Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby Lips Love

So, who here loves Baby Lips?? I’ve recently tried them, and they’re amazing!! I’ve only tried two so  far, (yes, only two. I know- so many more to try!!) and I love them! My first one was Cherry Me, which is probably my favorite flavor. The only problem with it is, I have pretty fair skin and blonde hair, and Cherry Me is a hot pink lip gloss, so it’s kind of bright to wear every day. I love it every now and then for a great POP of color, but I knew I had to find one that fit my coloring a bit better, so a few days ago I went to Target and picked up my latest Baby Lips, Peach Kiss. It’s a great flavor, and I feel like it’s a much more natural look for my fair coloring. I can’t wait to try some more!!

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