Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 5!!!!


I. Am. So. Excited. Okay, I will cease fangirling. 

Nope, I can't. Oh my gosh, the opening package was SO great!! I LOVED IT.

First up, some results.....

Robert and Kym are.....SAFE! Suzanne and Tony are....IN JEOPARDY. 

And, with that lovely start, Suzanne and Tony are up first to dance! They danced to "He's a Tramp", with a Lady and the Tramp themed dance. She had a bit of a problem in the dance when her heel caught on her dress. I felt so bad for her! The dance itself was pretty good though- really her best. 28/40

(Can I just cut in about Julianne's new hair? It's pink! I actually really like it on her. Usually I'm not a huge fan of colored hair, but she pulls it off pretty well.)

"Next up, with a quickSTEP in Time" :D Robert and Kym!! I'm so happy they got Mary Poppins! It's so great for his personality. Robert called Kym "a sexy Mary Poppins" which I thought was so funny;) AGH! They actually had Kym fly in like Mary Poppins!! Oh my gosh. That was the cutest number ever. I am in love. That song is actually on my "dance bucket list" of songs to dance to, and I'm just in love. I'm so sad though, his footwork just wasn't very good. :(:(:( I still adored it. He was just really off. *sigh* that is depressing. I wish he could have gotten higher scores. The beginning was incredible though. 24/40. That made me wince. Ugh. 

More Results...

The next couple in jeopardy is... Chris and Witney. Willow and Mark...are safe! Patti and Artem...are also in jeopardy. And, dancing next!

They're dancing a waltz to "When You Wish Upon A Star." I love that song! It's so pretty. Oh my gosh, her dress at the beginning- stunning. The dance was really sweet. Waltz is a good dance for Patti- it's slow and graceful. She couldn't do a ton because she has an injured knee, but I still really liked it. 27/40


Willow and Mark went next with an Alice in Wonderland themed foxtrot. OH. MY. GOSH. Mark Ballas is a flipping genius. That dance was SO cool. Mark went all-out with costumes and the theme, and I really liked the dance. The judges had a bit of criticism for her, but I really loved it. It was just so intense and awesome and agh. Loved it. I wish they hadn't gotten so much criticism, because I just didn't really see anything. They got 34/40, although I wish they'd gotten 36. Oh well.

Next up, Chris and Witney did a Hercules-themed quickstep. Okay, I though Chris was really rude to Witney in the rehearsal package. That really upset me. Witney doesn't deserve that. Ugh. Alfonso came to see them, which was really funny. I love Alfonso so much! He's so much fun. At rehearsal this morning, Chris pulled something in his calf really badly. Somehow though, he managed to dance tonight. I wish they'd danced to "I Won't Say I'm In Love", I love that song! Oh my gosh, his costume was ridiculous. XD I couldn't take him seriously in it. I'm sorry, he shouldn't have danced in a toga. O.o His dance wasn't awful, it wasn't great. I know that part of that was due to his injury but again, just not my favorite. 27/40. OKAY, HOLD ON. WHY DID HE SCORE HIGHER THAN ROBERT?? WHY, I ASK YOU, WHY???

Time for some more results!

Nastia and Derek, Sharna and Noah, Riker and Allison, and Rumer and Val.. are all safe!! :D Love all four of these couples. 

Noah and Sharna are next, with an Aladdin themed foxtrot. First off, I LOVE Aladdin. The music is great. Agh. I love that movie/musical. Anyways. The foxtrot is a hard dance for Noah, because he doesn't have one of his knees, and you really need to have a rise/fall in the foxtrot. Oh my gosh, Noah came in on a flying carpet. That was SO. COOL. And Sharna makes a great Jasmine. I.....I am speechless. That dance was absolutely adorable. It was just so sweet, so cute. Their chemistry is amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Even though Noah couldn't do the rise/fall, it really was a great foxtrot. His frame was fabulous. 28/40.

Can I just say, I loved Peta's Little Mermaid dance. So cute! And she makes a good Ariel. :) I loved the crabs...those costumes were hilarious.

Up next with a Pirates of the Caribbean themed paso, we saw Riker and Allison dance. Oh my gosh, I loved Riker's Captain Jack Sparrow costume. He looked so great! Props to the hair and makeup department. OH. MY. GOSH. That was INCREDIBLE!!!! I can't even believe how good that was. I haven't always loved Allison's choreography, but that was SO great. I'm serious, go watch it on YouTube RIGHT. NOW. I cannot believe it. He's moved up to the top of my favorites. I love him. On a technical note, he did a really good job of leading her. A lot of guys struggle with that, but he was incredible. Haha, when Riker did his Jack impression with Erin, I was dying. He's so great. They got 38/40 although I have to say, I would honestly have given him a ten. It was flawless. F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S.

Inspired by The Little Mermaid, Rumer and Val were up next. Rumer was Ursula, and the dance was really cool. I love The Little Mermaid, and the dance was super intense and cool. Her outfit was kind of hilarious, and when it got to the "Don't underestimate the importance....of body language!" I was cracking up. And then she stole Val's voice and it was just great. Agh. I loved it. :) Haha, I loved Val, "My grandma is going to be very concerned.." XD They got fabulous scores, 39/40. I've got to say, I liked Riker's a bit better, but the dance was really good.

Last up, with a Frozen themed dance, Nastia and Derek. I saw online that they were going to do Frozen, and I've been super excited all week. :) I love "Love is an Open Door", which is a song I'd LOVE to dance to. OH. MY. GOSH. DEREK HOUGH, YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN. THAT WAS SO ADORABLE. I AM FREAKING OUT. OH MY GOSH. I literally sat there grinning like an idiot the entire time. The choreography was so amazing, and they were just so cute together. Oh my gosh. That was amazing. I loved seeing Nastia all cute and happy, it was great. I can't even describe how much I loved that. Carrie Ann said she was confused by the lip synching, which ticked me off. THAT DOESN'T MATTER. I'm so mad with their scores, they should have gotten 40. They got 38/40, which is great, but I'm quite disappointed. Ugh.

Time for the results! In jeopardy, we have Chris and Witney, Patti and Artem, and Suzanne and Tony.

The next couple who's safe is...Patti and Artem!

And, going home is....Suzanne and Tony.

I've got to say, I'll miss them. They were such a cute couple, and she's worked so hard. I wish Chris had gone home instead. I don't like how he treated Witney this week.

What did you think of this week? Who were your favorites? What did you think of the elimination? Comment below!


  1. Derek and Nastia. OH MY GOSH FREAKING ADORABLE!! I also loved Riker and Alison and Willow and mark, but really, pretty much everyone had great dances!

    1. OH MY GOSH I KNOW!!! I really can't believe it. That whole show was soooo good...

  2. Like I can't even on Riker and Allison. I was so enthralled. I just wanted it to continue. Nope. I'm not straying from team Riker. I shall stay faithful to the end :D

    Molly Marie

    1. I can't either, I have now joined you on Team Riker. That was incredible.

  3. Didn't Peta get out last time?

    1. She did but when you don't have a partner anymore you dance with the troupe, and they entertain during commercial breaks and such, they're background dancers, etc.

    2. Shows how much I know about DWtS… thats cool though.


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