class four days this week (ALTHOUGH IT'S OVER NOW!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!), and the fact that I'm currently in the middle of Every Soul a Star by Wendy Mass really didn't help. It is SUCH a good book so far, that I definitely didn't enjoy spending my time working math problems. Oh well. Now it's over, and life is fabulous again!!!!

BUT, things looked up after class, when it was time to do some shopping! First off, a moment of appreciation for Burger King frozen lemonades. They. Are. Amazing. I never actually eat at Burger King, but their slushies and frozen lemonades are to die for, especially when it's hot outside. A quick story about how we discovered the amazingness of these things- this past spring, my sister was in a musical, and I did the tech crew. Problem was, the fog machines somehow managed to make the entire cast and crew come down with sore throats/allergies/laryngitis etc. That was most certainly not fun. So we were desperately trying to figure out something that would help get rid of the sore throats, when we thought, "Hey! Slushies!" Thus, we tried Burger King's slushies, and learned of their fabulousness. So that was a perk to the situation!

After getting our drinks, we stopped by a used bookstore and this picture was my attempt at being artsy. Bookstores are so much fun though. I picked up a copy of Theodore Boone: The Fugitive by John Grisham for only $4, and the book looked brand new!!! I was very happy with that. :)

I need to get a pair of glasses- right now I wear contacts, but I don't have any glasses that I like, so I kind of end up going around my house blind when I don't want to wear contacts. So we did a bit of shopping for those as well. I kind of liked these, although they were a bit large. What do you think?

Anyways, that was my day yesterday! I'm trying to enjoy this last little bit of summer before school starts back again. Got to make the most of the time that I do have left!! The fact that school is about to start feels so weird. I'm really not looking forward to getting back into the busy schedule of classes, rehearsals, tests, and homework. Having so much free time to read, and blog, and just to take things at a slower pace has been so nice. I'll have to work on a couple of back-to-school posts- would y'all be interested in that?

Hope you're all having a great day!!




    Anyway, I'll definitely have to try out those frozen Burger King lemonade slushie things. I never eat at Burger King, but those look really goood...especially since the temperature's been in triple digits where I live :(

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!!!!! :):):):)

      Yeah, you definitely should- they're fabulous! Ouch, triple digits >.< We were having triple digits towards the beginning of the summer and it was brutal, so I definitely know how that feels....

      Thanks so much for stopping by!!!! :)


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