January, A Rant to Businesses, and More!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy January! Goodness, I haven't posted lately. I honestly meant to get this up on the first or the second, but I just haven't had the chance. Life has been crazy ever since Christmas, and I had to share the awesome interview that I did with Silver Mess with you all! As a result, everything else has kind of gotten pushed back. Not exactly the best way to start off the new year, but oh well. That's life I suppose. I'll work on getting content up more frequently this year!

I can't quite get my mind around the fact that it's 2016- so weird! My mind is still in 2015, honestly. In fact, I have some 2015-centric blog posts planned, haha. I'm such a nostalgic person, it's kind of bad....

I guess that I should be excited for 2016, though. It's a whole year ahead of us that's going to be filled with new experiences, new friendships, new books, new music, new EVERYTHING! So that's exciting, I suppose. I think that I want to keep a memory jar this year, of all the good things that happen throughout 2016. So far, 2016 has been pretty awesome! I've spent a lot of time with friends, and got to go to a show that I've been dying to see, so that was great. Definitely a good way to start 2016!

I'm not a huge fan of January, though. January and February are probably my two least-favorite months of the year. They're just kind of...blah, you know? I'm already getting stressed out about school again, and I've barely started yet. Question, why do teachers feel like they should assign a ton of homework right off the bat? Like, we just got back, do you have to give us panic attack within the first ten minutes?

Also, is it just me, or does anyone else get annoyed by the stores this time of year? It seems like as soon as January 1st hits, all they ever advertise are workout clothes, diet plans, organizational tools, and bathing suits. Maybe that's just me, but I get kind of fed up with all of that. Okay, yes, trying to get into shape and to organize your house are good things. They are! Be productive! BUT! Most people do those things for about three weeks, and then they go back to their regular lives. It's kind of pointless. So, please, don't shove a productive life in my face. I'm over here with my giant sweatshirt eating chocolate. xD

I suppose that I should take some of their advice, though. I do really want to clean my room out and get better organized. I'll probably lose all of this motivation in about a week, but as of right now I'd like to get things in order. Whenever my room is disorganized, I get stressed out a lot easier, and let's face it- I don't need any more stress in my life!

Speaking of getting things done, let's take a look at my December goals..


  • Get Christmas presents done at the BEGINNING of the month, instead of going crazy at the last minute. (This will probably be a fail)
  • BLOG MORE OFTEN (This is a constant resolution)
  • Drink more water
  • Deep-clean my room
  • Start watching Once Upon A Time
  • Do some Christmas themed crafts
  • Read two new books

Let's see. Christmas presents were a bit of a fail, although I wasn't freaking out on Christmas Eve like I usually do. So is that a success? I'm not sure.

I posted ten times in December, which was pretty good. Not as good as some months, but not bad, considering that it's the holidays!

I didn't drink more water...ugh.

Deep-clean my room...hahahahahahahaha

I didn't start watching Once Upon A Time in December, BUT, I watched it on January 1st!!! So I was only a day late! I went to a friend's house and she ended up showing me the first three episodes. I'm hooked.

I didn't really do Christmas themed crafts..that was disappointing..

I didn't get hardly any reading done. That was depressing. I hate being busy haha. Hopefully I'll get to read more this month!


I'm also going to be going into turbo-mode with a show that I'm involved in this month. My younger sisters are in the production, and I'm the dance captain, along with doing crew and hair & makeup. It's super fun, but rehearsals are going to be crazy this month. I'm excited, but I admit I'm a little nervous- hopefully we can pull it off!

Another thing that I'm excited for this month is..blogging!! I have some fun posts coming up soon, and they've been a blast to put together. Hopefully y'all will enjoy them, I've been working hard on getting them ready! I'm also hoping to start having a bit of a more regular posting schedule, instead of the sporadic post-whenever-I-can thing that I have going on right now..

Hopefully January will be a great month!


Are you excited for January and the new year???


    SAME. about the workout clothes and swimsuits and stuff like. I do what I want stop trying to manipulate me (LIKE OLD NAVY SALES. THEY'RE TOO GOOD GAH.) Like okay I'll take all the workout clothes but honestly I'm just gonna be wearing them to sit in bed cause they're so comfy. ;) Haha, hope things slow down a bit for you and school doesn't get too stressful! And I hope you enjoy 2016 with everything you've got xx

      Exactlyyyyyy. The sales are trying to steal all of my money for me. I don't want to work out in these yoga pants, I want to read in them! ;) Thanks!!! Same to you my dear xx :)

  2. I understand these things. Except I am the opposite that I am constantly creating blog drafts- from bits of conversations I hear, a project, a music compilation of my favorite things- and its hard to only post 1-3 times a week per my annoying scedrule. Do you have drafts started that would make it easier to post more often?

    Also I just wanted to say I am hosting a giveaway and if you want you can enter it for $15! All you have to do is submit a guest post! http://majesticgoldenrose.weebly.com/blog/new-guest-post-form-15-winter-giveaway-and-link-up

    1. I do have a ton of drafts, I just never seem to be able to actually finish a post! Gosh, it's frustrating.

      Oh, sounds fun! I'll have to check your blog out:)


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