Saturday, December 20, 2014

10 DIY Gift Ideas!!!!

So, I know that during the holiday season, there are a lot of gifts to buy, and money can be tight. That's why sometimes homemade gifts can be the best! They're fun to make, and they mean a lot more to the person who receives them than a store bought gift would. So, here I've compiled a list of all of my favorite DIY gift ideas, to hopefully give you some holiday gift inspiration! :)

1. Jewelry
Homemade jewelry is so much fun to make, and it's actually really simple. You can go to any craft store and find a cute charm for a necklace or earrings. You can also make some really cute bracelets from embroidery thread. There are lots of fun patterns on the internet that aren't very hard to make. You can find some great patterns here :)

2. Knitted or Crocheted Items

If you know how to knit or crochet, you can find great patterns on Pinterest and make some really easy and cute gifts. I personally like arm knitting, and you can make some really great chunky cowls within half an hour. Should I do a tutorial sometime? Comment below if you'd like one! :)

3. Lollipop Bouquet

These are so simple, and so cute. Just take a flowerpot, put a big styrofoam ball inside, and then stick dum dum lollipops in in to make a cute bouquet. Bethany Mota has a great YouTube tutorial for it on her channel. :) Go Motavators!!

4. Picture Frames

I think that it's super cute to get a plain frame from a craft store, and paint it however you like. You can write a cute message to a friend, and then put a picture of the two of you inside. It's a super cute and thoughtful gift.

5. Photo Collage/Photobooth

Speaking of photos, if you go on a website like Snapfish, you can make some really cute collages or photo albums. They're a great gift to give to family and friends that can be enjoyed for years to come!

6. Gag Gifts

Really, who doesn't love a gag gift? You can make some really funny gag gifts from things around the house. Again, if you go on Pinterest, you can find some really great and funny ideas.

7. DIY Mug

If you get a plain white mug from a craft store, you can decorate it with Sharpies or paint pens to make a super cute and simple gift. Include a packet of their favorite tea or hot chocolate, and it's the perfect gift for the warm-drink lover in your life!

8. Mani/Pedi Set

Include some nice nail polishes, an emery board, some nail polish remover, q-tips, and nail decals to make a great Mani/Pedi set for a friend! :)

9. DIY Stenciled Sign

With a canvas, some stencils, and some black paint, you can make personalized signs that anyone would love! Just paint on a favorite saying, a monogram, or some song lyrics. Whoever you give it to is bound to love it! :)

10. Modge Podge Makeup Brushes

I did this to one of my makeup brushes, and it turned out super cute. All you do it coat a makeup brush in some Modge Podge, and add glitter. Let it dry, and repeat this several times. Be sure to add a final coat of Modge Podge to seal it the glitter. You end up with super sparkly, super cute makeup brushes than any girl would love!

Well, hopefully this list has helped you come up with some gift ideas! :) Do you have some awesome DIY gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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