Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Favorites!

So, Monthly Favorites posts have been really popular with Bloggers and Vloggers, so I decided that I'd try doing one! You all will have to let me know what you think. I've never done this before, so I'm hoping that you all like it. Give me your opinions! :)
So, my first favorite this month would have to be the Tone Correcting Powder by E.L.F. that I posted about a week or two ago. You can find that post here. :) But anyways, I love that product!!
My next favorite this month has to be Nestle hot chocolate with Halloween marshmallows. Oh. My. Gosh. Have I told you guys about my love for marshmallows? It's intense. I swear, if it wouldn't make me sick, I'd eat a bag a day. That, and the fact that I'd get insanely fat. You all probably think that I'm horribly unhealthy, what with my obsession for all things sweet. I'm skinny, honestly!!! I don't have a picture for the marshmallows, but they're by Kraft. I love those things so much....
Back to beauty products, I've really been loving my Passion Fruit EOS this month. I'm not sure why; I've had it for a while now, but I've just been really obsessed with it for some reason lately. O.o
I used this picture a while back, but it's so cute that I'll post it again!!! :) I love all things purple. It's a problem, girls...
I suppose that my wedges could count as a favorite...before...the betrayal
Next up, we have Dr. Rescue Baby Lips! When we were in Charleston, for some reason my skin and lips were REALLY dry, so I picked up a Dr. Rescue at a Target. I love that thing SO much! I got it in Pink Me Up, and it's a great color for me. Plus, it's super moisturizing, and makes your lips feel fabulous. When you put it on, it makes your chapped lips feel all tingly, and they stop hurting almost immediately! Ah, I love those things! <3
Last, I've been in love with my NYC liquid eyeliner. I've had it for a while now, but I'm not a huge eyeliner person, so I've never really worn it to any extent. For some reason, eyeliner just doesn't look good on me. Ugh. I don't know if it's just because I'm so fair skinned, or if I just have a really bad technique, or what it is. Anyway, so I've used it a lot over the course of the month for different costumes, and I've really fallen in love. The brush is so *TINY* !!!! It's adorable!!! It also makes it really easy for clean application. 
 IT'S SO TINY!!!!!
OH! Music! Let's see, what have I been listening to a lot this month....well, I'm a huge theatre person, and I've been really loving the Broadway Lion King soundtrack. I know, not exactly normal music, but whatever. We've also been playing a ton of classic Halloween music- Thriller, Monster Mash, Addams Family, Ghostbusters, etc. Again, don't judge me. I'm trying to think of some NORMAL music that I can talk about.... Uhm...Oh! I really like the song Black Widow. Do any of you watch Dancing With The Stars?? Oh my gosh! They did a dance to that on there the other day, it was SO cool. You absolutely must watch it. If you don't, I'm judging you. Here's a link-
Again, I'm serious. Watch it!!!!!!!!
Well, I think that's pretty much it. Then again, as soon as I publish this, I just know I'll come up with a million more things that I loved in October. Oh well. I hope that you all enjoyed this post, please let me know in the comments what you honestly though! :) <3

~Grace Anne


  1. The elf product it's amazing, also the baby lips!
    You have such a lovely blog, would you like to follow each other via GFC? Please tell me on my blog so I can follow you back!

  2. My Fave is Baby Lips Lip balm !! <3



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