Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Shopping Haul!

Hey everyone! So, I went shopping today, and I thought that I'd show you all what I got in a haul post! I was *slightly* hyper today, so I don't know if that will reflect in this, but, oh well! Let me know what you ladies think of this post! :)
So, our first stop was Target, and all of their Halloween was like, 90% off! I got waaaaay too excited guys... and I got a lot of sugar, so don't judge me. :P I regret nothing! Nothing!!

Look at this marshmallow!!!! It's a giant candy corn!!! Agh!!! I loved it. And Guess. What.... It was only thirty cents! :D I love you, Target!
Their Halloween cupcakes were on sale, too!! I love those things so much. We got three packs, although I probably would have bought them all haha. ;) They're so good! I think I kind of have a cupcake problem. I was way too happy after that.
I found this Grumpy Guide to Life at Target as well, although I didn't buy it. It was still kind of expensive, but oh my goodness, that thing was funny! My favorite one was, "When life gives you lemons...throw them at someone." Someone want to get it for me for Christmas??? The book, not lemons...
So, I found this at Toys 'R Us, say what now?? Klondike in candy form?? Oh my goodness! I seriously want to try it. I didn't get it, but I really need to try it sometime. It looks delicious! I seriously had never heard of Klondike in candy form instead of ice cream. My whole life has been a lie.
I got the absolute CUTEST sweaters at JC Penney's today, but I can't include pictures yet because I still have one coming in the mail. :( They're absolutely adorable, though! Once they come, I'll be sure to post pictures. :) And the best part? They were only ten dollars! You can't beat that price!
We also decided to stop by Kohl's, and I'm so glad that we did! There was a bunch of stuff that I photographed for you all.
Okay, so you all need to go to Kohl's to get these adorable stuffed animals ASAP! They have Simba (pictured above), Pluto, Baloo (Is that how you spell that?), Lady, and a dalmatian from 101 Dalmations. I'm a huge fan of The Lion King, and I think that I'm getting Simba for Christmas. :) Love him! And the best part?? They're only FIVE dollars, and all of the money from them goes to children's hospitals and education. So, what are you waiting for? Go to Kohl's!
Oh my gosh, look what else they had at Kohl's- the limited edition Rachel Roy EOS set! Aren't they cute? It's twelve dollars for the three EOS, which is a pretty good price. I'm hoping to get them for Christmas. :)
Look what else I found- the vanilla mint EOS! I was really happy to find this, and it was only four dollars. It smells really good. :)
Well, I think that that's everything! I hope that you all have enjoyed this post. :) It's my first real haul post, although I have two more currently in the works. Let me know what you all think! 

~Grace Anne


  1. everything looks so amazing! Ahhh, love the pictures!

  2. Oh... the food.

    I. Want.

    Candy corns are so nice! o.o I hope you enjoyed that very much. And I love eos! <3

    Great great post! <3 Would you like to follow each other? Xox let me know here and here (optionally)

    1. Thanks so much! I'll check your blog out now.

  3. I would totally get one of these Disney plushies! It's such a nice idea for a Christmas present too. Thinking about the money being donated, it's twice as good. ;)
    x Sonja

    1. Yes, I think they would make wonderful Christmas presents!! And who doesn't love shopping for a cause?? ;)

  4. Oh lucky you! I love reading haul posts! Do keep making them:)
    The Halloween candies look so yum...
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Haha thanks! Oh yes, very yum ;)
      Thanks for stopping by, June!


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