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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Rant over.

Hello, lovelies!!! How are you all doing? I am doing wonderfully, because I have been nominated for not one but TWO tags!!! I absolutely love tags, and I'm super excited to do these. : )

First off, I was nominated for the Infinity Dreams Tag by the oh so amazing Olivia from over at Summer of 1999.  She's super sweet and her blog is full of amazingly written posts and gorgeous photography so you should check it out like, right now. AND SHE COMES UP WITH REALLY HARD TAG QUESTIONS AGH OLIVIA YOU DID NOT MAKE THIS EASY FOR ME. HELP.

Okay. I can do this.

So for this tag, you're supposed to answer the eleven questions given, and give eleven facts about yourself. Olivia only gave me ten questions, so I'm going to answer those, and then I'm terrible at coming up with facts about myself (I'm quite boring), so I don't know if I'll come up with eleven or not..we'll see how it goes haha.

1. // What is your favorite meal? Hmm. Anything Italian, honestly. If it involves pasta, I will eat it. Red sauce and cheese don't hurt either. Or bread. You can tell that I'm really into healthy eating.

2. // Do you have bookshelves in your room? Um, is this even a question? OF COURSE I HAVE BOOKSHELVES IN MY ROOM!!! I've run out of space on them, too. But it's impossible to have too many books so I just need more shelves!

3. // What is something you like about yourself? Um. I was told by a friend that one of my best qualities is that I'm the only person she'd trust to help pick out her hair color, so I'm going with that hahaha!!! Love ya, S;)

4. // Sweaters or flannel? Hmm. Probably sweaters, although I do love gigantic flannels. But I just love big sweaters. Haha, yesterday I was getting ready to go to my co-op and I was like, "Mom!! Where's my big sweater?? I need something to wrap up in so that I can pretend I don't exist!!"

5. // Greeks or Romans? ...I honestly have no idea. *buries face in hands* I don't have much of a preference haha.

6. // Favorite book of the Bible and why? GOSH OLIVIA YOU'VE ASKED ME THIS BEFORE AND IT'S SUCH A HARD QUESTION AGH. Last time I believe that I said either Psalms or Proverbs, and I still absolutely love those. But gosh I love so many different books...Exodus, Ephesians, 1 Corinthians.... I CAN'T PICK!

7. // Name you would name your first boy and girl? So if I didn't already have enough reasons that I shouldn't have children (I just can't see it happening...I think I'd make an awful mom hahaha), this is another one. I am so indecisive, I don't know what I would name my kids! Let's see. This is so hard, oh my goodness. For a boy...I've got no idea...I'll just pick a girl name (sorry Olivia! Breaking all the rules over here..) For a girl, I would have to say.... probably Adele (No, not because of the singer haha).

8. // Best candle scent? Ooh...either cinnamon or vanilla. I love those scents so much.

9. // One sentence to describe your best friend? (I know it's hard- I don't care) You're right this is a horribly difficult question. I can't do this!!! One sentence??? Gahhhh. Okay. A: She is one of the most hilarious, crazy, wonderful people that I have ever met in my entire life, she's my favorite person to plot insanity with, I can tell her about literally everything, and I'm so glad that we can be crazy people and obsess over random stuff together. That was a crazy long sentence BUT IT WAS ONLY ONE SENTENCE SO I KEPT IN OLIVIA'S INSANE GUIDELINES.

10. // Spirit animal? I think this is the easiest question here. A cat, hands down.

Random Facts:

1. I cannot clean my room without music; I'll go insane.
2. I love making lists.
3. I've never watched Psych, but apparently that's going to change on Saturday.
4. The first time I tried to use VSCO to edit photos I was kind of terrified and couldn't figure it out to save my life.
5. I just ate a cupcake and it was absolutely glorious.
6. You can tell that I'm getting desperate for conversation when I'm talking about eating cupcakes.
7. I'm super awkward I apologize.
8. I always feel like my life is so much more put together when my hair is straightened.
9. I have a gigantic hoard of notebooks.
10. I'm now on the tenth fact and I can't come up with anything.
11. The person that is reading this right now is really cool and I hope that you have a lovely day.

My Questions:

1. Describe your best friend in one sentence. (Because yes I'm putting you through the same torture that Olivia put me through.)
2. How do you like to wear your hair?
3. What song lyrics describe your life?
4. Worst book that you've ever read?
5. How do you want to spend the rest of your life?
6. Best class that you've ever taken?
7. Who has most impacted your life?
8. What inspired you to start your blog?
9. Can you cook? What's your favorite recipe?
10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
11. Favorite movie quote?

Nominees: Elissa @ Letters to Jayna // Abbiee @ Abbiee // Autumn @ Autumn's Readings and Writings // Hannah @ Grace in Everything //


The second tag is the Liebster Award! I was nominated for this by the fabulous Leah over at Princess Leah! Leah is literally the best, she's super sweet and her blog always makes me so happy. SO YOU NEED TO CHECK HER OUT LIKE, RIGHT NOW!

For the Liebster, I get to answer another eleven questions, given to me by the fabulous Leah! So, let's get into it!

1. // Leather jacket or denim jacket? Probably a denim jacket.

2. // Do you have any stuffed animals in your room right now? Psh OF COURSE! I have SOOO many stuffed animals that it's not even funny. I cannot get rid of any of them it would be like disowning my child or something.

3. // Do you own/carry a pocket knife (or any knife really)? I have this little dagger thingy, but it kind of scares me because I am a blonde and blondes should not be given sharp objects.

4. // Favorite form of social media? Instagram!!! It's definitely my favorite. (I'm @totallygraced , you should check me out...shameless promo right there...)

5. // What is one thing that makes you livid!!!? ..Only one thing?? I mean I could rant forever but.... Okay, if I have to pick one thing, it would probably have to be people who think that they know everything about a certain topic or activity, but actually are equal with everyone else or fairly incompetent. People like that make me violent.

6. // What is one (or 10) of your weird habits or quirks? THERE ARE SO MANY I'M A STRANGE PERSON. But you all don't need to know any more of my weirdness than you already do so I'll just pick one. Apparently I have this weird habit of bouncing from foot to foot all the time, and tilting my head to the side a lot. I don't ever notice that I really do it but I've been told that it's a constant thing haha.

7. // What movie/show can you quote most lines from? Easy. The Princess Diaries. *glares at sister*

8. // Who/what are your favorite musicians/songs? Almost anything Broadway, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, Kristin Chenoweth, Adele...there are more, I'm just blanking right now.

9. // Could you go without eating ice cream for a year? No. A world without ice cream is a world that I don't want to live in.

10. // What do you want more, a Polaroid camera or your choice of 20 books? Oh my gosh this is hard...hmm....I would probably have to choose the Polaroid because they're so cool, and I could get more books from the library. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!!!

11. // If you could spend a whole day with a blogger, who would it be? I can't just pick one blogger. That is impossible. SO I'm going to say that it's a blogger party. And I would invite Leah (duh), Olivia, Rachel from Silver Mess, and Abbiee from Abbiee. We would have an absolutely wonderful day full of chocolate.

My Questions:

1. Quote that you live by?
2. Favorite Bible verse?
3. What do you always procrastinate doing?
4. What is the one thing that can make your day instantly better?
5. Biggest source of stress?
6. How do you get rid of stress?
7. Best moment of your life?
8. Favorite holiday?
9. Five words to describe your best friend?
10. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?
11. Biggest pet peeve?

Nominees: Elisabeth @ a flyleaf // Katie @ A Writer's Faith // Abby @ Purple Roses // Rachel @ Silver Mess //



  1. Hi Grace Anne! I stumbled upon your blog and I love it! It's so cute and fun to read and, even though I've never actually met you, I can tell you have a fun, bubbly personality ;). (Btw I love Sabrina Carpenter and Ed Sheeran and ice cream too XDD)
    Keep up the posts! I love to read them

    1. Hey Abby! Oh my goodness, thank you so much! You're the sweetest. Sabrina Carpenter + Ed Sheeran + Ice cream = LIFEEEEE!!! I just checked out your adorable blog and followed it, I love it!

  2. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU CHOSE ME TO BE PART OF YOUR BLOGGER PARTY DAY FULL OF CHOCOLATE I CAN'T EVEN. Also, all your answers were fabulous, and sorry my questions were so ridiculously difficult ;) YOU'RE SO AWESOME. ps prayers for since princess diaries was turned off your tv. </3

    1. UM OF COURSE YOU'RE INVITEDDDDDDD!!! Hahaha they were very fun to answer even if I did have an existential crisis or two;) YOU'RE EVEN MORE AWESOME! Thank you thank you prayers are appreciated during this difficult time. </3

  3. THANKS GRACE! (And I literally just ate bread for dinner so I think we have similar tastes...I LOVE Italian!)

    I am in the same boat with you when it comes to the Princess Diaries!! They are basically the best.
    That line about the dagger!! IT WAS TO MUCH!!!!!
    We totally need to do that whole chocolate blogger party with all of those sweet girls. It need to happen.
    Thank you so much for doing this tag I WAYYY love it!!!


      They seriously are, oh my goodness. Those movies. <3
      That would literally be the best thing in the world.
      Thank YOU for reading it!!!

  5. I wrote the Liebster Award post for my old blog months ago but never posted it because my computer blocked me from that blog and I forgot about it for a while but I'll make sure to actually post this one ( :

  6. Thanks for tagging me Grace! You are way to sweet :) I love your answers- to interesting and exciting!

    1. I just had to tag you- I loved reading your answers:)

  7. "SHE JUST BROKE GENOVIAN CODE." < OMG YOU CRACK ME UP, SISTER. I love this so bad. xD True, though. I was recently reading through the Genovian legislations(?) and that is strictly ILLEGAL. hehe. The Princess Diaries is just so good it is COMFORT. IT IS MY CHILDHOOD. therefore I love it. ^.^

    ITALIAN FOOD IS LIFE THO. And dairy doesn't like me so that makes it like 1561284645 times more coveted and desirable. XD BREAAAADD. haah OH MY GOSH the sweater quote!! that was the best. ALSO YOU HAVE A CO-OP. I'm jealous. xD The closest co-op is like an hour away. ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS??? AND THIS IS VERMONT, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. THERE SHOULD BE A CO-OP ON EVERY CORNER. (oki i'll stop yelling now. ^.^)

    I cannot clean my room without music too! Or a talk. But usually I can't focus on two things at the same time (like comprehending a talk and folding a shirt hahahah..ahaa....HA.) NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR BEING AWKWARD. Because you're actually like THE MOST AMAZING EVER. (just thought you should know...) "but it kind of scares me because I am a blonde and blondes should not be given sharp objects." < OMG THIS GAVE ME LIFE. LIIIIIFE. xD

    "A world without ice cream is a world that I don't want to live in." THANK YOUUUUU FOR THIS!!! THANK YOU. I appreciate this line more than I appreciate the nomination. LITERALLY. YOU KNOW WUT UP, GIRL. ommgggg I'm part of your blogger party!!! YOU ARE THE BEST. ♥ one day, dude. IT WILL HAPPEN. I promise. ;)

    thank you for tagging me dearest!!

    1. THE GENOVIAN LEGISLATURE IS VERY STRICT AND SHE BROKE IT WE HAVE AN ISSUE HERE. I don't think that I can ever get enough of the princess diaries :) <3 ^.^

      Oh my gosh I don't think that I could live without dairy. I can't handle milk or yogurt, BUT CHEESE GIVES ME LIFE I TELL YOU. *gasp* Are you serious??? THAT'S INSANITY WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE CO OPS???? I kid you not I can think of five different co ops around here just off the top of my head. We have a lottttt of homeschoolers where I live XD PSH YELLING IS REQUIRED FOR SUBJECTS LIKE THIS.

      Yeahhhhh I can't do it without music but then I end up just dramatically lip-synching everything and getting distracted so it doesn't end up working out too well..ASDFGHJKL YOU'RE THE BEST YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPYYYY. XD IT'S TRUE I TELL YOU I WOULD HURT SOMEONE.

      XD YES OF COURSE YOU'RE A PART OF THE BLOGGER PARTY IT WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY. And it will be the best thing ever. ;)

      Thank YOU for stopping by!!

  8. This was my favorite tag post EVER!!! Like, I have so much to say that I can't even. Princess Diaries! Sweaters! Lists! Stuffed animals! Like, this post was hilarious and wonderful. I can't wait to answer your questions!!!


    There. You are so spectacular, Grace, just thought that you'd ought to know that as you go about your week. :)

    1. Hahaha!!! Oh my goodness, you make me so happy. I cannot wait to see your answers!!!! <3 <3 <3
      You are the absolute BEST, Miss Hannah:) <3 Major hugs your way <3

  9. OH MY GOSH I HAVE SO MANY NOTEBOOKS IT'S ACTUALLY INSANE. Notebooks, pens... OFFICE SUPPLIES. That and leftover pizza. I can't stop but hoard them omgoodness. o.o

    THANK YOU FOR THE TAG EEK! <3 There are so many tags going around the blogosphere it legit stresses me out. JUST. TOO. MANY. TAGS. ACK. They're so fun to read but then I never am able to keep track of the ones I'm tagged in. *headdesk* OOPS.

    But thank you and this was fun to read. D

    1. Office supplies and pizza are really all that you need in life. Let's be real.

      Haha, I KNOW!! I'm always forgetting and getting stressed over it too, haha! XD


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