Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday- How to Reuse Old EOS Containers!

Hey everybody! I haven't done a Tutorial Tuesday in forever, just because they take a bit more time to put together than I usually have haha. ;) But I actually have one to share with you all today- how to reuse your old EOS containers! I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with EOS. Thus, I end up with a lot of empty containers. And, being the hoarder that I am, I naturally want to reuse the containers! So, here's how I do it! :)

So, first off, supplies. You're going to need an EOS that you've finished, a plastic spoon, and paper towels.
You're also going to need wire cutters, preferable pink ones. ;) These somehow didn't make it into the supplies picture above :P
So, you have your lovely, old, flat EOS. It's sad. You can't use it anymore. Why does it even exist at this point? Shouldn't it magically regenerate? I think so.
 But, since it won't be a good little lip balm and regenerate, you have to reuse it. So you take your plastic spoon and scrape the top off.
Now, it should look something like this. You should be able to see the nice little pinwheel. Hello, pinwheel!
This next step isn't really required, but I feel like it kind of makes things easier. Using the end of the spoon, poke each little triangle inwards. It will get it off of the pinwheel somewhat, which will help you.
Next, you take the wire cutters and snip each little plastic piece as close to the end as possible. (Let me just say, this picture was not easy to take. At. All.)
Aaaaand, the pinwheel is out! I'm sorry, but I just think that it's adorable. XD I still want to figure out some way to reuse the pinwheel, but I can't come up with anything. Any ideas, readers??
So now, this is what it should look like on the inside.
Okay random little tangent here, you get little EOS chunks in the shape of a tiny piece of cake or a pizza slice! Yay! I just think it's super cute. XD Moving back on track...
Next, clean out the eos REALLY WELL. You don't want it to be all slimy and greasy when you use it.
Now that it's clean, you get to decorate it!!! I just took a grey sharpie and did polka dots, but you can really do whatever you want with it. Have fun!!!
And, you're done! :D You can really use this tiny container for whatever you want. I like to use it to hold my earrings when I travel- I can keep like, twenty pairs of studs inside! I was really shocked with how spacious they are. You can use them for other things too though, they're perfect to keep some quarters inside, or to keep stocked with Advil or aspirin in your purse.

I hope that you've enjoyed this Tutorial Tuesday post! Hopefully I'll get to do more of these soon. :) If you have anything to say, leave a comment below!


  1. Excellent idea! I like DIY-ing accessories holders! :D

    1. Thank you! :) So do I- I have an obsession with containers!! :D


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