2016 Resolutions/Goals, Pancakes, and Life

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Isn't it funny how January, the month typically used to get life back in order and become that person on your New Year's Resolution list, can be so insane? This past week has been absolute insanity for most people that I know, myself included. I don't know if it's just part of getting back into the swing of things or what, but gosh it's stressful. Between school, rehearsals, meetings, etc. it's been a wild week. There seems to be an unusual amount of drama going on with people that I know as well, which adds to the stress. WHY CAN'T YOU ALL JUST GET ALONG AND NOT CAUSE ISSUES?? *steps off of soapbox* Ahem. Anyways.

This morning was really nice, though- my mom tried out a recipe for cinnamon roll pancakes (not sure if this is the right recipe but they're all pretty similar), and they were delicious. Super messy and annoying to make, but they tasted great. I'm pretty sure that if I attempted to make them, though, the kitchen would be destroyed. I think I'll stick to muffin mixes.

So we spent the morning chilling out with our little bites of cinnamon and cream cheese heaven while watching reruns of Girl Meets World. (Yes, it's Disney, don't judge me.) It was super nice to have a break from all of the insanity.

I've spent the rest of the day trying desperately to catch up on schoolwork and to tame the mess in my room. I'm pretty sure that my teachers are trying to drown me in homework this week, even my classes that are typically on the lighter side have had pretty large workloads. Thank you, high school.

I still can't get used to writing 2016. It's really kind of frustrating. I even put wrote 2015 on a card by accident. In my Spanish class the other day, a bunch of us got super confused on the date and wrote 2015 instead. All of my papers look super messy lately thanks to this silly date change haha.

On a similar note- New Year's Resolutions. Gosh, they're daunting. And I'm posting these really late, too. I honestly meant to do it sooner, but I've been super OCD about making them perfect. To be completely honest I'm still not thrilled with the list (I'll probably add to it), but I figured that it's about time that I posted. I've seen a lot of people doing monthly goals instead of yearly resolutions this year, and I like that idea! I've been doing monthly goals here on the blog recently, and I'm planning to keep that up this year. But I still want to have yearly resolutions, too, because it just isn't New Year's without them. (Even though...again..really late...bad Grace Anne.) So, here are my resolutions/goals-

  1. Blog at least 3 times a week (HA I'm doing *great* so far)
  2. Get caught up on Once Upon A Time
  3. Finish my novel (At least the first draft)
  4. Read the whole Bible in a year
  5. Complete the Summer Photo Challenge again
  6. Keep track of every book that I read
  7. Similarly, read over 60 books
  8. Use my planner more often
  9. Go back to ballet
  10. Keep in touch better with friends who I don't see on a weekly basis
  11. Not get stressed out quite so easily
  12. Fully get my splits (Finallyyyyyyyyy. I have the left one, but the other two...yikes.)
  13. Continue with my 5 Year Journal and 52 Lists Project / Journal more often
  14. Play piano more often
  15. Learn to not be quite as negative
  16. Not be quite as scared of telling my friends about this blog
  17. Manage my time more wisely
  18. Finally get up the nerve to redo my room
Aaaaand, January resolutions!!

-Watch more Once Upon A Time
-Get 2-4 chapters of my novel finished
-Read at least one book that I've never read before
-Drink more water
-Plan how I want to decorate my walls


Well, there you have it, my list of resolutions! I really wanted to post them here so at the end of 2016 I could look back and see exactly how I did. It should be fun!!


How has your 2016 been so far?



  2. Uh, cinnamon roll pancakes sound like da bomb right now! And your resolutions are super great! GO BACK TO BALLET AND TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!! And write, write, write! What's your book about?

    1. They're soooo amazing. Thanks! AHHH YESS I WILL YOU HAVE GIVEN ME MOTIVATION I WILL GO AND TELL YOU EVERYTHING. I'm working on it!!!! Gosh...it's super complicated. I may have to do a bit of a teaser for it sometime in a blog post ;)

    2. Now I won't stop pestering you about ballet until you go and tell! And yes, I would love a little teaser!

    3. Good!!!! You can be my motivation!! :D Ooh, yay!

  3. cinnamon roll pancakes????
    bring me some gIRL sob.

    great resolutions! xx


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