Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 4!!!

Hello everybody! First off, I AM SO SORRY. Agh. I know that this is super late coming out, and I feel horrible. This week has been absolutely crazy, and I just never was able to find the time to write this post and get it out. :/ So, I'm sorry that this is almost a whole week late. I think I just won a bad blogger award XD

The theme of the week was Most Memorable Year, which is always emotional. I love it though, as the dances are often really good. Last season had some fabulous numbers, so I was really excited to see this season's!

Nastia and Derek were up first, with a tribute to 2008, the year she competed in the Olympics. They danced a beautiful Argentine Tango that Len said lacked passion. I thought that it was amazing though-the choreography was incredible! Nastia has such flexibility and strength that she's able to do some really cool things. They got the first 10 of the season!!! I think I screeched a little when I saw that. XD They scored a total 36/40.

Michael and Peta danced next. They did a rumba, and while it wasn't awful, I just didn't love it. I really can't place it, but there's something about his movements that just really bugs me. Maybe he's too strong? I'm not sure. I just don't particularly enjoy watching him dance. The judges were pretty positive though, and he got a 30/40.

Dancing next, we saw Riker and Allison. I really have mixed feelings about this pair. I loved them last week, but this week I was back to feeling meh about them. I think it's just that Allison's choreography is a bit different, it's not my favorite. It was executed well though, although the judges said that they lacked chemistry. I was really surprised that they were in jeopardy. They scored 34/40.

Robert and Kym were up next with an emotional waltz dedicated to Robert's mother. Gosh, that package was a tear jerker! I really loved their dance, it was pretty. The judges said he had the best technique and footwork out of all of the guys, which made me really happy. :) They scored 34/40.

Next up, Chris and Witney danced a rumba dedicated to Chris's fiancee. Len was quite frank, saying "It wasn't that great." I agree, Len. Dancing really isn't Chris's thing. I also think that they need a bit more of a connection. I guess he's struggling since he's romantically involved with one Whitney, and then having to dance very passionately with a different Witney. 27/40.

Dedicating her dance to her most memorable year, 1973, Patti and Artem danced a fun jazz number. Patti said that her son wanted her to have more dance content, and there was quite a bit more content than usual in her number. She's just so great to watch. I love her! She may not be the best technique-wise, but she makes you just fall in love with her. 30/40.

Rumer and Val were up next with a beautiful waltz, dedicated to 2014, when she finally learned to love herself and feel beautiful. First off, to all the haters- are you out of your mind? Rumer is absolutely gorgeous, and if you say otherwise, you're nuts. Besides that, her dancing is just amazing. I love to watch her, her lines are gorgeous, and she just looks so effortless. 35/40.

Dancing a cute foxtrot, Suzanne and Tony were next. She dedicated it to Three's Company, and danced with a set that looked just like the original. Suzanne is a lot like Patti- she doesn't have very good technique, but she's fun to watch. :) 28/40.

Wow. W.O.W. That's all I can say. Willow and Mark danced a contemporary dance paying homage to The Hunger Games, and it was so. good. Mark's choreography and creativity in this number was just incredible. Len cracked me up, saying that before this dance, he thought that The Hunger Games was about food. XD Her scores were incredible - three 10's and a 9! I was Flipping. Out. when I saw that. I couldn't believe she got such high scores so early in the season! I mean, it's only week four, and she almost got a perfect score. That's crazy.

Noah and Sharna were the last couple to dance. They did a contemporary routine dedicated to 2005, the year that Noah lost his limbs in Iraq. The lifts in this number were insane- he lifted Sharna above his head with one hand! Overall, it was just a gorgeous number that left both Carrie Ann and Julianne in tears. I wish he'd scored higher, with a 32/40.

Michael and Peta, Riker and Allison, and Willow and Mark were all in jeopardy. It was then revealed that Michael and Peta were eliminated. I've got to say, I was happy with that. He's never been a favorite of mine, and I love both Riker and Willow.

Next week is Disney week, and I'm super excited- it's my favorite week! Personally, I think I would die of happiness if Nastia and Derek did a rumba, or contemporary, or even a Viennese waltz as Rapunzel and Eugene to "At Last I See The Light." Although I think in this picture, Willow looks like she would make a perfect Rapunzel!
 Don't you think she looks like Rapunzel? ^^^ I found this picture on Glamour, and I thought of it immediately.

I've seen on Instagram that Willow and Mark are dancing to something from Alice in Wonderland, which should be really cool. Mark's creativity is about to run wild!

Again, I'm super sorry that this post was so late. :/ What did you think of this week? What are you looking forward to for Disney Week?


  1. Willow and Mark's dance was amazing! Loved this week <3 I'm so excited to see tomorrow's dances, Disney week is awesome :P

    1. It really was! I was so impressed. Mark is so creative. <3
      So am I!! Nine more minutes!!

  2. Wow... I was surprised at who all was in jeopardy. I agree about Riker's dance. I think it was do to the fact that the style and song they were given didn't match well. Nonetheless, I'm still team Riker ;)
    Guess who doesn't have plans this Monday?!? This girl!! I'm so excited to watch it this week!

    Molly Marie

    1. So was I!! Riker and Willow are both so great. Yeah, probably. It wasn't easy.
      Yay!!! You get to watch Disney week!!

  3. Wait. Wait wait wait. Is Willow the Willow Shields from the Hunger Games? Like, isn't she Prim? I feel kind of stupid not knowing this because I am a Hunger Games fan but I didn't know that Willow Shields could dance!

    1. Haha! Yes, Willow Shields, aka Prim:)

    2. OHMYGOSHMINDBLOWN. Okay, then… oh gosh dang it they already got out :(…. would've rooted for them so hardcore. Love Hunger Games (but 39 Clues is still the best series out there)

    3. Hahaha! I know, I was seriously rooting for them...

    4. I just felt like in lots of things these days e.g. movies tv shows, they kind of ignore the thirteen-fifteen group of kids because they think there'll all Starbucks addicted, boy crazy nothings and to see a younger girl in the competition made me really happy. Plus, she's Prim! Only six more months until Mockingjay part 2 comes out (:


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