Sunday, July 26, 2015


When I was younger, I had an obsession with fairies- Neverland fairies in particular. 

I read the fairy novels by Gail Carson Levine cover to cover countless times. I still remember one afternoon, my entire family was outside- except for me. I read one of those novels in its entirety over the course of the afternoon, transported to Neverland. 

For those of you who haven't read these books, they take you deep into the fairies' world, even following a descendant of Wendy as she explored Neverland for herself. And for me, they were total magic. I felt like I could just see Neverland. For a little girl who could recite almost every fairy's name, knew all the technicalities of the fairy world, and spent the springtime building fairy huts in the backyard for visiting fairies, they were particularly incredible. 

But as I've gotten older, I think that I've come to love Neverland even more. See, the older you get, the less magic there is in the world. Realms of imagination and fun are replaced with school, responsibilities, and drama. But in Neverland, none of that exists. 

I'm not saying that we should run away from growing up, ignoring the responsibilities in front of us, and pretending to be kids forever. I'm just saying- does it really hurt to keep a little magic in your life?

Maybe Peter Pan isn't going to come and whisk us away to a perfect world, full of mermaids and fairies, pirates and dragons. But then again, do we also have to give in to monotony?

Don't lose your sense of adventure.
 Don't abandon your imagination. 

I don't know about you, but I think that this world can use all the imagination it can get. That's why I like to write. My imagination takes off, and I can go anywhere that I want to. Even Neverland. 

Maybe sometime I'll make another one of those fairy huts. My nine-year-old self would be proud. And who knows? Perhaps a visiting fairy will stop by from Neverland. 


    I absolutely *loved* reading her books. They were amazingggg. And this post was so cute xx

    1. They seriously were the best!!! Aw, thank you, Elisabeth!!! :)


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