Farewell, April, Hello May!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I'm baaaaaaaack!

As I'm writing this, I'm sprawled on my living room floor. My hair is in messy braids, I'm not wearing any makeup. I'm utterly exhausted, and to be honest I could probably fall asleep at any moment.

But I am so, so happy.

April has been a rollercoaster. I've had some of the absolute best memories, and some pretty awful ones as well. My schedule has been completely screwed up, for multiple reasons, both good and bad. Everything has been a strange mix of good and bad.

The month had a bit of a rough start, I'm not going to lie. School has been rough. Drama is constant. We lost a family member. My sisters were sick.

But there has been so much joy in this month, joy in the chaos. 13 hour rehearsals that were exhausting, but full of so much laughter. Prom, which was just the absolute best night (I haven't forgotten about photos, I promise!). And I spent the last week in a tech week for our spring musical. Oh my goodness. It was such an absolutely incredible week. I'm so sad that it's over. It was the last show that I'll get to do with a large group of my friends that are seniors, so it's super bittersweet. The show went so well though, I'm thrilled. So many inside jokes were created, so many memories that I know we'll never forget, so many bonds strengthened. We had some really rough times, some awful health scares. But by the grace of God we made it through, and I couldn't be prouder of the cast. So blessed that I got to be a part of it. 

I really can't believe that it's already May. This time of year, most people are like, "Yes! School's almost over! I can't wait for summer!" But honestly? I'm a little sad to see this year come to a close. Like I said, a lot of people I care about are graduating, and I can't even imagine what the next year is going to look like without them. The classes that I've gotten to take this year are really awesome, and I'm not looking forward to them ending. It's just a lot of bittersweetness at this point. 

Plus, it's another year closer to my own graduation, which is really scary to think about. I'm not ready to worry about college and planning the rest of my life yet. It's just all so weird, hard to wrap my mind around it haha. 

I feel like I'm getting way too serious here, sorry about that. My May posts are always like this, aren't they? I think I need to be a bit more positive. 

I didn't do too well on my resolutions this month, but I've decided that I'm not going to beat myself up over it this time. Hannah gave me some really good advice on my last post- "Crazy weeks are the ones that we remember the most but yet stress us out the most as well. Don't stress not blogging, because sometimes we need to live and then write about it with time and retrospect. " I've been keeping that in mind ever since, so thanks for that, Hannah!

Putting that aside, I do want to make some resolutions for this upcoming month. I'm getting back into a regular schedule, so I should be able to stay on top of things a bit better now. 

May Resolutions:

-Post 9 times

-Reach 50 followers

-Read 3 new books for fun

-Drink more water

-Get back into journaling

-Come up with some creative graduation gifts for friends

-Post about prom!


I feel like I've been super disconnected from the blogging world lately, so fill me in- what have I missed? How are you all doing? What's new? I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me all about YOU in the comments! How do YOU feel about May?


  1. Good for you for taking a break- I'm sure it was good for you! xx Oh my word. I feel the exact same way about May coming to an end. I'm actually getting a little emotional right now *shoves emotions out of mind* #bye ;) But a good kind of feel. My best friend is leaving to go to school in New York this fall, my sister's getting married this summer (my #1 best friend), and my other two best friends are leaving to spend most of summer in California. What.
    It's all good stuff, but. It doesn't feel all good all the time. THANKFUL FOR JESUS FAITHFULNESS THROUGH IT ALL. <3 also thankful for you. also ready for that prom post. ;)

    1. whoa that was way longer than I thought x)

    2. It definitely was! #byetoallemotions. Seriously, they need to go away. I can't handle them right now. Oh my gosh, that's so crazy and so bittersweet.
      I totally understand. One of my really good friends is going to Pennsylvania and like, eight of my other friends are graduating. Um, no.
      I'm so insanely thankful for you my dear <3

  2. I remember when I was thinking about graduation being in a year and how that felt like a little time and now only having a month left to go is just crazy. I always enjoy reading everyones monthy goals! I need to drink more water to, becuase wyh not! My life's been pretty mellow for the past few weeks! Sounds like your doing well, good luck with figuring out graduation gifts. I'm sure you'll think of something perfect!

    1. Oh my goodness, only a month! I'm sure that feels so weird. I'm glad you enjoy the monthly goals- I love hearing other people's goals, too! Mellow is always very good- I'm looking forward to things being a bit more mellow soon. Thanks- I sure hope so!!

  3. yeah, bittersweet and beautiful memories. they're some of the best, and yet so hard. right now there's sort of like this, idk what to call it, crisis is too harsh and i'm not sure what else to call it, but it's really sad and i'm hoping, hoping, and praying that things work out.
    ME TOO. i've been feeling so disconnected from the blogging world lately...it's not even right. ugh. so i'm trying to figure out what to do 'bout that. ALSO IT'S MAY ALREADY. what even. time flies.
    Looking forward to your prom post!

    1. Oh dear. I'm so sorry, I'll be praying for you as well!
      I'm glad it's not just me!! Hopefully we'll both figure things out soon haha.
      Thank you for your sweet words, Autumn! Always love hearing from you. :)

  4. Holy cow same!! There were really bad days and really good days all mashed together this month. School ending is definitely bitter/sweet, I've got some friends graduating too DX but summer goes by so fast!
    Love reading your posts x)

    1. Life is just a constant mixture of bittersweet, isn't it weird? And I always love your comments, Abby:)

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  6. oh man! sounds like you had a really crazy month. thankful that you got through it though! i'm sorry that you had to go through some tough times, but i'm really glad that there is a fresh new month and a fresh new start for all of us :-)

    p.s.: i can't wait to see you post about prom!!!!!! xx

    1. Haha, so am I! Thank you for your lovely words, Elisabeth:) I hope that you're having a beautiful month!

  7. I have my middle-school graduation two weeks from yesterday. I'm really sad about it actually. So, your "negativity" totally fits right in with mine. I'm regretting saying good-bye, really bad. I hope it all works out. :):(


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