Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Photo Challenge- Week One!

Hey everyone! Time to share Week One of my Summer Photo Challenge with you all! I'll warn you, I had a pretty quiet week, so I don't really have any fun pictures, and whenever I tried to go outside and take pictures, it rained. -_- Thanks, nature.

Annnnnnyways, here we go!


I LOVE Murder, She Wrote. Like, a lot. I already adore Angela Lansbury, and when you throw in murder mysteries, it's too good to resist!! So I spent most of Monday devouring Panning For Murder. It was really good!!


I really didn't have anything to take pictures of on Tuesday, so you get to enjoy a picture of my lovely cat. Yes, I am a cat lady. I wear that title with pride.


Whenever we have flowers in the house, I always go crazy taking tons of pictures. I love the vibrant colors!


Thursday, I found out that I *might* be getting my braces off soon!!!! Cue the hallelujah chorus!!!


I spent almost all of Friday testing, so this is literally what my day looked like. Not fun. >.<


Saturday was a day for reorganizing. I make a lot of jewelry, so I always have waaaaay too many beads lying around. So, I decided hey, I should probably reorganize this junk. Problem was, the box I used wasn't preassembled. Asking a blonde to put together something that involves sharp scissors, cutting plastic, and making it all fit together never goes well. Surprisingly, I didn't a: kill myself or b: fail epically. The box IS put together now! Granted, it sometimes struggles to close....BUT IT'S PUT TOGETHER!!! :D


Yep, I'm being a cat lady again. But hey, the cat was modeling, I had to take pictures!! :D


So, that was my week! Again, sorry for the lack of interest, I'll try to take some more interesting pictures this upcoming week:)


  1. Wow, you have a photogenic cat…
    I have to get braces on AGAIN (Two phases of braces. Why does the world hate me?) in about 3 months. Urgggghhhh.

    1. Haha I swear he's a model sometimes..
      UGH that's awful. I feel your pain, I've had braces for like, five years.

    2. I had them for about 2 and half years, and I think I'm going to have them for two more… but my brother had them for seven years straight, so I shouldn't be complaining.

  2. Your cat is pretty darn attractive if you ask me. And to be honest, there's nothing more appealing than a mac keyboard <3

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha well thank you! He's fully aware of it, believe me:P true, Mac keyboards are beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by, M! :)

  3. LOVE your cat. more pictures please! ;) hahah xxx.

    1. Hahaha, thanks!!! I'll have more on Monday!! :)

  4. I agree that cat picture is perfect!


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