Monday, May 11, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week Nine!!


Agh, that's so crazy! There are only four people left! That's so weird..

I loved the opening choreography! Mandy Moore is the best. :)

I found it very interesting that every couple has been in first place at one point. That's never happened before!

Now, for the first round of competition!

Rumer and Val- In Rumer's package, her family talked about her as a child and growing up. Growing up as a child of such famous parents, she didn't have the easiest childhood. She was always moving around, never out of the public eye. People were very harsh about her, always saying that she was ugly, which was super hard on her. Being on Dancing With The Stars has really helped her to grow, though, and her family says that her confidence has just blossomed since being on the show. I agreed with Len, it was a good dance but it didn't quite feel like a Viennese waltz. It was a bit too intense in my opinion. It was still a really good dance. Haha, I loved Len's comment- "You wanna boo me? Go for it!" He's so sassy! XD Aww, it was so sweet, her mom was backstage waiting for her. Love it. 38/40.

Noah and Sharna- In Noah's package, his family talked about his childhood. He was a typical boy, always getting into trouble. He didn't know what he wanted to do with his life until the 9/11 attacks, when he chose to join the military. Even though he lost his arm and his leg, his family was just so thankful to have him alive. He struggled for some time with depression and alcohol addiction, until he pulled himself together. It's crazy all that he's been able to do on this show, and he's inspired a lot of people. He also did a Viennese waltz, and I thought it was really pretty. He was a lot smoother than he has been in the past, which was good. 36/40.


Haha, Tom- "If you're just tuning in, I'm not going to tell you what you missed, but it was pretty cool."

Riker and Allison- Riker grew up in Colorado, and then moved to LA when he was 16. He had a big passion for performing ever since a young age, and he got his first gig as Jeff on Glee. His family's super tight-knit, and they're all super proud of him. :) He danced a contemporary piece that was absolutely INCREDIBLE. He's such an amazing dancer!! To quote Bruno "It was hardcore uncompromising contemporary. Even for a professional that was hard to attempt." Carrie Ann was having a bit of a fangirl attack. Len said that it was a great performance. Julianne said that she couldn't tell who was the pro! She was absolutely blown away. Haha, I find it hilarious that Riker was so scared to do this dance, he was fabulous. His scores said likewise. 40/40.

Nastia and Sasha- I love that Nastia was named after Anastasia. I've always loved Anastasia! Ever since Nastia was little, she has wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. Her dad said that "inside that little body was a tiger." When she won, that was such an incredible moment for her and her dad. Then, in 2012, she was on the uneven bars and faceplanted, ending her career. She had never danced before this show, but she has done such an incredible job. She's such a driven person, and it shows in her performance on this show. Her quickstep was fabulous, it made me want to get up and dance with her! Carrie Ann said that it was a show stopper, and it really was. Len said it was a terrific dance. Julianne said that Nastia was now a dancer, and she had a great connection with Sasha, and Bruno called her a star. Tom commented on Nastia's radiant smile, and how anyone who saw that could never think she was moody. I thought that was really sweet, I love Tom. :) 40/40.

Now, on to the second round- the Judge's Choice round! Haha, Tom joked that he'd never seen the four judges so nervous!

But first, the group doing Dancing With The Stars on Tour performed a number. Gosh, I wish I could go see that! It would be so incredible...

Rumer and Val- with Bruno! Bruno wanted to do a contemporary fusion "whatever that means," to quote Val. As someone who has done ballet in the past, Swan Lake is really hard. Hahaha, Bruno- "If you don't get everyone in tears, I'm going to kill you." Despite how freaked out they both were, that dance was REALLY cool!!! Bruno's concept was really brilliant, and they executed it perfectly. 30/30.

Noah and Sharna- with Carrie Ann! Carrie Ann chose a paso doble for Noah and Sharna. She wanted to show his journey from weakness to strength. Carrie Ann said that it was a true metaphor from his life. Sharna was really thrilled with Carrie Ann's vision, and said it couldn't have been better. Carrie Anne was so sweet- "I hope I've done them justice." Wow! Carrie Ann, you most certainly did! Usually I'm not a huge paso fan, but that dance was really cool! The choreography was great, and the whole thing was super intense. I adored it. 30/30. (I just have to say, I don't think he should have gotten a perfect thirty. The dance was great, but it wasn't perfect. He had a few mistakes. I know that he's super inspirational, but I think that they need to be a little harder on him.)

Riker and Allison- with Julianne! She wanted to see them do an Argentine Tango, to control their energy a bit more. They also wanted Julianne to be in the dance, which was cool. Allison was really kind of nervous for this week, because she wanted to live up to Julianne's expectations. Their dance was great!! Argentine Tango is such a cool dance, and Riker handled it wonderfully. Carrie Ann said that they "nailed every step with passion." 30/30.

Nastia and DEREK- with Len! It was really sad, hearing Len talk about how he can't dance anymore. As a performer myself, I know that would be insanely hard. Len's so sweet, I just adore him. They decided to dedicate the dance to Len's younger years as a dancer. They also decided to let Len dance at the end of the number. AGH. That's just so sweet. Derek's known Len since he was twleve so this meant a lot for him too. OH MY GOSH. BEST. DANCE. OF. THE. NIGHT. I kid you not, within ten seconds of the dance beginning, I was on the verge of tears. And I NEVER cry. That was insane. As soon as he opened the scrapbook, I lost it. It was such a beautiful tribute, and when Len danced at the end, I couldn't even handle it. It was absolutely spectacular. After the dance ended, everyone in my living room just screamed. I agree with Julianne- "That was the most special dance I've ever seen." I have been watching this show for ten years. And that is honestly the most memorable dance I have ever seen. Erin said she felt bad for ever calling Len grumpy. Len said they "captured exactly what dance was about." 30/30. I would have given them a 40/30 if possible. My love for this dance is endless. If you don't watch anything else, WATCH THIS DANCE. Perfection. That's all I can say. I have never been more touched by a dance.

The perfect ending to the night.


  1. What can I say! Riker never lets us down ;)

    Molly Marie

    1. I have to say, I'm turning Team Riker, too! Everyone I've liked is eliminated. :/ Riker for the win!

  2. Nastia is Nastia Lukas from the Olympics??? Ah! I need to read these posts more carefully….

    1. Haha, yep! Although it's actually Nastia Liukin. :)

    2. Oh, I was close. I remember watching that Olympics and rooting for her with my family… and now she's out of the competition.

    3. I still wish she would have won..


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