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Sunday, September 4, 2016

If you know me, then you obviously know one thing- I LOVE to talk about writing. So when this tag started to float around the blogosphere, obviously I was super excited. I ended up getting tagged for it THREE times, so I have quite a few questions to answer. In hopes of keeping this post from being ten million years long, I'll just go ahead and get into it!

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- R U L E S-

01. Thank the blogger who nominated you
02. Answer the ten questions
03. Write ten questions of your own
04. Nominate ten other people for the tag!

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Thank you so much to Megan, Vanessa, and Julia! Y'all are the best. 

/Are you writing anything at the moment? If so, what?
I'm currently working on a novel, dabbling in poetry, attempting to journal, and obviously writing as many blog posts as my brain is able to handle. 

// What genre of writing do you like best?
Probably contemporary, because it's the one I find easiest.

//When did you start writing?
The first story that I can remember writing was in first grade. My friends and I took paper outside during recess and worked on it. I still have it! I also have always written journal/diary type entries, even from when I was five or six. They're really funny to look back on now! 

// Do you prefer writing on pen and paper or digitally?
If I have tons of time and patience, and it's poetry or a journal entry, pen and paper. If it's for my novel, digitally is the only way I can do it. Although occasionally I pop out a blog post that I first wrote on pen and paper. Ironically those have been some of my favorite posts. 

//What is your favorite thing about writing?
I think my favorite thing about writing is the fact that it's mine. I can say whatever I want. Writing is really freeing. I also believe that words have so much power- they're such a beautiful way to reach people. 

//What is your least favorite thing about writing?
Stressing out over people reading it, EDITING, plotting, writer's block, and those days where you feel like it takes YEARS to write a silly little paragraph. I love writing, but gosh it's frustrating sometimes. 

//What is your favorite thing to write? (novels, poetry, short stories, etc.)
It literally depends on my mood. Poetry is the easiest for me to write, followed by short stories and then novels, but novels are my favorite thing to look back on. I just get stressed out with novels, because I want them to be perfect, and I end up driving myself nuts in the process.

//When do you write best?
It honestly just depends on my mood. A lot of times I think that I write really well at night, but one time I had this fabulous writing session at like, six am. It's really more of a mental thing than a time thing. 

//Where do you like to write?
Anywhere quiet where I can be alone. If I'm writing with paper and pencil, then I love writing in my bedroom with the door shut and rain pounding on my window. If I'm working on my novel or anything else on my laptop, either in my dad's office when he's not using it or the rec room. 

//What (or who) inspires you the most when writing?
I mean, JK Rowling is always a pretty great inspiration, because she's basically the queen of writing. Katie Grace always inspires me with her epic word counts. Kate is always ultimate writing inspiration. (I'm noticing a Kate/Katie theme here. Does this mean I should change my name?) And I mean, who wouldn't want to write like they're running out of time, just like Hamilton? ; )

Vanessa's Questions-

//If you could have any writing power what would it be?
The ability to write really quickly. So basically I just want to be Katie Grace.

//How do you plot your books?
I tend to start out with a general concept, and first flesh out the characters. I enjoy thinking about the characters more than the plot, so spending time on the characters really gets me into it. Once I feel like I understand my characters, I write a really general outline of the whole book, and then slowly break it down chapter by chapter, scene by scene. I hate plotting, but I don't write as well without it. *sigh*  It's frustrating.

//What is the most frustrating thing that has happened to you while writing?
I don't know of a specific instance, but I tend to just get super frustrated whenever I can't get the story to go where I want it to. I obsess over minor details (shocker), so when I feel like it's not going the way that I had it in my mind, I get super frustrated. 

//What's your favorite snack to have while writing?
I usually don't eat while I'm writing because I would get distracted by the amazingness that is snack food. But when I do eat while I write, I typically like to just eat something unhealthy while I work as therapy. in other words chocolate.  But occasionally if I want to feel like a productive member of society I'll do something like nuts or sunflower seeds.

//Which word would you say you write too often?
I catch myself using the word "just" a lot. I'll also use the same motion over and over, like saying that the character shrugged three times in a paragraph. Why Grace Anne? Just why?

//Where do you get your writing inspiration?
Books. Everything I read inspires me in some way- either with something I want to do in my own writing, or something that I DON'T want to do. 

//Longest amount of time you have written for?
I actually don't know. Maybe five hours? I'm not really one to sit down and just write and write and write for hours on end- I take a ten minute break and come back to it. I've never timed myself though, so that's just a guess. I should try for a really long writing session sometime. 

//Most loved blog post?
Ooh, that's a hard one. 99 Things I Learned From Sophomore Year was definitely one of my favorites. 

//Tips for new book writers?
Find out what works for you, and go with it. Everyone has their own method- you don't have to do everything the same way that someone else does it. Learn how you work best. Also, don't get discouraged comparing your writing to someone else's- just focus on making your own writing better. 

//Favorite season to write about?
I feel like a lot of my stories take place during autumn, which is kind of odd because I'm not a huge fan of fall, as you all know. I don't really know why I do that.

Julia's Questions-

//Do you ever absolutely hate writing?
I don't think that I ever absolutely hate writing, no. There are times that I get horribly frustrated by it and SAY that I hate it, but deep down I don't think I could ever actually hate it.

//Have you done Camp Nano and/or NanoWriMo?
I have not! I would absolutely LOVE to do it at some point, but I feel like I wouldn't have the time. November and July are just both so hectic. I don't know. I'll bite the bullet eventually, I'm sure.

//Format as you write or leave that until last?
As I write. Otherwise I just get super frustrated and OCD, and I can't concentrate.

//Have you ever lost a major amount of a WIP? And what would you do if you did?? *cries for you*
I have not. Praying that this doesn't jinx that. XD If I did, I would probably just cry, to be honest. And then I'd probably get super frustrated and not write for ages. So we're going to hope that DOESN'T happen.

//Night Owl or Early Bird writer?
98% of the time, night owl. If I'm lucky enough to have a morning where my brain is actually functioning, I can be an early bird writer, but more often than not it's better for me to save writing for a later hour.

//What inspired your current WIP?
There wasn't really one thing. It was kind of a mixture of ten different things I read or saw on Pinterest.

//What's your highest word count in a book so far?
Oh gosh, I actually have no idea. I haven't kept track!

//Short stories or no?
Sometimes! I have written several short stories. I'd like to get back into writing them, actually. I wrote a ton of short stories when I was younger, but in the past few years it's been more novel work and poetry. Maybe I'll write a short story sometime soon.

//Do you share your writing with friends or family?
Not for a while after I've written it. My mom and my sister have read the first ten chapters of my current WIP, but for the most part, I get really nervous and don't like to share my writing. I need to get over that, but it hasn't gone too well so far.

//Most embarrassing writing moment?
....I can't think of anything, to be honest. I mean, most of the time when I'm writing I'm hiding out alone with my laptop, so there aren't too many opportunities for something horribly embarrassing to happen. Looking back at all of the awful things that I wrote when I was younger is pretty embarrassing though, not going to lie. 
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My Questions:

Do you keep a journal?
What kind of music (if any) do you listen to while writing? 
Describe your favorite character that you've ever written.
How often do you write?
Worst thing that you've ever written?
Best thing that you've ever written?
What made you want to start writing?
Best writing advice you've ever heard?
Do you use Pinterest to plan your writing?
Is there a specific author that inspires you?

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I Nominate:

Katie Grace, Abby Rose, Abby M, Erin, Autumn, Kenzie, Ava, Olivia, Hannah R, and YOU!!          

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Are YOU going to do the tag? Tell me some writerly facts about yourself! Have you written a book before? What do you like you eat while you write? ISN'T PINTEREST A WRITING LIFESAVER? LET'S CHAT!


  1. You did the tag!!!!!!! YAHOO! Great answers btw ;) I am super glad you haven't lost and WIP and I just realized how stupid my last question was bc your answer is so true *runs away embarrassed*

    1. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! I'm glad I haven't lost anything either- I'd just cry a lot. PSH I'M SURE SOME PEOPLE HAVE HAD HORRIBLY EMBARRASSING MOMENTS!

  2. PINTEREST IS SUCH A WRITING LIFESAVER!!!!!!! lol thanks for nominating me!

  3. I love your answers oh my, these questions were so fun!

    I find contemporary easiest too, but I’ve been dabbling with fantasy, trying to possibly give myself a challenge. Also, any hints as to what your novel is about? I’d love to know ;) I used to write horrible Harry Potter fanfiction in 3rd grade, but I get you, it’s always fun looking back at old writing :P

    “Writing is really freeing. I also believe that words have so much power- they're such a beautiful way to reach people.” I found this so touching, it really spoke to me :’)

    I AGREE Katie Grace is one of the writing queens, she needs to teach me her ways, I’m always impressed by her counts.

    Chocolate is my go to writing snack, I feel like you have to treat yourself when you’re literally forcing your brain to spew out words at 100 miles per hour.


    1. Weren't they? I had so much fun filling them out! :)

      I like to describe my novel as a murder mystery that isn't a murder mystery. ;) I've dabbled in fan fiction every now and then, but it honestly just kind of stresses me out so I've started avoiding it.

      Aww, I'm so glad that you could relate to it, Noor♥

      So am I!! She's an absolute queen, oh my goodness.

      You really do. Chocolate saves lives.

  4. SPOILER ALERT: If your name is Katie/Kate, you have the blood of the unicorn. Just sayin'.

    (but seriously Kate is amazing but so are you and your blog is just awesome and EVERYONE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE IS SO TALENTED AND HOW DO THEY EVEN????)


    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Apparently so. Y'all are queens.



  5. THIS TAG IS MY NEW FAVORITE!!! Thanks for doing it Grace!

    Okay so yes, I don't tend to share the stuff I write with my family for a while too, there is just something about my family judging me that I DONT like! (Sorry family!)

    The snack thing I get, I was curious if I was the only one who loves to snack and write, according to you and Abby M. I'm looking like it!


      Like I don't know why, but it totally stresses me out, haha. XD

      It kind of depends on my mood! I'd just probably focus on the food way too much because, well, FOOD!

  6. ALL HAIL QUEEN JK!! I love your answers, this tag is such a fun one!

    1. *changes Weasley Is Our King to JK Is Our Queen* I'm so glad that you liked it!

  7. Thanks for this tag! I read through the whole thing hoping I'd be tagged in it because I love answering questions about writing haha. I'll definitely do it soon. And I'm so with you on the night owl writer thing. During a day when I didn't have anything going on during the summer, I'd try to right the ENTIRE afternoon and I'd want to bash my brains in but then once it got to like 8:30, I'd be on fire and unable to stop until it was like, midnight and beyond.

    My favorite part about writing is when you write a sentence or paragraph that is like perfectly-done eyeliner in the writers world and you just have to take a minute and go "dannnng that's good" if that makes sense haha

    1. Just finished this tag on my blog!

    2. Haha, I knew that you would like this tag! I had a lot of fun reading your answers:)

      Occasionally I can write during the day, but most of the time it just works so much better in the afternoon. It's horrible for my sleep schedule, but my writing is just so much better at night.

      That's seriously the bestttttt. Doesn't happen often enough! XD

  8. I looove your answer to what your favourite thing about writing is. THAT IS WHY I LOVE IT TOO HONESTLY. I also like to know what's going to reading other people's books I'm subjected to WHATEVER torture they want to throw at me (well, their characters, but same thing). But writing my own, it's like fiiiinally I get to say what happens. Mwhahaha. Also writing is beautiful and words have power and just afjdksalfd it's one of the greatest things of ever I think. :') Although I totally hate it some days too.😂

    PINTEREST IS A LIFESAVER. It literally solved an entire plot hole for me today just be seeing a picture! HI FIVE ME, PINTEREST, YOU GENIUS.

    1. KNOWING WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IS SO NICE. Like instead of being traumatized, YOU get to traumatize other people! It's great!

      Writing is always a love/hate relationship 😂



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