Happy February!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February!! One month of the year is now completed! That's weird. On the plus side, I've finally started to remember to write 2016 instead of 2015, so that's good!

January was an alright month. It felt kind of chaotic and harried, so I'm hoping to not have quite as much of that in February. I'm soooo behind on school, I really just want to catch up. We also had an insane amount of rehearsing to do, which I don't think is going to calm down as the next few months go on. I love it but gosh, it's stressful.

February is kind of a 'blah' month, to be honest. It's so cold and grey and busy and agh. I miss summer. I know I should be enjoying second semester- I have lots of friends who are graduating, and I want to enjoy the time that I have left with them. I suppose I'll have to start looking at the more positive side of things!!! ENJOY THE PRESENT!!!!!

Plus, February has Valentine's Day (also known as Consume As Much Chocolate As Possible Day), and I'm going to a swing dancing night this weekend, which should be fun. There we go, already working on positives!!!!! :D


Okay, so monthly resolution time! I didn't do TOO badly for January..well...

-Watch more Once Upon A Time- oops. WHY DO I ALWAYS FORGET THIS?? Ugh. 


-Get 2-4 chapters of my novel finished- Completed!!

-Read at least one book that I've never read before- Completed!!

-Drink more water- ...failure

-Plan how I want to decorate my walls- Completed! It's going to be awesome...lots of Broadway ; )

Well, that's 4/6 of my monthly resolutions completed!! I'm pretty happy with that. 


Now for this month's resolutions. Hmm.

-Watch more Once Upon A Time
-Make a blogging schedule and stick to it
-Read more often!
-Get caught up on school
-Finish redoing my walls
-Stretch 3x weekly outside of dance class (I want to start stretching every day but I figured three times weekly was a good start
-Bake a recipe that I've pinned on Pinterest
-Make a habit of journaling more often

Hopefully I'll keep up with them!!!


What are you looking forward to this month??


  1. Ahhhhh I have trouble with stretching

  2. Hey Grace! You commented on my blog a while ago, and I tried to come back to yours so I could comment, but I couldn't get to your blog from your blogger profile, so I couldn't comment. But I found your blog again through Silver Mess, so now I can comment! Anywho...I love the resolutions you have for this month! I've tried to get into journaling, but am not very consistent with it. I know it can be so rewarding though. Hope you manage to complete all of your resolutions! And thanks for commenting on my blog!

    1. Hey Maggie!!! Oh my goodness, I never knew I was that difficult to get ahold of haha! Sorry about that!
      Thank you so much! Gosh, consistent journaling is just so frustrating. I love it though!! Thanks, Maggie! And thanks for stopping by!


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