Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday- Sock Bun!!

Hello everyone!! Happy Tutorial Tuesday!! So, for my first tutorial, I decided to teach you all how I do a sock bun. :) For the longest time, I struggled with how to do a sock bun. There are MILLIONS of tutorials for them online, but what really works? I tried so many different tactics before finally finding one that worked best.

 Who knew that one little sock could cause so much trouble???????

So, in order for you guys to not go through all of the pain and suffering of trying a million different methods, I'll show you how I do one. :)

First, you put your hair in a high ponytail, wherever you'd like the bun to be. I typically use nude hair elastics, but I used colored so that you all could see them better. :)

Next, you put the donut, or sock, through the ponytail and over the elastic.

After that, you basically fold the hair over the sock, and cinch it with another hair tie. The rest of the hair should dangle out.

You then gather the hair together and wrap it around the bun. Hold it in place with yet another hair tie.

I sometimes stop at the last step, but sometimes it's fun to put a fun hair wrap around the bun for a nice little POP of color. :) It's that simple! It only takes me about five minutes to do this one, so it's super simple. I hope that this helped you to learn how to create a sock bun! Let me know what you think in the comments!! :)

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