Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's Finally Spring!

It's Finally Spring!!!!

It's here. It's finally here.


I'm really not a big winter girl. I don't like being cold, it seems like everyone's always coming down with colds or the flu, you have to wear tons of layers whenever you leave the house, everything outside is dreary and dead. Not exactly my favorite time of year. 

But I really love spring. Trees and flowers are budding everywhere. The weather is finally warming up. Everyone is itching for school to end and summer to begin. Everyone in my classes seems to be brimming with spring fever. No one can concentrate, everyone's laughing. It's really fun. And the clothes. The clothes.

I seriously love spring fashion. The florals, the pastels, sandals, white skinny jeans, capris, flowy tops....I adore it. I'm already mentally planning the things that I want to buy this season. I really want to find some skirts, so if anyone knows where to find some cute spring skirts, let me know!! I'm also trying to find some cute sandals, so again, if you know where to find them, COMMENT!!!

And did I mention the nail polish? I love spring nail polish, the pastels are so pretty! I have a ton of pastel polishes, but these are some of my favorites. If you haven't noticed, I'm a big Sally Hansen fan ;) I'm planning to do my nails again in the next few days, so which color do you think I should do? Or should I do a totally different color? Comment below!

I also love fruity flavors in the spring. Really throughout the summer, but I feel like fruity flavors really start to become more popular once spring hits. Eos are some of my favorites, because they're so light. 

Oh, look. More pastels. Shocker. These hair ties are so fun, the bright colors are great!! And aren't these earrings the cutest things??? I love them. The only problem is that they're kind of heavy, so I can't wear them very often/for long periods of time. So that's annoying. But I got them for like, two dollars, so that's not too bad. 

Are you excited for spring? What's your favorite spring clothing piece/accessory?

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