Friday, February 19, 2016


Reading- blog posts from EVERYONE, and hopefully I'll be starting All the Light I Cannot See soon, once my library gets it in! I really need some book recommendations, what's your favorite book? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW I NEED HELP.

Watching- Hallmark movies- surprise surprise! I've also been watching lots of Boy Meets World reruns lately, haha. We watched Cory and Topanga's wedding today, gosh, I love that episode. THERE ARE SO MANY EMOTIONAL SPEECHES THOUGH IT KILLS ME I TELL YOU.

Trying- to stop procrastinating with LITERALLY EVERYTHING. It's bad, guys.

Cooking- ...nothing? I hardly ever cook haha. I do have to bake like, ninety cupcakes on Sunday, though, for a school fundraiser on Monday. That's definitely going to be interesting...

Eating- way too much stuff that involves sugar. Help.

Drinking- waterrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I've actually started to drink a lot more water, it's been good. I'M FINALLY REMEMBERING!!

Calling- a couple of my close friends. I hardly ever talk on the phone, but I've been calling people almost every day this week, which has been slightly weird but nice. Although I still slightly freak out when I get a call because hello #socialanxiety right here.

Texting- lots of people about prom, drivers permits, and Hamilton. Mainly Hamilton.

Pinning- lots of ballerina photos on my personal, and lots of clothing ideas and quotes on my blog's Pinterest. My blog has this lovely aesthetic pinterest and then there's my personal which is a giant mishmash of every crazy thing under creation. It's great.

Crafting- earlier in the week, Valentine's Day cards. I need to get onto a new craft project, maybe working on redoing my bedroom walls. I also really want to start hand-lettering again, I haven't done that in ages and I miss it.

Doing- too much schoolwork, and not enough work on my novel and not enough blogging. I miss writing! I've seriously got to catch up in both of those areas.

Going- to rehearsal after rehearsal. I've had four rehearsals/classes almost every week. I'm telling you, it's so hectic.

Loving- the fact that it's only a month until Dancing With The Stars comes back, apple strudel, journaling, warmer weather, VLOGS *pointed look at certain bloggers*, having a clean room, Pandora, days at home, Hamilton being on the Grammy's, ticking things off of my to-do list, and ballet.

Hating- SCHOOL, early mornings, and cold weather.

Discovering- that for certain school subjects I go crazy without music, and other subjects I go crazy with it. Also that I'm really not that great at trying to be in charge, BUT I'M TRYING TO GET BETTER AT IT!!!

Enjoying- sleep and food and friends and life.

Thinking- about how awesome Abbiee and Olivia's Q&A vlogs were, and how much fun they look. But I kind of have this hate/hate relationship with videos sooooooo. Also thinking about how I've really got to get organized. This is getting pathetic.

Feeling- tired and sick of school but happy and excited because I have a lot of theatre stuff coming up. : )

Hoping- that I don't totally bomb my Anatomy test, and that *maybe* I'll get my right split in the next few weeks!

Listening- to Hamilton. Non-Stop.

Celebrating- getting a 96 on my history test, and the fact that this morning's rehearsal was one of the best that we've had. I'm not in this show, I'm the dance captain for it, but it's so cool seeing it all come together.

Smelling- biscuits in the oven. Oh my goodness I love that smell.

Thanking- heaven that I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. I GET TO STAY HOME AND GET THINGS DONE AND INTROVERT YAY!!

Considering- redoing my blog design. Let's face it we all know it needs to happen.

Starting- to wonder if anyone is actually reading this and feeling quite sorry for you all because this is so rambl-y.

Finishing- a game of Words With Friends, and this blog post!


What have YOU been up to lately? Do you have any good book recommendations?


  1. Procrastinating is such an ongoing struggle for me though...*weeps into a nearby blanket* Like I think I might MYSELF?? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I THINK I DO. I think I have so many brilliant ideas and I obviously want to do them ALL, but I can't! Because I don't have enough of that precious substance called TIIIMMMMEE. (ugh ugh it's such a problem. ugh.)

    SUGAAARRRR THO. xD It's just kind of there y'know?? Me and my sister stayed up late last night making single lady brownies and watching The Waltons. AKA IT WAS SPLENDID. Handlettering is soo much funnnn!! I haven't done it in a while, but I really want to try watercolor handlettering. But for some reason I'm afraid I'll mess it up and ruin my nice new watercolor paper?? UGH I HAVE TO BE MORE DARING. FISHSLAP ME AND TELL ME TO BE MORE DARING, GRACE ANNE. xD

    VLOGS ARE SO HARD TO MAKE OMG but I'm so happy you liked mine!! (And Olivia's was sooo awesome gah.) Editing video sucks so bad tho... XD EEP I'm so excited for you in theatre like how is that going?? it sounds like so much fun!!



      Single lady brownies and The Waltons. That's like, a perfect night. Oooooh, watercolor handlettering looks like so much fun BUT IT TERRIFIES ME I GET YOU. I CAN'T MAKE YOU MORE DARING I'M NOT DARING EITHER. We just need to hide in a blanket fort forever.

      Y'all's vlogs were literally the best oh my goodness. See, video editing would be my biggest failure ever. It just wouldn't work out. Ahhhhh thank you!!! It's going REALLY well, I'm so excited. We have a show in three weeks!!!!!


  2. Oooh I always have book recommendations. If you didn't look at all the books I left on your blog a while ago, there's those, but if you did I recently read (which is amazing that I did because school drains away all book-getting/reading time) three new books:

    When by Victoria Laurie- I didn't love this one because the writing was…I'll just say it; it was terrible. Sentences like "It was so good" all over the place. Also, the main character cries a lot. A looooooot. There's also a character that didn't need to be there at all, which was annoying. But now it's sounding like a terrible book, and it wasn't. It had a cool concept and had some really cool moments, so if you can get past 4th-grade-level writing, go for it.

    The Prey by Tom Isbell- I read this in about two days and had to put the book down several times because I had too many feels. One of the characters is absolutely invincible (you'll figure out who if you read the book). The book got really bad reviews on Goodreads, but most of the people were saying that they didn't finish at like, 5%, which is stupid to me because I don't think they should've been able to write a review if they'd read that little.

    The Masked Truth by Kelley Armstrong- I was in this bookshop a while ago with my little siblings and they were playing with all the toys so I picked up this book to read and I loved it, but I had to leave and didn't have money to pay for it, so I spent a few weeks trying to get it at the library. It's really good

    I swear my writing in this comment is worse than Victoria Laurie's. I'm sorry.


      I always love your book recommendations like seriously you can give them to me anytime they make me so happy. I'm still trying to get my hands on a few books from your last list! Thos books sound soooo cool though I'm really excited to read them! Hahaha oh my gosh your writing is NOT at all bad, it's a million times better than mine ever is!!


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