Saturday, August 12, 2017

3 Years of Totally Graced- IT'S PARTY TIME! Survey + Giveaway And More!

*massive eruption of confetti*


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For some of you epic bloggers out there who have been a part of the blogosphere for seven or eight years, I know that this may not seem like a long time, but oh my goodness, I can't believe that I've been running this site for three years now. It blows my mind a bit. 

I started Totally Graced as a horribly awkward freshman back in 2014, and now I can't believe that I'm still blogging going into my senior year. Honestly no less awkward, let's be real. This has been my longest-lasting project, and I'm so thankful for everything that I've learned and gained through blogging. This little chunk of the internet has been a home for me, an escape from the craziness of life, and I'm so happy to have had it throughout all of the insanity that has been high school. 

I don't know what's in store for the next year of blogging. I do have quite a few post ideas brewing, and I'd also love to do more collaborations, so if you're interested in that, definitely shoot me an email sometime! Other than that, who knows? I'm just excited for the adventure. 

BUT ENOUGH SCARY FUTURE TALK! It's the blogiversary, so...TIME TO PARTY!

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Honestly, the most amazing part of blogging is the people. The blogging community is filled to the brim with so many incredible humans, and I love what a positive and uplifting space we've created. I wanted to thank some of the lovely girls who have been especially large parts of my life- they all have incredible blogs and are SO talented, so if you haven't yet, you NEED to check them out! 

Aaliyah- Where do I even start? My insta-consultant, my ranting partner, my person. Thank you for your constant advice and love and encouragement. Our conversations are my favorite, and I love you more than I can say. 

Abbie- My lovely fairy squad mother, the waffle queen. You are so upbeat, positive, and encouraging, and I am so thankful for you. You bring so much light and joy into the blogger world, and you inspire us all. 

Abby- It's actually freaky how similar we are- I truly think our only point of disagreement is breakfast food! I love ranting with you about theatre, characterization, and life. You are so smart and you always are filled to the brim with the best ideas. I am so thankful for you!!

Abby Rose- The queen of music recommendations, the writer who breaks my heart on the daily, and one of my oldest friends. I still remember our first few conversations- oh, how we've grown from the days of ranting over 39 Clues couples and coming up with epic theories (that I will never be convinced are false). You are amazing and I love you so much.

Aimee-YOU ARE JUST THE BEST HUMAN OKAY? I am forever proud of you and all of your incredible accomplishments and projects. You inspire me constantly, and you're also just one of the absolute sweetest people. I love being pen pals. <3 

Autumn- AUTUMN!! You are so full of happiness and encouragement and joy, talking to you is the best. Remember me when you're famous for your amazing baked goods, okay? 

Hannah- My sweet twin, oh, how thankful I am for you. You truly epitomize grace, and I cannot wait to hear about all of your Disney adventures, because YOU ARE SUCH A DISNEY PRINCESS! <3 Thank you for your constant advice and wisdom. You are such a blessing. 

JacyRayn- You are the embodiment of sunshine and I love our Jesus talks. Forever amazed by your gorgeous voice and heart of gold. <3

Kate- You are one of my biggest inspirations, and I love that I can also call you a friend. You are wise beyond your years and SO FREAKING TALENTED. You weave worlds with your words, and it is so beautiful. 

Mary Shelley- MY BEAUTIFUL SUNFLOWER!! You are one of the kindest, most lovely souls, and I am forever looking forward to our coffee date. You have a way with words unlike anyone I've ever known, and I can't wait to be first in line to buy your best-seller. 

Olivia- You were one of my very first blogging friends, and I will forever be so glad to have you in my life. I love how you can literally switch from making me laugh to encouraging me with Jesus in approximately .2 seconds, and just generally make my day like...every day. xD YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL I CANNOT HANDLE IT.

Rachel- You are genuinely one of the most creative, talented, driven people I have ever known. You make me laugh on the daily and you also make me think, which I love in a friendship. Keep being the fantastic human being that you are- you're gonna change the world.

- - - - -

I feel like stats are a really fun way to see how you've grown over the years. So here are my stats from the last three!

First Blogiversary-
Pageviews- 8,046
Blogger Followers- 27

Email Followers- 0
Instagram- n/a
Pinterest- n/a
Twitter- n/a

Bloglovin'- n/a

Second Blogiversary-
Pageviews- 26,424
Blogger Followers- 65
Email Followers- 13
Instagram- 160
Pinterest- 37
Twitter- 60

Bloglovin'- n/a

Third Blogiversary-
Pageviews- 59,500
Blogger Followers- 132
Email Followers- 419 (pretty sure these have to be spam followers but hey)
Pinterest- 110
Twitter- 365
Bloglovin'- 47

It's so fun to see the growth! It means so much to me that you all take time out of your day to read the crazy things that I put out here on the internet. Thank you all so, so much. 

- - - - -

Every year, I like to do a survey to see what you all think of my blog and how it could be improved. If you could take five minutes to answer a few quick questions, it would mean a lot. ♥

- - - - -


Last, but not least, in honor of three years of Totally Graced, I'm hosting a giveaway!! The giveaway includes-

-(1) Handmade bracelet
-(1) Watercolored bookmark
-(1) $10 Starbucks gift card

I may also throw in some other small surprises, but you are guaranteed to receive these three items if you win! Unfortunately, I do have to make this giveaway U.S. only. I'm so sorry to all of my international friends! I hope to have an international giveaway sometime in the future. ♥

a Rafflecopter giveaway

- - - - -

Thank you all for a wonderful three years! Here's to many more. ♥


  1. Congratulations! Three years is a long time to be running a blog. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful posts that lie ahead. :D <3

  2. Congrats Grace, I just got here but you have a beautiful, omw AESTHETIC blog with fun and inspiring messages, so here's to more years of that! :)


  3. Congratulations on three years of blogging!! You've made the blogspeare so much brighter with your sunshiny posts and amazing personality! I always look forward to your posts all the time, and I am excited to see what you do in the future!
    Thank you for blogging!!

    Cheers to this amazing, blog! No doubt <3
    <3 <3 <3

  5. CONGRATS! 3 years is a super long time and it is so cool that you have been blogging for that long. Awesome post and giveaway!

    Nabila | Hot Town Cool Girl

    *throws cake in your direction*

  7. AAAAHHHH CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! <333

  8. Wow. You didn't fail. I'm so sorry I ever doubted your blogging abilities ;D You have truly developed this blog into a beautiful, inspiring, Jesus-filled corner of the internet and I am so proud of you Grace Anne! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!<3 <3 <3

  9. YAYAYAYA! LOVE your blog so much <3<3 Congratulations! *gives icecream and bear hugs*

  10. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY GRACE ANNE!!!!! Three years of blogging is awesome! I hope I'll still be blogging in three years! :D

    I love your blog a lot!!! You are an amazing person!


  11. CONGRATS, GIRLIE!! blogging is pretty amazing, isn't it?? and ohmygoodness THAT BOOKMARK IS SO CUTE - i waaannnttt XD congrats again, three years is an amazing accomplishment! <33

  12. Congrats on the blogoversary and the growth over three years! That is wonderful, I hope every new blogger has your success!



  14. Congrats Grace Anne! I love your blog aesthetic. <3

  15. Omg congratulations Grace on your 3 year Blogiversary!! That is SO EXCITING!! I wish many more success and blogiversaries for you in the future!!:)

  16. Happy blogiversary! I love your blog so much; I'd love to do a collab sometime!


  17. AW GRACE! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY. I think that a blogiversary is less about the blog and more about the person. Congratulations to yourself and how awesome you are. You do so much for those who read your blog. (: *Sends flowers and ballons*

  18. You've been blogging twice as long as I have so it sounds like a lot to me!! Happy blog anniversary, Grace Anne! Thanks for everything you've done for me and my stories. I'm determined to return the favor one of these days :) Can't wait to see where you take this blog next!

  19. Congratulations!! All the best in the many more years of blogging to come! ;)

  20. CONGRATS, LOVELY!!!!!!! You're a lovely person & I need to start reading your blog more often... I know it's silly, but I often forget to read people's blogs when I keep up with them on Twitter bc it's just like hanging out with them. Lol <3

  21. Yay! I'm so excited to see where your blog goes in the future!

  22. Yayay congratulations!! I love your blog and look forward to seeing where it's going to go in the future!

  23. WOOO CONGRATS GRACE ANNE!!! You're an amazing person and your blog is just as amazing as you. I can't wait to see where your blog goes in the future :)

    (And also I remember last year when you did a whole month of posts for your blogoversary xD I don't know why I remember them other than the fact that I loved them so much haha! KEEP UP YOUR AMAZING WORK, GIRl. You're so inspiring.)

  24. Congrats on 3 years! It's always so cool and humbling to look back on how writing and blogging have shaped us. Here's to many many more years and posts to come! :)

  25. Congratulations! Three years is quite the accomplishment! Here's to three more great ones *raises glass of lemonade*

    ~ Abby {}

  26. Happy anniversary!! *winks* Your blog is awesome and I haven't even been reading it since 2014, but I loooovvvveee it. ;) Really, I do!! I join everyone else who's toasting your blog--here's to Totally Graced!

  27. THAT SHOUTOUT MADE ME TEAR UP :''''') *GIVES YOU LOTS OF HUGS AND LOTS OF WAFFLES* CONGRATULATIONS ON THREE YEARS OF BLOGGING, DEAR!!! You are a supernova star and literally like the human personification of a sunbeam. I honestly cannot imagine the blogosphere without you and I never want to <3333333333 PLEASE STICK AROUND FOREVER AND KEEP ENCOURAGING US ALL WITH YOUR LOVELY WORDS!!!

    rock on,

  28. Congratulations, Grace!!!! While I've been blogging much longer than you have, I've done so as a hobby rather than as a "thing", and so three years still seems like a lot to me, because you've actually worked that whole time to develop it into this awesome place, and I hope the coming years are just as wonderful for you :)!
    (Also... I don't actually find you awkward at all ;)...)

  29. You are the sweetest. Happy 3 years of Totally Graced! (also, PS, that bookmark is GORG). And I also don't think you're awkward!!

    Oh also a second PS - I love your outfit posts ... I'd love to see more of those (I think I had a brain blip and didn't say that on the form, oopsie)

  30. Happy 3 years!! Woo! :) I hope the next 3 years are just as awesome :D <3


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