Junior Year Goals

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Junior year.

How on earth did I end up here?

I feel like it was just yesterday that I was in eighth grade, and now I've blinked and suddenly, it's junior year. Frankly, it makes me feel old. Like, the fact that next year, I'll be a senior? THAT'S CRAZY. Not okay with this. Not. At. All.

I've seen lots of "_____ Year Goals" posts floating around the blogosphere the last few weeks, but naturally, I've been in denial that I'm actually a junior and haven't posted mine. Go me, having my life together like that. 

BUT I did want to do a post like this, so I'm going to, no matter how depressing I may find it. I'm only going to be a junior once- might as well embrace it. 

- - - - -

1. Don't get behind on schoolwork.

I feel like this is the obvious goal every year, but let's be honest- it never seems to happen. Am I going to fail miserably at this? Yeah, probably. But might as well include it anyways.*shrug*

2. Finish the first draft of my novel.

That's right. STILL haven't finished the first draft. (I'm currently thinking about scrapping it, actually, but that's a rant for another time.) I'm bound and determined that I am GOING to finish this draft this year. I'll die trying, but I WILL finish it.

3. Be in my co-op's musical. 

I'm really excited for this, actually. (Grace Anne's excited about a musical. Shocker, I know.) Auditions are on the 19th- hopefully they'll go well!

4. Stress less.

I'm a mess, guys. I get stressed out and anxious WAY too easily. I'm probably going to fail on this goal, too, but it's worth a shot. I am not throwing away my shot!

5. Survive college classes.

So far, so good, but I'm only a month in. Hopefully they'll continue to go well! 

6. Branch out, friend-wise.

Most of my friends are all from the same group, so I feel like I should attempt to be a bit more outgoing, friendship-wise. Again, this is another one that I'll probably fail miserably on, but it's worth a try.

7. Read more often.

Lately, I've been in a major reading slump, and quite frankly I'm tired of it. I miss reading! Even though it's always busy during the school year, I really want to make it a point to read more often. 

8. Become more outgoing. 

Yes, I am an introvert. I'm pretty sure that I always am going to be an introvert, and that's not a bad thing. But I do want to try to become a little more comfortable with being more social and outgoing. Anyone want to train me in the art of extroverting?

9. Be more consistent with journaling.

As much as I love journaling, I feel like I did a terrible job with this during my sophomore year. I would try to journal, but I never had enough time, and I would get super overwhelmed (imagine that) trying to write down everything. I need to figure out a way to get better at managing it, because I really do love journaling, and it's nice to be able to look back at everything that's happened.

10. Take more photos 

My family will probably crack up reading this, because I already take an insane amount of photos, but honestly, I want to take even more than I do already. I want to capture everything, even the more mundane moments of life- especially the more mundane moments. They're so wonderful to look back on later.

11. Improve my organization

My life tends to fall into one of two categories- either I'm obsessively organized, down to the *tiniest* detail, or I'm a tornado of a mess. There's honestly no in-between. Lately, it's seemed to be more of a tornado than organized, and I really want to change that. I love being organized, it just seems like I always end up losing that organization. I WANT TO CHANGE THAT!

12. Don't let school take over.

I feel like a lot of times during the school year, I forget that school is only a *part* of my life, it's not my entire life. I want to do things OTHER than school. I want to enjoy life! I'm really trying to get my school out of the way, so that I can enjoy doing other things that I actually enjoy.

13. Survive standardized tests.

With junior year comes PSAT's and SAT's. Yay. I'm basically just hoping to survive them at this point.

14. Go to prom!!

Yes, I'm already thinking about prom. It's so much fun- I can't wait!! I can't decide what color dress I want yet- but obviously I'm already pinning away. ;)

15. Enjoy the year.

Honestly, I just want to have a good year. Like I said, junior year only happens once- I want to enjoy it. 

- - - - -

What are YOUR goals for this year??


  1. I think my goals are to just get through it all and to not give myself TOO many things to do otherwise I'll fail hahaaa!!

    btw, you're one busy person!!

    1. That is a very good goal- I may have to adopt it. XD

      I ammmm and I can't decide if I love or hate it to be honest hahaha.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh, and dude yes, I feel so old like how can I be a senior next year??!?!?!!! What even???!!!!


  3. DO NOT scrap that novel! The most valuable help is obtained at an early stage. Don't wait until you've created an impasse. Restructure, rebuild and plan. If you know what events and related scenes are required to advance your plot you can write them out of order. That makes the process much less tedious and allows you to tackle each scene as you feel inspired to do so.

    Don't ever give up on a dream.

    1. Ray, thank you so much. This advice truly means the world to me, thank you.

  4. 1. YES I FEEL THIS. I'm one of those people who doesn't get behind on schoolwork at times, because I usually have this worry mechanism / irrational fear where my brain is like, "NO YOU ARE GOING TO UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GNP, GDP, AND GPI AND YOU CAN'T EAT UNTIL AFTER YOU CAN DO THIS." It's kind of unhealthy, but it's efficient... until there are certain assignments that have one tiny thing to do and I'm just like, "Meh," and "meh" becomes Cory Matthews' "AHHH!" when I ignore it until I realize that the deadline is coming close. Like, I have two essays due next week, and this didn't really hit me until I realized that I'm forced to extrovert this weekend at a hotel. Long story.

    2. You can do this, Grace! Only scrape your novel if you feel like your entire motivation for it is deflated and you know for certain it's the thing you must do. It's one of those things where you'll just know. But if you even see a tiny spark to actually continue on, do it. Some novel projects take as long as five years to actually grow into fruitation.


    4 & 5. Just keep going! I'm taking AP classes and while it isn't as intensive as your college classes, there's a test in my classes every two weeks which makes me cry internally. WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS BECAUSE WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER AND NO I AM NOT REFERENCING HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL JUST TO START A SINGING CHAIN.

    6 - 12. Same these are also personal goals of mine like it's kind of creepy that we're almost the exactly same person except for the breakfast preferences part. Branching out to new people is scary, reading is super important (what's your average book count per year)? Journaling is just a nice way to destress, photos of food are just-- it's one of those things to qualify as a blogger. Pretty food must be photographed.

    13 - 15. These are things that start junior year, and honestly, it freaks me out that we have testing. I'm taking both of those and possibly the ACT, because it's good to cover all of the bases. Also, PROM. I don't think I'll go this year unless one of my friends invites me, but it'll be good. It's also enough to just attend the homecoming game, because social activities can be so exhausting after awhile.

    These are good goals! Sorry for the freakishly long response comment (again, I think this is going to be the main thing) but oh well. ^.^

    xoxo Morning

    1. "I'm just like, "Meh," and "meh" becomes Cory Matthews' "AHHH!" when I ignore it until I realize that the deadline is coming close." <<-- THAT IS ACTUALLY MY LIFE IN A SENTENCE. I'll be on top of things but then there will be that ONE THING that I put off until I die inside. Oh my goodness, that sounds stressful. O.o

      I'm trying to stick with it! I really want to see where it goes, but right now I'm just really stuck and it's making me want to pull my hair out. But I'm convincing myself that it's going to get better eventually!



      I swear, we really are. Twins, separated only by distance and breakfast food. XD I've actually never counted my books until this year, but I think so far I'm at around thirty? My biggest issue is finding books. Once I actually have them, I can read them super quickly, I just have trouble picking them out haha. Pretty food must always be photographed. That reminds me, I think I have some more food photos to run through VSCO....

      Testing is scaring me to death. Like, the reading and writing is always fine, but I just know I'm going to bomb the math on the PSAT. Not sure what I'm doing in the spring, either SAT or ACT. YOU SHOULD GO TO PROM. It's seriously the most fun thing, I love it. I've actually never been to a high school game- can't decide if that's good or not.

      I LOVE YOUR LONG COMMENTS! They make me so happy:)

  5. These are great goals!! Amen to the "read more" and "stress less". I am so there!

  6. I most definitely want to become more outgoing this year. I am an extrovert, but I want to become more outgoing, and just become a better person altogether.

    I hope you have a great junior year! :)

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  7. love these goals!! Mine include good grades and not dying x)

  8. These are great goals! Good luck on them all! I'd also like to be a bit outgoing. I'm also an introvert, and a hardcore introvert at that, and I'm totally happy with that, but this year, I would like to talk to more people, and participate in social things.

    1. Yessss! We shall both learn to be more social this year!

  9. These are such wonderful goals, I need to sit down and write some of mine up. I know how you feel though, I've been freaking out lately realizing this is my SENIOR year and I'll be turning 18 in December. I'M NOT READY!!! High school goes by so fast, it's crazy.


    1. Oh my gosh, a senior! That's so crazy!!! I hope that your senior year is the best yet:)

  10. EEEEEEEEP THESE ARE FABULOUS GOALS GRACE ANNE AND I AM SURE YOU SHALL ROCK THEM ALL. <3 Honestly I still think you are so brave already taking college courses. O_O LIKE....GIRL. GO YOU!! *tosses confetti and waffles because I certainly can't help you academically hahahahem* ;)


    1. EEP THANK YOU I HOPE SO!!! I can't help MYSELF academically so those waffles would be nice thank you. *inhales waffles*

  11. OOH A MUSICAL!! What musical are you doing, and ooh what role would you hope to get? (musical theatre nerd here) I would love to help with your art of extroverting, because apparently I am an ENFJ, but I'm too awkward so every time I try to make friends they just get weirded out. But I know that people like it when you smile :)

    1. We're doing Music Man! I'm Zaneeta:) YES please help me extrovert! Smiling is the one thing that I can do:)

  12. wow I wanna be you. All these goals are on point. CAN I STEAL THEM ALL

  13. Aww, I really hope you can go to prom this year! I hope you complete as many of these goals as possible <3
    also, I didn't see your new design until today and it looks SO LOVELYYY.

  14. The beginning of the school year is always pretty exciting! I relate to 11 a lot. XD



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