Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Writing Process


Writing. The subject that I never seem to tire of, no matter how much it consumes my life. 

 I don't often take part in tags or link-ups, but creativity seems to be running a bit low lately, so when I saw this tag on Jeneca's blog, I decided that I just had to join in. I haven't talked a ton about writing lately, so I thought this would be fun! The questions originated on the Beautiful People link-up, hosted by Cait from Paper Fury and Sky of Further Up and Further


Honestly, I just go with whatever story I have the clearest vision of, and work on developing it. I'm not one of those people who constantly has hundreds of story ideas, so when I do have an idea, I go for it full-out. My current WIP has been in the works for over two years. It's so crazy that the end is in sight!

Well, I've never COMPLETELY finished a novel- as in written it, edited it, second drafted, etc. The first draft of my novel took a little over a year, but that was because it was a bit of a start and stop process. If I were working on it solidly, like I did during NaNo, I think I could finish a first draft in two/two and a half months.

The best way for me to get in the writing mood is really just to make a habit of it. I've found that when I write every single day, I'm much more motivated to continue doing so, whereas when I slack on it, I'm more likely to continue slacking on it. Otherwise, I don't really have much of a routine. I just hide out with the door closed and write!

I used to always say that I wrote best at night. However, during NaNo, I found that I got a lot of my best writing done either mid-morning (around eleven) or right after lunch.

I really don't know. I feel like everyone has their own style, so I don't know of an author whose style is similar to mine. Everyone has a different voice.

I started writing sheerly because I enjoyed it. I've always been obsessed with stories, and so I wanted to write them. Since then, my obsession with stories has only grown, and now I write because I can't imagine a life in which I don't write. It's one thing that I always come back to, a love that I'm sure of.

Besides hundreds of terrible essays for English classes? I've written lots of difficult things in the non-fiction sense, but as far as my stories, I think that the hardest thing to write is always the first chapter of a novel. In my opinion, they're always the absolute worst- just thinking about them makes me cringe, haha. If we're talking the hardest thing to write emotionally, there were several scenes in my current novel that were very hard to write, and when I was done I felt completely drained. I tend to get so engrossed in my characters that I feel as though I'm going through everything that they do, which can be exhausting.

I have several novel ideas that I'd like to develop fully in the future, but I'm not at a point currently where I can do that. I don't want to do anything else until I've done everything that I can on my current novel, so this is where I'm staying for a while.

My main goal was to finish the first draft of my novel, which I did. I've now set three more goals-

-Edit my first novel
-Send it out to a few trusted people for opinions
-Start plotting the sequel. That's right, this baby has a sequel. I'm pumped.

Detailed, Quiet, Crazy ;)


How is the writing world going for you? What projects are you currently working on? Tell me all about them in the comments!


  1. This was a great tag! I'm not currently working on a writing project, but I seriously need to start something on wattpad because I absolutely LOVE writing my own stories. Your first answer would be similar to mine, I kinda just go what comes straight to mind. Great post!

  2. This tag was interesting. I'm currently writing short stories and such. If I actually start a novel, I won't be able to think about anything else until the first draft is finished. I really want to start a novel, though. It would be wonderful to have said I'd written on from beginning to end.

    ~ Pip

  3. This is such a great tag!
    I'm currently writing a novel for Camp Nano...I'm a bit behind though..*scurries away to go write*

  4. Oh this was so fabulous to read! I LOVED IT. And I totally agree that starting off a book can be the most crazy hard thing. But so worth it, right?! Also congrats on finishing your 1st draft!! ALL THE CAKE AND CONFETTI!!

    (And thanks for joining in the linkup!)

  5. So interesting to read about your writing process!
    Congrats on your 1st draft!

  6. This is a fun tag to read. :) I love hearing about other people's writing process. I find that sitting down and writing regularly helps too!

  7. Great blog!

    Would you mind checking out my book reviews blog at and possibly give it a follow? Super excited to read your posts!

    - El

  8. This is so cool! Good luck I am so excited for you. Hope to read one of your books one day!

  9. I stumbled upon your blog, and I absolutely love it. AI enjoyed getting to learn more about you and your writing process. Awesome post!

    I'm a fellow writer who's new to blogging, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I'd love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

  10. Maxene O'RielleyJuly 17, 2017 at 9:34 PM

    I really liked this, m'dear, cuz it's always nice to hear writing feedback from other rising authors in my age group. :)
    I'm currently working on two books: One about an army nurse in WWII, and one about a young girl in a wagon train in 1847. The first one is more down-to-earth, and no. 2 is sort of a love story. Lol yes, I know.
    Great post!! Keep it up!

  11. "I tend to get so engrossed in my characters that I feel as though I'm going through everything that they do, which can be exhausting." <<<< I KNOW THIS FEELING I KNOW IT SO WELL OMG I'M NOT ALONE??? *HUGS YOU* it's seriously so legit!! I can FEEL my characters' pain and it HURTS. Like...asdfghjkl thank you for putting this into words ok :')

    I LOVED READING ABOUT YOUR WRITING PROCESS. I'm sure I've already said this but HEY CONGRATULATIONS FOR FINISHING THAT NOVEL. *so many high fives* seriously girl you should be SO PROUD of yourself. <3 And the sequel struggle is real!! I get so attached to my characters and I'm like "whAT YOU THINK I'M LEAVING YOU ALONE? lol not yet my dears" muahahah. XD


    love you bae

  12. Congrats on finishing your novel! I hope the editing goes well. :) And sequels are so much fun to write!

    (Your blog design is so pretty, by the way!)

  13. I can finally go to your blog again! I loved this post, especially how relatable the working every day vs. slacking every day thing is. Like I'm supposed to be planning for Jada right now and it's SO HARD to get into the groove since I stopped for a while


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