Wednesday, September 3, 2014

39 Clues Doublecross Theory- Warning-Contains Flashpoint spoilers!!!

First off, I'd like to say, THIS PARAGRAPH IS NOT MINE!!! I merely found it on the internet. I have to say, I fangirled SO HARD reading this. What if Cara really IS bad? And Amy and Ian end up together?? I have to say, it makes a lot of sense. My Amian heart is brimming with hope right about now. I don't really know what to think, but a girl can hope, can't she? My fellow 39 Clues fans, what do you think? Send me your opinions!! I really need to know what other people think of this!!


  1. Em, I am not really an Amian fan (I actually like Cara x Ian! I mean, come on, Ian needs a good girl too! Amy has Jake AND has dumped Evan and Ian for him, so let her stay with this Jake idiot and let Ian have Cara XD) but anyway, this is only my opinion.

    I really don't know what will happen with Ian and Amy and Cara, but I have a question to ask:) in the summary of the book, there is a mention about of 'a famous Cahill villain from the past having an even deadlier brother'.... Now, does anyone know who the hell the summary is talking about? Well, my theory is, it's talking about Irina Spasky (yep,she's my favorite character). So, I know that my hopes will probably be crashed like glass, but what do you think on that?:)

    (also, sorry I comment as Anonymous, but I have none of the accounts mentioned in the selection)

  2. Hello! Haha, I love how you called Jake an idiot- I agree 110%!! I'm still not a huge Cara fan, but she's growing on me...a little..

    I actually am not sure if you'd like me to answer this or not, because I've already read Mission Titanic, so I know who the deadlier brother is. Not sure if you'd like me to say, or you'd like to read for yourself! I love Irina to death though:)

    No problem! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment! Since you're a 39 Clues fan, you might enjoy my other blog that's dedicated solely to 39C- . :)

  3. hi^^ I know, I really don't know why Amy would dump Evan for him XD

    Oh, so I guess my theory is wrong XD Anyway, I can't wait 15 days to get the book, so yes please, tell me! And yay, glad you like her too:)

    Welcome:) I will check it as soon as I find out how to make an account here!:)

    1. NEITHER DO I!!! Ugh. -_-

      Okay, seeing as you could just google it, I'll tell you XD Your theory is actually correct, the famous villain's brother is Irina's brother, Alek. :)

      Awesome!!! I think you can make one through gmail or aol...

    2. XD

      OMG YES YES YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES! Official: today it is the happiest day of my life! I feel so happy right now, I am almost crying XD Thank you! (my friend is gonna be so happy too!)
      Although I never imagined his name would be Alek XD I always thought it would be Ivan or something. But who cares!!

      Oh, okay, but I don't wanna show my real name (my mum would freak out!) so I will just keep up as anonymous:3

    3. Hahaha, oh my goodness, I'm so glad that I could make you so happy! :D Yeah, I didn't quite picture him as an Alek either, but oh well! It's a Spasky!!

      Oh, I totally understand that haha. Hey, anonymity is always good for a clue hunter! ;) You'll have to visit my other blog anonymously as well sometime:)

    4. It is just the best news I have heard in a while^v^ Haha, indeed:) Exactly^^ and it is so awesome, after 15 books, she gets a brother (even though she's dead XD)

      Thanks, and yeah, right:) I will keep it then^^ and I am coming there to comment now!:) (I will be signing as Kat, okay?:))

    5. Haha, well I'm glad to make you so happy! It really is XD I wish they'd kept her around longer!!

      Yay!!!! Okay:)

    6. :) yeah, this is true. Well, I always keep her alive in my fanfictions^^;


  4. Doublecross book 3 Mission Hurricane is almost out did you see
    its coming in january!!

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