Monday, March 2, 2015

February Favorites!!

That's right, ladies! My favorites posts are back! I'm really sorry that I didn't post favorites for December or January. January was super busy, so I never had time to put the December post together, and as a result of being so busy, I didn't really try any new products or shop in January, so I didn't HAVE any favorites! BUT, I'm back with these posts now, hopefully for good! :) They're so much fun haha. ;) I've learned that keeping a list of things I love throughout the month on my phone really helps the process, just for all of you other lovely bloggers out there. :)

But without further ado, let's launch into the favorites!

My first favorite for February was..BEANIES!!!! Agh! I really developed an addiction for them throughout the month haha. ;) I actually crocheted two beanies, and they turned out really well. But they're just so fun to add to an outfit. Best of all, it makes it look like you tried when you really didn't they're super cute. I like them with curls, or with two braids. One day when I wore a beanie with two braids, people kept telling me I looked like Anna from Frozen haha. :D

Speaking of headwear, my second favorite for February was headbands!!
I'm not really sure what it was, but over the month I just really loved adding cute things to my hair! It feels kind of springy, which sure is nice when the weather outside is so blah.

My mom got a coupon from Bath and Body Works for a free lotion, and we picked up this one in the fragrance Japanese Cherry Blossom. Now, I've mentioned this before, but I'm really sensitive to scents, and a lot of them give me a headache. So obviously, I was kind of wary getting this lotion, but hey, it was free. Might as well give it a try. Oh my goodness. Ladies, I am in LOVE. This lotion smells AMAZING!! I want to go and get everything they offer in this scent. I love to get a tiny amount and rub it on my hands, it just smells so fantastic. I am totally and completely obsessed with this now.
A very sweet friend of mine gave me this lip product a while back, and I've really been loving it this month. My lips get super dry in the winter, and this keeps them healthy and looking nice. I love it!

I actually bought this product several months ago, but I didn't like it at all at the time. So, away to the bottom of my makeup bag it went. Then, a couple weeks ago, I decided hey, why not give it another try? Now, I don't know what I did wrong the first time around, but this little concealer pen has totally saved my makeup life. I love it! It provides such amazing coverage, I really can't even believe it. It's almost TOO much coverage, and this is coming from a girl who would give her left arm for flawless skin. It's such a great product.

Now, this is kind of a very general favorite, but over the past several months, I've been obsessed with eyeshadow. I know, I know, I'm a makeup freak, why am I just now obsessed with eyeshadow? I really don't know why, but I just never liked it very much. It didn't seem to help my appearance that much, and I kind of just didn't bother. But like I said, over the past few months I've really gotten into it, and now I'm totally in love. These two pallets above were actually just a dollar each from Walgreens, and they're great quality.
Yes, this pallet is from Claire's. Don't judge me. It's actually one of my favorites, the colors are great and they blend really well. Hey, should I do a post on my eyeshadow collection? I have several different pallets, and I could review them all for you. Opinions?

So, that's all for my beauty favorites. Now, on to the non-beauty favorites!

I've done this before, but my obsession for Sour Patch Kids has been refueled over the course of the month. I got a 1 lb bag for Valentine's Day, and I'm seriously obsessed with them. :D

Music-wise, I've been loving a couple different things.
I really love Taylor Swift's song, Style. It's so catchy and fun!!! Love it. :) I also love Ed Sheeran's song, Thinking Out Loud. Those have been two of my favorite songs this month. I'm also in love with the Wicked soundtrack, but that's nothing new. I've been obsessed with that for the last year! :):):)

TV Shows:
I really adore murder mysteries, and two of my favorite shows this month have been Murder She Wrote, which is an older show, and Death In Paradise, which is by BBC. Oh my gosh, Death In Paradise absolutely kills me...I get very emotional watching that one haha. BBC, why must you kill me?? Have any of you watched Death in Paradise? Comment below!!

So, what have your favorite things been this month? :)

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