Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I ♥ Hallmark!!

Hey everyone! While I was in Charlotte, shopping (which I still will post more on! Agh, so behind!), we stopped at a Hallmark. So... I kind of got obsessed. They had the absolute CUTEST stuff! If you want to get me something for Christmas from Hallmark, I will love you forever.....

Look at Rudolph!! Agh! I cannot handle the cuteness. They have a ton of these, they're all so cute!!! Christmas??? ;)
They have Santa, too. I am in love.
And look!!! It's Winnie the Pooh characters!!! They're so adorable! I need these. Ignore my Keds photobombing...
They even had Dorothy!!! I swear, the second they get an Elphaba in, I'm breaking down and buying one. If you know what I'm talking about, you're probably a fellow theatre geek, and I love you. <3
I think that I'm getting this for Christmas. Guys, I couldn't pass it up. IT'S WICKED!!!!! I have an unhealthy obsession with that show. DEFYIIIIIING GRAVITYYYY!!!
I thought that this mug was really cute. Hot chocolate, anyone?? (I don't drink coffee, okay? I have to say, this looks really cute for tea... I wish I liked tea!)

I loved this mug, too! Julie Andrews is my role model, she's so amazing and classy. I really should get this...
This mug cracked me up... Father's Day, anyone?
Oh goodness, how I love Walt Disney...
Oh. My. Gosh. I love this too much. Tangled is one my favorite movies, and I think that Eugene and Rapunzel are the cutest couple EVER. He's so sweet to her! I want to perform their song someday... Rapunzel is totally my dream role. But really, Rapunzel and Eugene just melt my heart. The amount of times I've watched this song is uncountable.
*sigh* Beauty and the Beast is another of the best romances of all time. It's my mom's favorite Disney movie :)
Can you tell that I'm a bit Disney obsessed? Naaaaaaah. My Keds are making another photobomb appearance in this picture ;) But I really do love this quote. "Live like there's no midnight."

Speaking of that saying, if you wouldn't totally hang this on your wall, I am soooo judging you right now..
Aww, I love it. Disney is just so great.
Hakuna Matata! I really adore The Lion King. It's such a cute movie, and I would absolutely kill to see it on Broadway! A total dream. :)
Well, I hope you've enjoyed all of this awesome stuff I found at Hallmark!! I really need to actually buy some of it haha. Hopefully I haven't scarred any of you with my Disney obsession, and I hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

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