Weekly Wrap-Up

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hey everyone!! How has your week been? Mine has been alright, fairly busy. But that's life lately I suppose, haha! Lots of rehearsals, trying to catch up on school, etc. There are worse ways to spend a week, though!

I don't really have any interesting stories to share with you all. Which is kind of pathetic. Hmm. Like I said, most of the week was spent going to rehearsals and getting random stuff done. I can't think of anything stupid that I did either, so I can't really entertain you all with that.

OH! I somehow burnt pasta. How in heaven's name I managed to do that I don't know, but a bunch of the spaghetti I made had burnt ends. Cooking isn't my thing. At all.

Also, HOW IS JANUARY ALMOST OVER???? It's so weird. In a way it seems like New Year's was ages ago, but at the same time I can't believe that it's almost February and time for Valentine's Day. So weird.

Made Me Smile:

Phone calls, FaceTimes, and texts from my friends who were at competition this weekend. They actually FaceTimed me during the competition so that I could watch!!! They're seriously the best. 

Getting to chapter four in my novel!! I'm getting to the point where it doesn't take as long to write, because I know how I want it to work. It's so much fun!

Pizza dinners:)

Having a class that you reallyyyyyyyyy don't want to go to get cancelled. Best. Feeling. Ever!!!


Early morning rehearsals that aren't close to my house. Agh, mornings aren't my time of day.

Waking up randomly sore? Like, why?? Did someone attack me in my sleep or....?

WHY IS EYELINER SO HARD? One minute I'm thinking I have plenty of time to get ready and the next I have a black eye and two minutes to get out the door.

I keep thinking about how hard it's going to be to get this glitter nail polish off and I'm already dying. 



The Hamilton soundtrack. Oh. My. Gosh. I am hardcore obsessed. 

Hot glazed doughnuts *insert heart eye emoji*

Fuzzy socks

The fact that it hasn't been *quite* as cold lately!!

Re-reading Pride and Prejudice. It's so perfect.


I'm kind of obsessed with these

These are just so pretty! They make me think of spring:)

Can I please have her hair?

This is such a cool ring


Gosh I love this kitchen


How was your week?


  1. The eyeliner struggle is TOOOOOO REALLLL!!!!
    And yes people are constantly attacking me in my sleep :)

    Lovely post!!


      Yesss you get me;)
      Thanks for stopping by, Leah!

  2. I love those pictures, it's like a pastel aesthetic which I am in love with currently :D

    EYELINER IS UGH. I just don't bother with it anymore xD


    1. Yesss I love it!!

      Haha! I still try but ugh it's annoying.


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