Christmas Bucket List!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Isn't Christmas so much fun?? I love this time of year. Everything seems to get super crazy though, and it's hard to balance everything. I just finished exams today, so I'm excited to have time to actually have a chance to get to do festive, Christmas-y things! I kind of have a thing for making lists, so I thought that I'd make a list of all the fun Christmas things that I'm hoping to do this year!


Bake Christmas Cookies

Every year, we go to my grandma's house and do TONS of baking. We make an insane amount of cookies, bark, etc- it's so much fun, and so delicious!


Drive Around Looking At Christmas Lights

There are some pretty great light displays around where I live, so it's really fun to pile into the car and go to look at the different houses! We went to a couple of different houses last year where you could actually get out and walk around, it was pretty cool. 


Make Lots of Christmas Presents!

I absolutely love giving handmade Christmas presents- they're so much fun to make and to give! I'm kind of behind on my gift planning, but I'm determined to get on top of it!


Decorate My Room Even More

I really wanted to go crazy with decorations in my room this year, but I haven't had the chance. Even though it's late, I WILL DECORATE, AND IT WILL BE WONDERFUL!!


Make Christmas Ornaments

I'd really like to hand-make some Christmas ornaments this year. Pinterest has some great idea for these gold Kate Spade inspired ornaments that I love. Hopefully I"ll get a chance to try! 


Go Shopping!

It's always so much fun to go shopping, hunting for the *perfect* gift! Everything is so festive, Christmas music is playing everywhere, it's just wonderful.


Listen to TONS of Christmas Music!

I have a whole playlist of Christmas music, and I probably won't listen to anything else for the rest of December! (Like...even once Christmas is over.)


Watch Christmas Movies Basically Every Day

Between Hallmark, ABC family, and our collection of holiday movies, there's literally no excuse to not watch a Christmas movie every day.


Come Up With Creative Ways To Wrap Presents!

I love all of the cute gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest, and I'd love to try them out! Presents are always even more fun when there's a cute bow on top!


What do you want to do this holiday season?


  1. This is such a great bucket list! I love making homemade presents for people, they are so meaningful and I think they mean a lot more than just picking up something 5 minutes before you're going to see them XD

    1. They really are! Gosh, I love homemade gifts so much!


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