Happy December!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Writing an intro post for a new month always feels weird. But I can say with absolute certainty that this is the weirdest post to write. 

It's December, guys. HOW IS IT DECEMBER???

Right now, I'm writing this sitting at my kitchen table. And in some ways, you would never be able to tell that it's December. It's sixty degrees outside, sunlight is streaming through the windows, and orange leaves still populate the trees. I could almost forget that it's December entirely. 

....then I realize that Steven Curtis Chapman's Christmas album is playing, all I have to do is look to the left and I see a giant Christmas tree, and even the shirt that I'm wearing proclaims, "Merry Christmas!" 

Yep. It's definitely December. 

I swear, November was one of those months where you blink and it's gone. It was an insanely busy month. My sister had a choir competition, so for a week we were constantly going to and from that. School is always crazy, NaNo happened, we celebrated Thanksgiving, and somewhere peppered throughout all of that mess, there were rehearsals upon rehearsals, the election happened, we performed in a holiday show, naturally had to decorate for Christmas, time was spent with friends, blogging constantly called, and there was just the general everyday life stuff. I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't absolutely insane and I didn't think I was going to lose my mind many, many times. But overall, it was a really good month, full of so many exciting, fun things. I couldn't help but love it. 

As scary as it is that it's already December, I'm excited. I love December so much. I love Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. It's my favorite holiday, hands-down. Everything is just so exciting and joyful this time of year. I can't wait to be done with school so that I can go into full-blown Christmas mode! 

It's blowing my mind, though, that next week, first semester will be over. I'm halfway through my junior year. How did it get here so quickly? I'm not ready to be a senior, not at all. I think I'll just not think about that right now...

Instead, I'm going to think about Christmas. I can't wait to decorate my room, bake Christmas cookies, and curl up next to the tree and watch Hallmark movies. It's just a perfect season, and I cannot express my love for it enough. ♥

- - - - -

// My good friend Morning is starting a blogger yearbook! Click HERE to find out how to be a part of it!!

// I had the pleasure of beta reading my friend Abi's novel a few months ago, and she finally has a release date!!! I am so beyond excited for her, oh my goodness. Her novel, Martin Hospitality, is so fantastic, and I can't wait for all of you to see how amazing she is!

// Word wars are the best things ever and if you're writing a novel, I CANNOT RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH.

// There's a bagel shop near me that has a deal once a week where you can buy a dozen bagels, and get six free. I don't need anything else in life. 

// Mary Shelley has caused me to become head over heels obsessed with Ben Rector and I am very happy about that fact.

// Leslie Odom Jr. released a Christmas album, and it is basically the most gorgeous thing of ever.

// So Blogger updated??? I have to say, I'm not a fan....

// A couple of my blogger friends and I have officially become pen pals, and it's amazing.

// Aaliyah's post was basically my favorite thing. 

// Fun fact, autumn mornings on campus sitting outside in the middle of a giant mass of fog can be kind of creepy. 

- - - - -

// COMPLETE NANO!! I'm shooting for AT LEAST 25,000 words- I'd love to get further than that!  SUCCESS!!!! I actually got quite a bit further than that- stay tuned for my NaNo recap post that's coming out in a few days- I'm so excited to tell y'all about it, oh my goodness. 

// Be more active in the blogosphere Success! Despite the craziness of the month, I managed to stay afloat for the most part, posting eight times on here, and staying pretty caught up with all of your posts! I've got some reading to do tonight or tomorrow, but overall I think that I've been fairly active, which makes me happy. :)

// Complete the Thankfulness Thursday challenge Success! It was a lot of fun, and I loved seeing how many people got involved! It was so awesome. 

// Start on Christmas! Eh. I've started, but it's not going too well. I'm so stuck on what to buy for people! I have two or three presents, though, so I guess that's a start? 

// Manage my time better- Eh, I'll give myself half credit here, too. I wasn't horrible or anything, but I certainly wasn't some super productive crazy person. I wish, haha! 

// Have a consistent stretching time- HA. I really need to give up on this resolution. It never happens. 

// USE THE FLIPPING PLANNER- I really didn't...I've gotten back into it the last few days, but not enough to count it. 

// Reorganize my clothes. They're such a wreck right now, y'all. It's bad. Success! It's so nice having everything organized again. Well, at least my clothes are. We aren't going to talk about the rest of my room.

// Practice driving at least once. I'm so scared. XD But I know I need to do it.- I never did get around to driving this month. I need to practice sometime, but you all know that I'm not exactly dying to get behind the wheel.

- - - - -

// Survive finals. My two big exams are both on the 7th, so hopefully I don't die.

// Hit 100 followers. I really doubt I'll make it, but I'm at 90, and I would kind of die of happiness if I hit 100.

// Get my Christmas present plans under control.

// Keep my room clean.


// Finish my novel.

// Read a bit more.

// Share some Christmas-themed posts.

- - - - -

Can you believe that it's already December?? Are you excited? Are you excited for CHRISTMAS???? How was your November? Did you do NaNo? Do you have any goals for this December? LET'S CHAT!!


  1. The fact that it's December totally blows my mind!! Wasn't it JUST new year's??? And i KNOW, we're practically half way done with being Juniors already!! Craziness everywhere!!
    Sounds like you had a [hectic but] great month!! Being busy can be really awesome, until it drives you nuts x) And congrats on finishing Nano! So proud <33

    1. I can't wrap my mind around it at all!!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE DONE WITH BEING A JUNIOR!!! HELPS.

      "Being busy can be really awesome, until it drives you nuts." <<< THE ACTUAL STORY OF MY LIFE.

      Thank you so much!! :') <3

  2. HAPPY DECEMBER. This is one of my very favorite months, although I also love October and November.


    I kind of like the new Blogger layout, actually. The only thing I'm not a fan of is that it doesn't have the "Overview" page anymore, which was the primary way I tracked my page views.


    Congrats on NaNo! I'm excited to see the recap post; I always do love reading about others' WIPs.

    I've just started learning how to drive, and I'm really enjoying it! Classes start the week after next :D

    Good luck with all your December goals!!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. HAPPY DECEMBER!!!!!!! :D


      Yeah, the missing Overview page is mainly what bugs me with the new layout. I always tracked my stats on there, and now I keep forgetting to check my stats.


      Thank you so much!!!!! :) I do, too- it's so cool to see how everyone is doing!

      You are? That's awesome!!! I really need to start learning, I just can't bring myself to do it ahaha. XD

      Thank you!!!

  3. December! The best month! I'm so so excited for Christmas. :)

    I struggled with the new update more than I should have. For example, it took me some time to find the Dashboard again...oops. I love how you make resolutions, that's pretty organised! The only organisational thing I have is a dream diary I've kept since a week ago, and that's totally random.

    Congrats on NaNoWriMo, and I hope you have a merry Christmas (in advance, though I daresay you'll have a Christmas post before then...?)!

    1. So am I! It's so much fun:)

      I just can't get used to it- it's driving me nuts! I miss the Overviews. I've actually been meaning to start a dream diary for a while! I always want to be able to remember my dreams.

      Thank you so much!!! And yes, I'll definitely have a Christmas post. ;)

  4. Like how is it December already...but not that I'm complaining!!

    Man, I'm impressed with how many goals you've achieved, despite it being NaNo. :P

    I really should start learning how to drive...I'm turning 17 in a couple of months and I may or may not want to learn to drive before I turn 20 XD

    1. I DON'T KNOW!!!! It's so weird, gosh.

      Honestly I have no idea how that happened. XD

      Let me know how it goes for you!!!! Knowing me, I won't start until I'm 20 XD

  5. How IS it December? I don't understand...Also, this line accurately described my November:

    "I'd be lying if I said that it wasn't absolutely insane and I didn't think I was going to lose my mind many, many times."

    I'm still trying to find my mind, lost it weeks ago...congrats on NaNoWriMo! :-) And what is UP with the new Blogger design? There's like, no home menu now? Or it's just different? It makes it so much more difficult to find things. Who thought of this?!

    1. I really don't get the new Blogger update at all. Like, I know it's supposed to be more "efficient", but it takes me SO much longer now, it's not even funny haha. XD

  6. Steven Curtis Chapman!!! One of my favorite Christmas CDs! I don't blame you about the driving, if I could if let my mom drive me around everywhere. HATE it! Now that it's scary I'm just lazy ;)

    1. I love Steven Curtis Chapman SO much!!! I've been listening to his CD constantly lately. Hey, at least it's not scary! That's very good to know, haha.

  7. Great goals! I hope that you have a wonderful December!
    I'm not a big fan of the blogger update either :-(
    Good luck on your goals!!

    1. Thank you! I hope that you do, too!!


      I feel like everyone either loves it or hates it. Glad to know you're not a fan, either. XD

  8. i love your goals! Hopefully you can achieve them :)
    Hmm i'll have to check Steven Curtis Chapman's album out. It sounds good :)
    Congrats on Nano! I knew you could do it.
    AND THE BLOGGER UPDATE UGH. Not a fan of it either.

    1. I hope so, too! XD

      You definitely should! It's GORGEOUSSSS.

      The bagel shop is my new happy place. XD

      THANK YOUUUU!!! Your encouragement definitely helped. XD


  9. Good goals! Hope you achieve them. *reads your biography*
    I barely stretch too! It feels more like a job now, but when I was a bit younger it felt like nothing. I just wanted to continue stretching and stretching and learning new things and now I'm just lazy


      I actually don't watch Dance Moms! I never could really get into it. I love Dancing With The Stars, though- do you ever watch that?

      I miss being super flexible like when I was younger. I've got to get back into stretching!

  10. UGH I AM SO MAD ABOUT BLOGGER'S UPDATE AS WELL. (forgot I was going to mention that in my wrap up post... but I forgot, because my mind is actually a pea and why do I even.) I just... I want my overview page back. It was so nice to see the pageviews, followers, and comments in one place. *shakes fist at blogger*

    I love how keeping your room clean is on your goal list. WHY IS IT SO HARD?!

    And YAAAS I'm excited about Christmas. I'm also kind of stressing out. Because cleaning and wanting to make everyone feel special but not having unlimited money for presents and limited time and just... sigh. xD But it will be good. I'm so excited for the break of school. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. The overview page was honestly the best thing ever, and I really don't know what to do with myself now that it's not there anymore. I don't know any of my stats anymore. XD

      I DON'T KNOW BUT IT IS A LEGIT STRUGGLE. Oh my gosh. Why can't I get my mind in order???

      Christmas is amazing but it's just SO stressful. Like, exactly- I want to make everyone feel special, but time and money are killing me. And then I feel guilty because I feel like I'm not doing enough for them!!! Gosh. The break from school is the best thing ever. XD

      I hope you have a wonderful December, Katie!!

  11. The blogger update makes me feel claustrophobic. Does anyone else get that feeling? Like everything is way to close and crowded on my screen

    1. EXACTLY!!!!! That really is the best way to describe it.


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