Thursday, December 14, 2017

Senior Updates III

my heart ♥

Finally being back at my laptop, typing away at a blog post feels so good. I've missed the blogging world a lot. No matter how crazy life gets, this is always my home, and being back here just feels right.

Life since my last senior update has been insane in every way possible, but it's been filled with blessings upon blessings, and I am oh so grateful. Thinking back over everything that has happened is so overwhelming, and I'm just so thankful.



The main thing that went on since my last Senior Update was my theatre group's Christmas show. Oh my goodness. It was crazy and hectic, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into it (quite literally), but I could not have asked for a more wonderful experience. I got to see pieces that I'd dreamed of come to fruition before my eyes, and I feel like God was so evident throughout the entire process. I could ramble about it all for hours; my heart aches just thinking about it. But I'll keep it simple. It was perfect.

As you all know, NaNo was a thing. I've already rambled about that in my NaNo recap post, but I'll just say that it definitely was a huge part of the month of November for me. Lots of late nights spent typing away at my laptop, but I'm happy to have written so much, and to have been able to do it with some fantastic humans.

Thanksgiving also took place, obviously. It was a really lovely, quiet day, exactly what I needed amidst all of the chaos of wrapping up the semester.

The semester has come to an end, which is super weird. Finals were last week, so as of now I'm on Christmas break. I still can't entirely wrap my head around the fact that I only have one semester of high school left. I'm not sure that I want to wrap my head around it quite yet, if we're being honest.

And hey- WE GOT SNOW! It was super random and surprising, and the timing was somewhat terrible, but it was magical all the same. We never get snow in early December here, so it was definitely a huge shock, but it was fun to see the world covered in white for a few days.



-Get myself organized for Christmas! I have barely shopped at all this season; it's terrible. I am so horrifically behind. My mind will be so much more at ease once I have gifts bought and wrapped and under the tree.

-Read again. With all of the craziness of the past few months, I haven't read as much as I would have liked, and I miss it desperately. I can't wait to finally get the chance to curl up with a book.

-Journal journal journal. The more that I do it, the more that I love it.

-Take the new time that I have to organize life and clear my head. I'm so thankful to finally have the chance to get some things done that have been nagging me for ages, to clean up my room, to just be able to focus on things that I want to focus on, not things that are due.

-Enjoy the Christmas season. Most of all, I just want to enjoy the month. December is such a magical time of year, and I don't want to let myself get bogged down with to-do's like I have the tendency to do. I'd love to just enjoy it. 



This is so sad, but I have read almost nothing since my last Senior Update. I read God and Ronald Reagan for school, and I'm working my way through Mere Christianity, but that's about it. Now that my life suddenly has a lot less in it, I'm hoping to pummel through a bunch of books. I won't make my reading challenge for the year, but I want to get closer. My aunt gave me a copy of The Color Project for Christmas, and I am beyond excited to read it. 



Hope Is The Anthem- Switchfoot
Overcome- Elevation Worship
I Won't Let You Go- Switchfoot
99 Red Balloons- Sleeping at Last
Venus- Sleeping at Last 


How is life going for you guys? Are you excited for Christmas? Any fun plans? What have you been loving lately? What's been making you smile? I want to hear all about it. ♥


  1. Ahhh, this post was great. Your goals are amazing - not very unlike my own!!

    ALSO, YOU LISTEN TO SLEEPING AT LAST, TOO?? Haha, I just thought that was funny, and I had to comment because of it ;)

    ♥ Emma Joy

    1. I LOVE SLEEPING AT LAST SO MUCH!!! Their music is absolutely gorgeous. <3


    It feels slightly odd reading about your Christmas show whilst getting ready for ours to begin in three hours. I must say I love how you said that you saw that God was evident in the whole thing. I pray that is how ours will be as well :)

    You got snow I am so jealous. All we have here in the literal desert is snowbirds.

    I HAVE BEEN BLASTING SWITCHFOOT ALL MONTH. Seriously, it might be a problem. Have you heard the version of I Won't Let You Go that they sing with Lauren Daigle? It's tears-worthy good.

    I hope your Christmas is lovely! <3


  3. Life is going well! I JUST finished my last project the semester and I am FREE! I am so ready for Christmas. I can't wait to get my shopping done and work on my goals for the New Year.

    Lately I have been loving to take the time to style my hair. It's random, but it works. I mean, who knew taking an extra five minutes would make such a huge difference? XD

    What makes me smile? That fact that school is out for an entire month, the lights that decorate every home in the neighborhood, and the coziness of a mug of peppermint hot chocolate warming my hands.

    I'm excited for you to get back into reading so you can recommend some books my way. ;) It sounds like your November was fab and that makes me so happy. :)

    Merry early Christmas! <3

  4. Merry Christmas!!!! I just finished my Christmas show too! Sounds like your's was amazing. Have a great Christmas!!

  5. Soooooo excited for Christmas! I'm trying to be more conscious about slowing down and appreciating the Christmas season, too, since so often I can allow myself to get stressed about things that aren't really that important. I'm working so hard at shutting down stress about things that don't really matter so I can be PRESENT and full of joy :) :)

  6. hey bae tagged you in my last post ;)

  7. Senior year is just the best. I've been loving it so much so far. I'm trying to make the most of the beautiful years I have left with the least responsibility I'll ever have. I need to read mere Christianity. I've been reading a Christmas book by Timothy Keller. SO GOOD.

  8. I'm so glad that your show went well! Sounds like the hard work paid off! Snow sounds great, I am hoping we might get a little of that soon but I don't know if It'll happen. Your goals sound very similar to things I want to do now that I am on break! I more time to read and journal and catch up with friends! Enjoy your break! Great catching up with you! <3

  9. YES I am excited for Christmas!! I'm so happy for you that you can settle down now. <3

  10. Your goals for this month... yes, yes, yes. Every. single. one of them is on my list... and pretty much everything else on my list fits in those goals so, yeah. Let's do this together!!!
    We love having you back to the blogging world as much as you love being back 💚!
    Blessings in Christ,

  11. I also got snow and had an amazing Christmas show (it was last night and the post-show depression is real...). And The Color Project is on my Christmas list. Can't wait to see what you think!


  12. reading is definitely near the top of my list too <3

  13. dude we got snow too and it was beautiful, because we literally got 1/2 inch of ice all last winter.

    Well I just got sidetracked looking at The Color Project on Amazon and accidentally bought it. So I guess I'll be reading that soon XD (happy accident...I've been meaning to get it for forever!!!)

    Enjoy your Christmas break!

  14. I love your life updates <3 Can you believe it's Christmas already??


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