Friday, July 17, 2015

Target Haul!

Hello! :) A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I did a bit of shopping at Target. Their beauty section is the besttttttt. I actually picked up some really good stuff, and I wanted to share my finds with y'all!

I'd run out of foundation, so I had to pick up a bottle of it while I was at Target. I've been using this foundation for the past year now, and I still really like it. It does a fabulous job- I definitely recommend picking up a bottle!

This was a new product that I decided to try, and although I usually love E.L.F. products, I was kind of disappointed by this powder. I was hoping for a translucent powder, but this was really white and I honestly hated it. It left my face looking super chalky. If you're looking for a powder, I wouldn't recommend trying this one. 

^^^THESE. EYESHADOWS. OH MY GOSH. They are phenomenal. They're both by Covergirl; the first is in the shade "Champagne" and the second is "Tapestry Taupe". I honestly can't get over the quality of these two shadows. Champagne is now one of my favorite shadows that I own, it's gorgeous and shimmery, and it also works great to highlight the inner corners of my eyes. What I've been doing the last several days is applying Champagne all over my eyelid, and then using Tapestry Taupe in the crease and outer corner. The result is this gorgeous shimmery natural look that I'm in love with. The formula for these shadows is great too, it's not to powdery and it's super pigmented. I really want to go and get some more of these!! Needless to say, I definitely recommend them!

This is another amazing product, the Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist. It's fabulous! A little information about my hair, it's pretty long, and it has this bizarre wave-thing going on, especially in the back. It's that awkward half straight/half wavy stage, and it's the most annoying thing on earth. So naturally, I want to straighten it, but the waves are really stubborn and do. not. like. to. straighten. So when I was at Target I saw this and thought, "Hey, it's worth a shot. I'm kind of desperate here..." Basically, you spray the product all over your hair directly before straightening. Let me tell you- it works. My hair straightened a lot easier than usual, and it stayed a lot longer. Sometimes it fizzles out after a few hours, but it actually stayed straight for two days. It also smells really good haha xD If you have wavy hair, I would definitely recommend trying this product!

Have you tried any new products lately?


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